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MIRC Staff

Main Contact Information:
Phone: 803-777-6841 • Fax: 803-777-4756 • Email:

Heckman, Heather
Director of Moving Image Research Collections

707 Catawba St., Columbia, SC 29208
Moving Image Research Collections

Heather has a PhD in Communication Arts at UW, where she also earned MAs in Library and Information Studies and Communication Arts. Her publications include "Burn After Viewing, or, Fire in the Vaults: Nitrate Decomposition and Combustibility" (The American Archivist, Winter 2010).

Allen, Scott
Post Production Specialist

Moving Image Research Collections

A 1990 graduate of the University of South Carolina, Scott has worked at MIRC since it was called the Newsfilm Library, and is the expert operator of the telecine machine, as well as knowledgeable of the collections that pass through the transfer suite under his steady hand and eye. From these years of experience, he believes that far too many "software solutions" are no solutions at all – and result mostly in forced quits and re-boots.

Brown, Cherrie
Administrative Assistant

Moving Image Research Collections

Cherrie joined the MIRC team in March 2012. Prior to joining MIRC, she worked in the Administrative Offices of  the Thomas Cooper Library, where she made many good friends amongst the faculty, staff, and students. Cherrie provides essential office support and facilitates the organization of team members and visitors.

Lollis, Stan

Moving Image Research Collections

Stan, 'the nitrate man', takes care of the vast nitrate collections at MIRC, with due diligence and care of this format, in the manner to which it deserves. With love and attention, the nitrate film under his care can be prepared for transfer and long term storage, to best preserve it for many generations to come. Stan has worked at MIRC for a number of years and has acute knowledge of nitrate film and the Fox Movietone collection. He has a fondness for music, especially jazz, in its many different forms.

Meaney, Amy
Curator, Science and Nature Films and Local TV News Collections

Moving Image Research Collections

Amy has an MA in Historical Studies, Public History from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. While at UMBC she was a graduate assistant in the university library special collections. She has a BS in Cinema and Photography from Ithaca College, where she focused on still photography and 16mm film. Before joining MIRC, she was the publicist and outreach coordinator for an audiobook publisher.

Pappas, Lydia
Assistant Director and Curator, Regional Films and Chinese Film Collection

Moving Image Research Collections

Lydia comes to South Carolina from South Wales and the United Kingdom, and after spending many years working in various libraries in London including  The Royal Society of Medicine and the Royal London Hospital became the film archivist for the City of London at London Metropolitan Archives. She has a BSc in Library Science from London Metropolitan University and a MA in Film Archiving from the University of East Anglia, Norwich. Lydia likes walking in the woods with her dog, folk music, cooking and the color purple (the colour not the film.)

Singleton, Benjamin
Production Manager

Moving Image Research Collections

Ben has a Master of Mass Communications degree, as well as many years of experience at MIRC in all aspects of its workflows, and keeps a steady hand on the tiller steering MIRC through both rough and smooth production times. His interests include baroque music and realization of thoroughbass on guitar, jaguar motor vehicle maintenance, and oil painting techniques of the 17th century.

Wilsbacher, Greg
Curator, Newsfilm Collections and the United States Marine Corps Film Repository

Moving Image Research Collections

Greg earned his PhD in English from Indiana University and an MLIS from the University of South Carolina. His publications include, "Forgotten History?: The Value of Newsreel Libraries" (The Chronicle Review, 2009) and "Al Brick: The Forgotten Newsreel Man At Pearl Harbor" (The Moving Image, 2010). Currently, he is at work on a history of the original Fox silent newsreel, Fox News.