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CD-ROM, DVD, Video List - Department of Health and Human Services


CD-ROMs and DVDs may be used in the department and may be available for checking out. Arrangements for viewing videos can be made.

1989-1998 Multiple Cause-of-Death File, Series 20, No. 1H-10H, ASCII Version, Issued December 2000, NCHS, (CD-ROM) HE 20.6209/4-7:20/1H-10 H

Zipped ASCII microdata files. No software. Documentation on CD-ROM.


1991 Longitudinal Followup to the 1998 NMHIS, CD-ROM Series 21, No. 1, Feb. 1996 HE 20.6209/11:21/1

Microdata and SETS software. The 1991 Longitudinal Followup (LF) to the 1988 National Maternal and Infant Health Survey (NMIHS) reinterviews women who were respondents to the NMIHS to provide information on a number of areas related to child health and development. The 1991 LF consists of three parts: the live birth survey, the child medical provider survey, and the fetal and infant death survey. The 1991 LF can be merged with the 1988 NMIHS to provide a rich longitudinal data base for maternal and child health.


1995-97 Matched Multiple Birth Data Set, Series 21, No. 12, ASCII version, Issued July 2000, NCHS (CD-ROM) HE 20.6209/11:21/12

ASCII version of microdata. Reports and more recent births data on NCHS website.


1997 Joint Meeting of the Public Health Conference on Records and Statistics and the Data Users Conference, Partnerships, Technologies & Communities: etc., July 28-31, 1997, (CD-ROM) HE 20.6231:P 96

Includes documents, slides and posters. 

Atlas of United States Mortality, CD-ROM-1, July 1997 HE 20.6209/12:1

Maps and graphs of age-adjusted and age-specific mortality rates 1988-92. Includes SETS software, data in spreadsheet and .dbf format. Available in PDF format from NCHS website.


Birth Cohort Linked Birth/Infant Death Data Set, Series 20, (CD-ROM) HE 20.6209/4-7:20/1-

1985-1987, 1989-91 Microdata and SETS softwareIn the linked birth and infant death data set the information from the death certificate is linked to the information from the birth certificate for each infant under 1 year of age who dies in the United States, Puerto Rico, The Virgin Islands, and Guam. The linked files include information from the birth certificate such as age, race, and Hispanic origin of the parents, birthweight, period of gestation, plurality, prenatal care usage, maternal education, live birth order, marital status, and maternal smoking, linked to information from the death certificate such as age at death and underlying and multiple cause of death. Data, publications and documentation on website. 

BRFSS, Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System, Survey Data, (CD-ROM) HE 20.7611/3:yr

1984-1997. Data in .dbf format (1984-1995) and ASCII (1996-7). More information on survey website.


CDP File, National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, (CD-ROM) HE 20.7616:issue

Latest edition only. Contains Health Promotion and Education database, Cancer Prevention and Control database, Prenatal Smoking Cessation database, Epilepsy Education and Prevention Activities Database, Chronic Disease Prevention Directory, State Profile Database, NCCDPHP publications database, Smoking and Health database. 

Clinical Practice Guidelines, AHCPR, 1995 HE 20.6520/3:1-15

Enables the health care provider to access clinical information on patient assessment and management for the clinical conditions selected. Includes the 15 Clinical practice guidelines released to date. Updated guidelines available from AHCPR website.


CRISP Biomedical Research Information Fiscal Year… HE 20.3013/2-4:yr

1972-1998. Only available on Internet. 

Draft, NHANES 3, Plan and Operations Procedure Manuals, (CD-ROM) HE 20.7039/2:M 31/CD/PROCED./DRAFT


Entrez Document Retrieval System, Release..., Volumes 1-4 HE 20.3624:yr/issue/vol.

Ceased. Entrez is a search and retrieval system that integrates information from databases at NCBI. These databases include nucleotide sequences, protein sequences, macromolecular structures, whole genomes, and MEDLINE, through PubMed. New databases still being added. WWW version can be used or Entrez software can be downloaded and installed for faster, more flexible access.


Fetal Death Data File, CD-ROM Series 20, No. 5, May 1996 HE 20.6209/4-7:20/5

1991. Microdata and SETS software. More information, reports and data on website.


A Guide to the Clinical Care of Women with HIV, 2001 Edition, (CD-ROM), HE 20.9008:W 84/2001/CD

Subsequent editions will also be online.

