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University Libraries - Richard Wingate Lloyd Collection of Early Botany

Richard Wingate Lloyd Collection of Early Botany

Collection Description

The Richard Wingate Lloyd Collection of Historical Botany was presented to the Library in 1982 by Margaret Lloyd in memory of her husband. Though comparatively small in size, the collection, formed by Mr. Lloyd's mother, Mary Helen Wingate Lloyd, contains a number of major, exceedingly rare botanical works of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Notable among these are the 1527 London printing of Hieronymus Brunschwig's Vertuose boke of distyllacyon, an early and important text and manual on the distilling of herbs for medicinal purposes. Early 17th century florilegia (compendia of engravings of flowers and plants) include Johan Theodor de Bry's Florilegium novum (Oppenheim, 1612-1614) and the rare English text issue of Crispijn van de Passe's superb Garden of flowers (Utrecht, 1615). Other highlights of the collection include the 1635 issue of John Parkinson's Paradisi in sole paradisus terrestris (whose punning title translates as Park in sun's park on earth!) and Description des plantes de l'Amerique (Paris, 1693) by Charles Plumier, a French monk who discovered, drew and described hundreds of North American plants.