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Civil War Collections

Collection Description

Dr. Francis A. Lord, a former USC faculty member and noted historian of the Civil War, placed his collection of Union regimental histories and other works about the Civil War in the Rare Books Collection in 1971. In addition to the regimental histories, biographies, and personal narratives, the Lord Collection also includes the published official records of the non-Confederate states from 1861 to 1865, a complete set of The War of the Rebellion, published by the War Department, and other government publications, as well as bound volumes of contemporary periodicals, including Blackwood's, the United Service Journal, and Harper's Weekly and Monthly, for the years of the Civil War. 

Dr. Lord introduced his friend, Dr. Robert S. Chamberlain, a collector of military history from  Arlington, Virginia, to the Library in the 1970’s.  Dr. Chamberlain donated his collection of books and other materials about the Civil War including a collection of letters of famous people who served in the War, 27 pieces of sheet music, and a collection of over 900 postal covers in 1976.  Sheet music and postal covers from the collection are also available through the South Carolina Digital Library.