HCFA's Laws Titles XI, XVIII, XIX, Regulations: Titles 42, 45, Manuals (updated monthly), (CD-ROM) HE 22.8/22:yr/month

Dec 1995-July 1997. Ceased.


Health in the new millennium: making choices measuring impact, National Center for Health Statistics, National Conference on Health Statistics, August 2-4, 1999, (CD-ROM) HE 20.7039/2:M 61

Program and presentations from conference.


Health, United States 1992 and Healthy People 2000 Review (Package) HE 20.6223:992/FLOPPY/PACK.1-2


Health, United States, 1995 (FLOPPY) HE 20.7042/4:995


International Classification of Diseases, etc., Official Version, ICD-9-CM, (CD-ROM) HE 22.41/2:yr

Annual. 1994- Installed in Documents department Electronic Resources Rm. Available for download from HCHS website.


The Longitudinal Study of Aging, 1984-90, (CD-ROM) HE 20.7041:1

More information on survey and datafiles on NCHS website.


Marriage and Divorce Data, 1989-95, Series 21, No. 6, Issued October 1997, (CD-ROM) HE 20.6209/11:21/6A

Microdata and SETS software. Microdata also available on the Internet.


Medicare Unique Physician Identification Number, (CD-ROM) HE 22.414/2:yr

1997-8, 2000.


MMWR, Emerging Infectious Diseases, Global Public Health Communications, MMWR, Morbidity and Morality Weekly Report, 1993-1997 HE 20.7039/3:997

Earlier and more recent editions also available in print and on the Internet.


Multiple Cause-of-Death File, CD-ROM Series 20, No. 10, June 1997, (CD-ROM) HE 20.6209/4-7:20/9-11, 12A

1991-1994. Microdata and SETS software. Information on data files on Internet. 

Natality Data Set, CD-ROM Series 21, (CD-ROM) HE 20.6209/11:21/2-

1991-1995, 1998. Microdata and SETS software. Survey and datafile description on Internet. 

National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey/National Hospital Ambulatory care Survey, CD-ROM Series 13, (CD-ROM) HE 20.6209/4-5:13/2-

1990-1996, 1998-NAMCS, 1992-6, NHAMCS. Microdata and SETS software. Survey descriptions and 1993-present microdata, reports and documentation on NAMCS website.


National Exposure Registry Trichloreothylene (TCE) Subregistry, ATSDR CD-ROM Series: TCE Vol:Bl; No. 1 HE 20.7919:TCE/v.BL/1


National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey III, 1988-94, Series 11, (CD-ROM) HE 20.6209/4-8:11/1-

Versions with SETS software and ASCII data only. Publications, microdata, documentation and more information on all NHANES surveys on NHANES website.


National Health Interview Survey, CD-ROM Series 10, (CD-ROM) HE 20.6209/4-3:10/1-

1987-1995 Microdata and SETS software. Each CD-ROM contains questionnaires, documentation and microdata files of data collected from a core questionnaire (Household, Person, Condition, Doctor Visit, Hospital) and microdata files of data collected from an additional questionnaire. Additional questionnaire topics change regularly. State data is available for 1990-2, 1994. More recent NHIS reports, data and documentation on NHIS website.


National Home and Hospice Care Survey, Series 13, (CD-ROM) HE 20.6209/4-5:13/13

1994 microdata, software and documentation. 1996-present data, reports and documentation on NHHCS website.


National Hospital Discharge Survey, CD-ROM Series 13 HE 20.6209/7-2:13/1-

1990,1994. Microdata and SETS software. Information on characteristics of inpatients discharged from non-Federal short-stay hospitals in the United States. 1996- data, documentation and reports on NHDS website.


National Nursing Home Survey, CD-ROM Series 13, (CD-ROM) HE 20.6209/4-5:13/9, 13/23

1995, 1997. Microdata on characteristics of nursing homes (including oownership, certification, bed size, location, affiliation), use by current residents and number of employees. SETS software and ASCII data files. 1995-present data, reports and documentation from NNHS website.


National Survey of Family Growth, CD-ROM Series 23. HE 20.6209/10:23/1-

Cycle IV-V. Microdata and SETS software. Multipurpose survey based on personal interviews with a national sample of women 15-44 years of age in the civilian noninstitutionalized population of the United States. Its main function is to collect data on factors affecting pregnancy and women's health in the United States. Reports and documentation on NSFG website.


