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University Libraries - The John Manners Iggulden Papers

The John Manners Iggulden Papers

Collection Description

John Manners Iggulden
John Manners Iggulden

The Australian author John M. Iggulden was born in Brighton, Victoria, Australia in 1917. His books include The Storms of Summer (1960), Breakthrough(1963), The Clouded Sky (1964),Dark Stranger (1965), The Promised Land Papers (3 vols, 1986-1993), and Silent Lies(1996). For much of his life, alongside his writing, Mr. Iggulden has been actively involved in a family business, Planet Lighting, the industrial engineering company started by his father in 1911.


The Iggulden papers at Thomas Cooper Library include typescript for two (unpublished) volumes of autobiography, several short autobiographical sketches, essays on monetary policy, and some unpublished poems. In addition, the archive contains correspondence with USC's Dr. Matthew J. Bruccoli and incidental material relating to Iggulden's roles as an active environmentalist, businessman, and a former Australian National Gliding Champion.

Materials in the collection have been donated by the author himself over several years. The papers provide an important key to the intersection between Iggulden's life and his various works.  The papers are supported by a collection of Iggulden's published books, donated by Professor Matthew J. Bruccoli.



1917  February 12 Born, Brighton, Victoria, Australia
1932-  Glider pilot
1942  January Married Helen Carroll Schapper
1959-60 Australian National Gliding Champion
1960  Author, Breakthrough (Chapman & Hall)
1960  Author, The Storms of Summer (Chapman & Hall)
1960-64 Director, Australian National Gliding School
1963  Represented Australia in 9th World Gliding Championship 
1964  Author, The Clouded Sky (Macmillan)
1965  Life Governor of the Gliding Federation of Australia 
1965  Author, Dark Stranger (McGraw-Hill)
1965  Co-editor, Summer’s Tales 3 (St. Martin’s)
1970-74 Managing director, Bepla Pty. Ltd., Brighton 
1971  Editor, The Shame of Western Port: Speculator’s Dream, Environmental Nightmare (Westernport and Peninsula Protection Council)
1972  Member, Port Philip Conservation Council 
1974-83 Managing director, Bepla Pty. Ltd., Bellingen, New South Wales
1982  Chairman of the board, Nebo Pumps Pty. Ltd., Bellingen, NSW
1983-86 Chairman of the board, Bepla Pty. Ltd., Bellingen, NSW 
1986, 1988, 1993 Author, The Promised Land Papers: vol. 1The Revolution of the Good, vol. 2 How Things Are Wrong and How to Fix Them, vol. 3 The Modification of Freedom(Cobham)
1987  Chairman of the board, Planet Lighting Group Pty. Ltd., Bellingen, NSW 
1996  Author, Silent Lies (J.M. Iggulden)
1998  Author, Good World (Cobham)


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Contact Information:
Rare Books and Special Collections
Thomas Cooper Library
University of South Carolina
Columbia, SC 29208
Phone: 803-777-3847

Brief Description of Collection:
Title: John M. Iggulden Papers, 1983-2001
Date range: 1983-2001
Creator: Iggulden, John M., 1917-
Number of Boxes: 3
Rare Books and Special Collections Dept.
Thomas Cooper Library University of South Carolina
Columbia, SC 29205
Location: Consult the Library’s online catalog

The John M. Iggulden Papers were acquired through donation by the author.

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[Identification of item], John M. Iggulden Papers, Rare Books and Special Collections, Thomas Cooper Library, University of South Carolina

Processed by Lawryn Henderson and Stephanie Owen.


Archive List

I. Works  (Boxes 1-6)  

A.    Autobiography  

1.      Oh My Aching Back! (1999), five pages, typescript. Unpublished. (Folder) 
2.      The Little Green Church (1999), four pages, typescript. Unpublished. (Folder) 
3.      The Man On the Fifty Dollar Note (1999), five pages, typescript. Unpublished. 
4.      Sounds Before an Echo: Parts of a Life (1999-2001)

      a.      Volume one: Second son
b.      Volume two: Equal partners
c.      Volume three: The blue skies
d.      Volume four: Dark clouds
e.      Volume five: Late starter
f.       Volume six: Catching up
g.      Volume seven: Open ticket
h.      Volume eight: The green years
i.       Volume nine: The last partner
j.       Volume ten: To the promised land
k.      Volume eleven: The redneck-hippy war
l.       Volume twelve: The calm before
m.     Volume thirteen: Rough going
n.      Volume fourteen: Sweetwater creek
o.      Volume fifteen: Borrowed life

B.     Monographs

1.  The Sound of the Rainbow (1993)   352 p.
2.  The Good World Reader (2003)  93 p.

C.     Poetry (Folder)

1.  Open Ticket (1991), typescript, one page.
2.  But, Seriously, How Far to Anywhere? (Ask?(Ask a Dog) (1999), typescript, one page
3.  The Old, Cold Wind (1999), typescript, one page.

D.    Essays (Folder)

1.  Precis of Economic Theories and Propositions (1999). (Prepared for the promotion of     Good World. Two pages, typescript, and one page of related data).
2.  Precis of Personal Philosophy (1999). (Prepared for the promotion of Good World.
One  page, typescript).
3.  Meet the Good World Network


II. Correspondence (Box 8) 

A.  Correspondence from John Iggulden to Matthew J. Bruccoli
B.  Correspondence from Matthew J. Bruccoli to John Iggulden
C.  Correspondence with others

III. Miscellaneous (Box 8)  A. Transcripts

1.  State [Gliding] Instructor’s Course, New South Wales (1983). (Two
     copies of typewritten transcript. One with handwritten
     additions/corrections. Thirty-eight pages). (Folder)
2.  Creative Writing Course, Bellingen Learning Centre (1984). (Two
     copies of a typewritten transcript with writing and notes on original 
     folder. Seventy-four pages). (Folder)
3.  Coffs Region Organic Producer’s Meeting (1998). (Titled “Only
     Alternative Thinkers Can Change a Bad World Into a Good One.”
     Typescript. Thirteen pages). (Folder)

B. Photo (Folder)

    Colored and signed laser print image