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University Libraries - The Jules Furthman Screenplay Archive

The Jules Furthman Screenplay Archive

Collection Description

Jules Furthman

Jules Furthman

This archive comprises a group of twenty-three screenplays, dating from 1923 to 1958, and related material by Jules Furthman (1888-1966).

Jules Furthman was born in Chicago (Julius Grinnell Furthman), educated at Northwestern, and began his career as journalist and magazine writer.


  Scripts of Mutiny on the Bounty
  and Rio Bravo.


He first submitted stories for silent films in 1915, and for forty years from 1918 wrote screenplays for Paramount, Fox, MGM, Warner Brothers, and other studios. He worked with the directors Josef von Sternberg and Howard Hawks.

Cary Grant in Only Angels Have Wings

Cary Grant, star of Only Angels 
Have Wings
, on the cover of 
Screen Romances.

Furthman's best-known films includeMutiny on the Bounty (1935), Only Angels Have Wings (1939), To Have and Have Not (with William Faulkner, 1944), The Big Sleep (1946), and Rio Bravo (1959). In addition to screenplays, the donation includes typescripts for several stories and story-treatments, as well as additional items documenting Furthman's interest in rare books, coins, and orchids.

The earliest screenplay in the archive is Furthman's The Acquittal (1923). The archive was generously donated by Furthman's nephew, Mr. Frank D. Balzer. In fall 2001, while going through the papers of Furthman's widow, he came across an unanswered inquiry from Prof. Matthew J. Bruccoli, of USC's English Department, asking about the location of Furthman's professional archives, and offered these papers to Thomas Cooper Library. 


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Finding List


Box 1

Furthman A.1.1: ALS from Frank Balzer to Matthew J. Bruccoli dated 11/7/2001 accompanied by a carbon copy of the screenplay for The Acquittal. Story by Rita Weiman, screenplay by Jules Furthman, directed by Clarence Brown. With spiral bound photocopy.

Furthman A.1.2Abie's Irish Rose. From the play by Anne Nichols, screenplay by Jules Furthman, directed by Victor Fleming. Mimeo, October 7, 1927.

Furthman A.1.3: Casey at the Bat! Adapted by Reggie Morris and Monty Brice, screenplay by Jules Furthman. Thermofax, undated [Paramount, 1927].

Box 2

Furthman A.2.4The Dragnet. Xerox copy from typed original (?carbon), in black binder. [1928, Paramount, screenplay by Jules Furthman and Charles Furthman; story by Oliver H.P. Garrett. Director: Joseph von Sternberg.]

Furthman A.2.5The Docks of New York. Xerox copy from mixed original, some typescript, most holograph, in black binder. Xerox of cover replicates handwritten annotation "Original." [1928, Paramount, screenplay by Jules Furthman from the story "The Dockwalloper," by John Monk Saunders. Director: Joseph von Sternberg.]

Furthman A.2.6Common Clay. A Victor Fleming Production, from the play of the same title by Cleves Kinkead, screenplay and dialogue by Jules Furthman, assistant director William Tummel. Mimeo, March 3, 1930.

Furthman A.2.7Squadrons. From the play by Elliott White Springs and A.E. Thomas, written for the screen by Jules Furthman. An Al Santell Production. Mimeo, November 6, 1930.

Box 3

Furthman A.3.8Merely Mary Ann. By Israel Zangwill, written for the screen by Jules Furthman. Fox Film Corporation. Mimeo, "Final Shooting Script", no. 20, January 15, 1931. Pencil inscription, "Mr. G. Dickson, Fox Hills."

Furthman A.3.9Over the Hill. From the poem by Will Carleton, written for the screen by Jules Furthman. Fox Film Corporation. Mimeo, "Final Shooting Script", March 19, 1931. Pencil inscription "Mr. Furthman."

Furthman A.3.10The Red Dancer. By Victor Keleman, screenplay by Jules Furthman. Fox Film Corp. Carbon, copy no. 5, May 24, 1932.

Furthman A.3.11Soviet. From Jules Furthman. Mimeo, "File Copy," November 28, 1932. Pencil inscription "Do not make changes"

Box 4

Furthman A.4.12Mutiny on the Bounty. By Charles Nordhoff and James Norman Hall. From: Talbot Jennings, Jules Furthman, Carey Wilson. [Director Frank Lloyd.] Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Corporation. Mimeo, "Temporary," "Complete," December 27, 1934. [Released 1935.]

Furthman A.4.13Come and Get It. Jules Furthman [based on the novel by Edna Ferber]. [Directed by Howard Hawks and William Wyler]. Samuel Goldwyn Inc., Ltd. [United Artists]. Mimeo, "First Revised Script," May 7, 1936.

Furthman A.4.14Stand Up and Fight. Screenplay by Jules Furthman, from the story by Forbes Parkhill. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Corporation. Mimeo, "Temporary Incomplete," April 23, 1937. Pencil inscription "Mr. Furthman."

Furthman A.4.15: Spawn of the North. [Screenplay by Talbot Jennings and Jules Furthman, from a story by Barrett Willoughby; directed by Henry Hathaway.] Paramount Pictures, SF8111. Mimeo, February 21, 1938.

Box 5

Furthman A.5.16Plane #4. Screenplay by Jules Furthman. Mimeo, "Estimating Script, 1st Draft," November 15, 1938. Pencil inscription "Mr. Furthman."

Furthman A.5.17The Ruined City. Jules Furthman. Carbon, various dates August 22- September 11, 1939, marked for file September 12, 1939.

Furthman A.5.18Outlaw. Screenplay by Jules Furthman. Mimeo, "Estimating Script, Second Revised Draft," October 28, 1940.

