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University South Caroliniana Society


The University South Caroliniana Society is the private, non-profit patron organization of the South Caroliniana Library, a research unit within the University of South Carolina Library system. The Society exists to meet the following diverse goals:

  • to acquire South Carolina-related research materials of all kinds and from all periods,
  • to promote the preservation, appreciation, and use of these materials, and
  • to support collateral projects.

The Society was founded in 1937 at the invitation of University President J. Rion McKissick and the Caroliniana Committee of the University in order to help build the University's South Carolina Collection. South Carolininia OrganizationIn 1940, the rapid growth of this collection caused the University trustees to designate the beautiful and historic Greek revival-style South Carolina College Library as the South Caroliniana Library, "Caroliniana" meaning "things pertaining to Carolina."

To assure the permanence of its work, the Society was incorporated in 1951. Since that time the Society has functioned as a private, non-profit organization whose sole purpose is to assist the Library in achieving its mission. Distinguished success has attended this joint program of a state-supported institution and a private organization. Stairwell in South Caroliniana LibraryGifts of materials from members of the Society become the property of the Library and are cared for by its professional staff. Income from the Society endowment and dues are primarily devoted to purchases of South Carolina materials. A president, secretary-treasurer, and executive council administer the affairs of the Society and, as its responsible officers, are in position to act as its trustees for patrons desiring to make special gifts or bequests.

New gifts are exhibited at the Society's annual spring meeting, and distant members are kept apprised of the Library's work through programs, reports, publications, and correspondence. From time to time, the Society assists with publications resulting from research in the Library's holdings.

Become a Member
Preservation of the public records of South Carolina is the responsibility of her government, but it is a poor history of a people that is based on government records alone. By its aid in preserving and making available the papers of persons, organizations, and institutions, the University South Caroliniana Society is carrying on a great trust and rendering a priceless service to the future. To help the Society fulfill its mission, fill out this membership form and submit it. The Secretary-Treasurer of the Society will respond by sending you additional information and a bill for your desired membership category.