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Governor Thomas Gordon McLeod and First Lady Elizabeth Alford McLeod Research Fellowship


This award will be offered for the summer of 2018.
Applications must be received by February 16, 2018.


Summer Fellowships

A permanently endowed research fellowship was established in 2001 as a tribute to Governor Thomas Gordon McLeod and First Lady Elizabeth Alford McLeod by the family of Governor and Mrs. McLeod in recognition of their contributions to the Palmetto State.

In a December 1932 statement honoring the memory of the former chief executive, the editor of The State newspaper wrote, “South Carolina will remember Tom McLeod, whose administration spanned the trying years 1923-27, as one of the state's most progressive and withal practically useful governors. He gave to education and highways much more than lip-service, but it was in fiscal legislation that he best illustrated his prescience and courage.”

During his service as Governor, the South Carolina General Assembly passed the "6-0-1" Act in 1924, under which the state would pay a school's operating expenses for six months if the county would pay for one month, historic legislation that would fund South Carolina public schools in the twentieth century.

Mrs. McLeod devoted much of her time as First Lady to improving the appearance of the Governor's Mansion grounds.  The McLeods were the first to use inmates from the State Penitentiary as household staff for the mansion.

This endowment provides researchers with the opportunity to conduct research during the summer months at the South Caroliniana Library. Topics of research will focus on the study of post-Civil War politics, government, and society, with an emphasis on South Carolina history.  The fellowship is available to non-professional historical researchers, public school teachers, college students, and university instructors. United States citizens and interested internationals are encouraged to apply.  Internationals coming from abroad will be expected to participate as a J-1 Exchange Visitor sponsored by the University of South Carolina.  Internationals already in the U.S. must hold a valid U.S. immigration status that allows payment for a summer research fellowship.

Each proposal will be evaluated on its merits. Primary consideration will be given to projects involving the substantive study of issues of general interest and doctoral and post-doctoral studies. Each proposal should be aimed at a discrete end product such as a book, dissertation, thesis, article, documentary, film, or exhibit. Budgets will be examined and may be approved in whole or in part.

In return for accepting support, each award recipient is required to acknowledge the Governor Thomas Gordon McLeod and First Lady Elizabeth Alford McLeod Visiting Research Fellowship in any resulting published works and donate a copy (or copies) of said works to the library.  The recipient may be requested to submit a brief article summarizing his or her findings and research experience for publication in the Library’s newsletter.

Applicants should submit the following:

● Cover letter with contact information, including full name, mailing and physical address, telephone, and email.
● An essay of not more than 1,000 words discussing the topic of research and how the Library’s collection will be utilized.
● A research prospectus including proposed length of stay and overall project budget clearly stating the amount requested and how the award will be spent.
● Current curriculum vitæ.
● Two letters of recommendation attesting to the applicant's scholarly ability and significance of their research project.


Send materials to:

South Caroliniana Library at Thomas Cooper Library
University of South Carolina
Attention: Todd Hoppock
1322 Greene Street
Columbia, SC 29208

Applications must be received by February 16, 2018.

For further information, please contact Todd Hoppock at, or call 803-777-3131.

The award recipient(s) will be announced on or before March 19, 2018.