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University Libraries - W. Ormiston Roy Fellowship

Photo by Yousuf Karsh

W. Ormiston Roy Memorial Fellowship

The Roy Fellowship was established in 1990 by Professor and Mrs. G. Ross Roy in memory of Dr. Roy’s grandfather W. Ormiston Roy of Montreal, Canada.  Each year the Fellowship brings a visiting scholar to the University of South Carolina to conduct research in the G. Ross Roy Collection of Burnsiana & Scottish Literature.   Since it was first established, the Roy Fellowship has drawn researchers to Columbia from other universities in Scotland, Italy, France, the United States, and Canada.  The topics of their research have ranged from Robert Burns and 18th-century Scottish poetry, in general, to Scottish music, as well as Scottish literature from the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries.

The Collection

The Roy Collection includes the works of Robert Burns, including a collection of over 30 Burns manuscripts, the Kilmarnock edition of Robert Burns’s Poems, one of only two known copies of The Merry Muses, and a substantial collection of print editions of Burns poetry and prose, as well as books about his life and times.  As Dr. Roy’s interest in Scottish literature and culture was comprehensive, the collection also includes important works published before Robert Burns’s time through twenty-first century literary, historical, and critical works.

A selection of important items from the Roy Collection has been digitized and is available from the Scottish Literature Digital Projects website.

W. Ormiston Roy Fellows

1990    Donald A. Low, University of Stirling, Scotland
1991    Robert H. Carnie, University of Calgary, Canada
1992    Kenneth G. Simpson, University of Strathclyde, Scotland
1993    Carol McGuirk, Florida Atlantic University, U.S.A.
1994    David S. Robb, University of Dundee, Scotland
1995    Douglas S. Mack, University of Stirling, Scotland
1996    The Roy Fellowship provided travel support to several scholars  attending USC’s Robert Burns Bicentenary Conference
1997    Marco Fazzini, University of Venice, Italy
1998    Valentina Bold, University of Aberdeen, Scotland
1999    Jill Rubenstein, University of Cincinnati, U.S.A.
2000    F.W. Freeman, University of Edinburgh, Scotland
2001    Kenneth G. Simpson, University of Strathclyde, Scotland
2002    Gerard W. Carruthers, University of Glasgow
2003    Ronald D.S. Jack, University of Edinburgh, Scotland
2004    Carol McGuirk, Florida Atlantic University, U.S.A., Thomas Keith, New Directions Publishing, New York, U.S.A.
2005    Corey Andrews, Youngstown State University, U.S.A.
2006    Kirsteen McCue, Glasgow University
2007    Roy Fellowship funds were reserved for USC’s 2009 Robert Burns Bicentenary Conference
2008    Ian Duncan, University of California, Berkeley, U.S.A. (Roy Lecturer)
2009    Edward J. Cowan, University of Glasgow, Scotland (Roy Lecturer)
2010    Pauline Gray MacKay, University of Glasgow, Scotland, Robert Crawford, University of St. Andrews, Scotland (Roy Lecturer)
2011    Roy Rosenstein, American University of Paris, France        
2012    Nigel Leask, University of Glasgow, Scotland (Roy Lecturer)
2013    Kathryn Chittick, Trent University, Canada, Stephen Brown, Trent University, Canada
2014    William Dawson, Burns Chronicle, Scotland 
2015    Murray Pittock, University of Glasgow, Scotland (Roy Lecturer)
2016    Craig Lamont, University of Glasgow, Scotland