Box 6

Furthman A.6.19To Have and Have Not. Screenplay by Jules Furthman. Xerox from typescript, dated October 14, 1943, stamped "Temporary," with insert leaf reading "This script is not final and is given to you for advance information only," 204 pages, plus inserts (e.g. p. 161A) and additional pages 205-207, dated November 23, 1943, in blue binder.

Furthman A.6.20To Have and Have Not. Whitman Chambers. Revision of Furthman's revised treatment, January 3, 1944. Xerox copy of (?carbon) typescript, 58 pp., in blue binder.

Furthman A.6.21Nightmare Alley. Screenplay by Jules Furthman, based on the novel by William Lindsey Graham. "First Draft Continuity," December 31, 1946. Xerox copy (? from carbon), 166 pages, in blue binder. Box 7

Furthman A.7.22Rio Bravo. Original screenplay by Jules Furthman and Leigh Brackett. Armada Productions, Warner Bros. Typescript (? ribbon copy or offset), "Estimating Script," January 30, 1958.

Furthman A.7.23Rio Bravo. Original screenplay by Jules Furthman, Leigh Brackett. Xerox copy of "Final" version, dated February 26, 1958, 122 pages, in blue binder. [Armada Productions.]


Box 8

Furthman B.8.24Bread Upon the Waters, by Jules Furthman. Two, apparently-identical, Xerox copies from (?carbon) typed original, 26 pp., undated, in blue binder.

Furthman B.8.25The Figure of the Year, by Jules Furthman. Xerox copy from (?carbon) typed original, 62 pp., undated.

Furthman B.8.26The Gay Deception. By Jules Furthman and John Klorer. Xerox copy from (?carbon) typed original, 54 pp., undated, in blue binder.

Furthman B.8.27Stranger at the Gate. An Original Story by Jules Furthman. Xerox copy from (?carbon) typed original, 36 pp., undated, in blue folder.

Furthman B.8.28The Twenty Talents. By Jules Furthman. Famous Artists Corporation. Mimeo story (199 pp.), with final page of notes on sources, and suggestion for film treatment of narrator, undated [1948 or later].


Box 9

Furthman C.9.29: Photos (original prints) of Jules Furthman, Sybil Furthman (wife), Jules Furthman Jr. (Son), and Charles Furthman (brother, also a screenwriter).

Furthman C.9.30: Recent scanned photos of Jules Furthman and others.

Furthman C.9.31: Xerox of appraisal of the library at Jules Furthman's residence in Bel-Air, Union Appraisal Company, July 8, 1932 [valuation: $155,150], in blue binder.

Furthman C.9.32: Xerox of appraisal of the contents of Jules Furthman's residence in Bel-Air, Union Appraisal Company, July 18, 1932 [valuation: $256, 239.35], in blue binder. --including the art collection, with works by Picasso, Matisse, et al.

Box 10

Furthman C.10.33Screen Romances, June 1939. Original wrappers, with cover picture of Cary Grant. --containing (pp. 49-60) complete novel-version of Only Angels Have Wings; "Fictionized by Jean Francis Webb," from the Hawks-Furthman movie.

Furthman C.10.34: Xerox of sale catalogue for the Jules Furthman Collection Ancient Coins (Encino, CA: A. Kosoff, n.d. [after 1963]). --the coins were no longer in Mr. Furthman's ownership at the time of sale, though the preface does not mention his death.

Furthman C.10.35: Xerox copy of Renne D. Pennington's draft entry [11,000 words] on Furthman, as submitted for theDictionary of Literary Biography, vol. 26, with accompanying letter to Sybil Furthman, August 28, 1979; in blue binder.

Furthman C.10.36: Xerox copies of letters from the Folger Shakespeare Library (1981), and John Fleming (1980), concerning Furthman's annotated copy of Montaigne's Essays, transl. Florio (1603). --Furthman died in Oxford, while undertaking research at the Bodleian Library, aimed at proving the annotations to be by Shakespeare.

Furthman C.10.37: Blue folder, with Xerox copies of Mr. Balzer's correspondence with Prof. Bruccoli and background materials from ANB, DLB, etc.

Furthman C.10.38: Inventory of the Furthman Orchid Nursery, 5940 West Jefferson Boulevard, Los Angeles, an orchid range of seven houses (over 48,000 plants), undated Xerox, 6 pages.

Furthman C.10.39: Carbon copy of [Court] Reporter’s transcript of Preliminary Examination in The People of the State of California vs. Edward Obear and Floyd Stanaway. Jules Furthman had been robbed and testified as the Witness for the People.

Furthman C.10.40: Photocopy of type list entitled “Loan of Art to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art for a showing,” dated December 16, 1948, signed by Ebria Feinblatt, Curator of Prints, manuscript note “1 oil painting on wood, signed H.D., for study purposes,” 2 p., 2 copies

Furthman C.10.41: TLS from Nat Wolff, Myron Selznick, Ltd. (N.Y.) to Jules Furthman, dated May 12, 1939 and enclosed review quotes from Columbia Studios for “Only Angels Have Wings,” dated May 11, 1939, 6 p; photocopies of TLS and enclosure.

Furthman C.10.42: 2 photocopies of sheet music entitled “Kiss Me Goodnight, Not Goodbye,” words by Jules Furthman; music by James F. Hanley.

Furthman C.10.43: ALS from Frank D. Balzer to Matthew Bruccoli dated 10/4/2001 and related attachments: photocopy of the title page and abstract of Dennis Aig’s dissertation on Jules Furthman and information on the Hunter Neil Company, with which Dennis Aig is associated as a producer and director. 13 p.