Nhanes 3, Reference Manuals and Reports, Issued October 1996, (CD-ROM) HE 20.7039/2:M 31/CD

Does not include data from survey.More information on NHANES website.


NHANES III Anthropometric Procedures, From the National Center for Health Statistics, (VIDEO) HE 20.6231:AN 8/VIDEO


NIOSH Criteria Documents Plus, 1972-1979, (CD-ROM) HE 20.7129:C 86/V.1-2/CD

Full-text of Criteria Documents, Special Occupational Hazard Reviews, Occupational Hazard Assessments, and Joint Occupational Health Documents, Current Intelligence Bulletins (CIBs) and NIOSH Alerts. More recent editions of publications available from NIOSH website.


NIOSH Health Hazard Evaluations, ( Part 1-2 ), 1981-1989, (CD-ROM) HE 20.7129:H 33/V.1-2/981-89/CD

Full-text of 1198 health Hazard evaluations formal final reports completed 1981-1989.


NIOSH Musculoskeletal Documents, Preventing Work-Related Disorders, April 2001, (CD-ROM) HE 20.7129:M 97

This CD-ROM contains the complete text of 12 musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) documents previously developed by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). The purpose of this CD is to provide an easily accessible compilation of NIOSH research and recommendations related to the prevention of workplace musculoskeletal disorders and to facilitate their dissemination to the public. DHHS (NIOSH) Publication No. 2001-122


NIOSH Pocket Guide To Chemical Hazards and Other Databases, (CD-ROM) HE 20.7129:C 42/yr/CD

1999-present. Databases and publications available on NIOSH or DOT websites.


NIOSH Worker Deaths by Electrocution, April 2000, (CD-ROM) HE 20.7129:W 89/CD

Complete text of 224 electrocution investigative reports cited in "Worker Deaths by Electrocution" (NIOSH publication 98-131) which is also included on the CD.


Patient to Patient: Cancer Clinical Trails and You, etc., (VIDEO) HE 20.3193:C 61/VIDEO


Perinatal Mortality Data File, Series 20, No. 12, (CD-ROM) HE 20.6209/4-7:20/12, 14

1995-6 Combines microdata from the fetal death data file and the linked birth and infant death files.


Publications from the National Center for Health Statistics, Featuring Health United States, (CD-ROM) HE 20.7042/7:vol./no.

1994-present. Includes Health, United States, Advance Data, Vital and Health Statistics Series, Monthly Vital Statistics Reports, Healthy People 2000, and other publications. Health, United States data available in spreadsheet format. Publications also available in print or on NCHS website.


Reducing Tobacco Use, A Report of the Surgeon General, 2000, (CD-ROM) HE 20.7602:T 55/4/CD-ROM


Second Supplement on Aging, 1994, Version 2, CD-ROM SOA 2, No. 1, September 1998, (CD-ROM) HE 20.6232:2/1

Data and SETS software from the follow-up survey, conducted in 1986, 1988, and 1990, to the Longitudinal Study on Aging of 1984 and 1990, focusing on the health status and social functioning of American aged. Description of survey and data files on Internet.


The Longitudinal Study of Aging, 1984-90, (CD-ROM) HE 20.7041:1

More information on survey and datafiles on NCHS website.

U.S. Renal Data System... Annual Data Report, Researcher's Guide, Reference Tables ADR Slides, etc., (CD-ROM) HE 20.3325:yr/CD

1998- The United States Renal Data System (USRDS) is a national data system which collects, analyzes, and distributes information about end-stage renal disease (ESRD) in the United States. Most recent edition on the Internet. Includes, reports, data, maps, slides and presentations.


Vital Statistics of The United States 1998, Vol. 1 - Natality, Issued January 2002 HE 20.6210:998/V.1/CD-ROM/CORR

Contains tables for Vital Statistics of the U.S., 1998, vol.1, Natality and list of recent reports using vital statistics birth data. Tables in PDF format only.


Working With Stress, A NIOSH-TV Production, 2002, (DVD-ROM) HE 20.7129:ST 8/DVD

Describes workplace factors that can create or exacerbate worker stress, and suggests practical measures for reducing job-related stress through changes in work organization.