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CD-ROM, DVD, Video List - Department of Energy


CD-ROMs and DVDs may be used in the department and may be available for checking out. Arrangements for viewing videos can be made.

3rd Annual Solid State Energy Conservation Alliance SECA Workshop Proceedings, March 21-22, 2002, (CD-ROM) E 1.111:SO 4/CD/2002

Also available on the National Energy Technology Laboratory web site.


Energy and Water for Sustainable Living: A Compendium of Energy and Water Success Stories, 2002, (CD-ROM) E 1.111:EN 2/2/CD


Energy InfoDisc E 3.60:vol/no/DISC1-2

Energy InfoDisc allows users to view and search more than 400 data, analysis, and forecasting reports and directories published by EIA over the previous 12 months, including the Monthly Energy Review, Short-Term Energy Outlook, International Energy Outlook, Natural Gas: Issues and Trends, Electric Power and Renewable Energy Annuals. In addition, users can access EIA's extensive energy database applications to generate their own individualized energy databases. Energy InfoDisc contains the following EIA database applications: Annual Energy Outlook, Clean Air Act, Electricity Databases, Financial Reporting System, Monthly Energy Review, EIA-176 Query System, Oil and Gas Information Resource System, Short-Term Energy Model, State Coal Profiles, Coal Reserves Database, State Energy Data, U.S. Emissions of Greenhouse Gases, Voluntary Reporting of Greenhouse Gases, World Energy Database.


Fuel Cell Handbook, (CD-ROM) E 1.8:F 95/2/yr

The sixth edition "is more comprehensive than all previous versions. It includes over 5,000 fuel cell patent abstracts and their claims, and features a new fuel-cell power conditioning section and overviews on the hydrogen industry and rare-earth minerals market." Includes multimedia. Fifth edition on Internet.


GASIS, Gas Information System, June 1999, (CD-ROM) E 1.111:G 21

National database of geological, engineering, production and ultimate recovery data for US oil and gas reservoirs. Desigend for use as input for modeling and forecasting and as a stand-alone database. For each reservoir, 185 individual data elements, ranging from depth to estimates of remaining reserves are specified. Production data are through 1996. Includes software with query, display, print, graph, and export functions.


Greater Production Improvement Project, Final Report, etc., 2002, (CD-ROM) E 1.111:G 83/2

Final Report DE-AC21-95MC31063.


Hybrid Fuel Cell: Technology Overview E 1.111:H 99

Basic overview of hybrid systems and status of hybrid projects and research.


OIT, Office of Industrial Technologies, Reports, 1998, (CD-ROM) E 1.138:998

Full-text of DOE technical reports resulting from OIT-sponsored research and OIT partnerships and published in fiscal year 1998. Related conference documents also included.


Photovoltaics, Technical Documents, (CD-ROM) E 1.111:P 56/yr/

1991-1997. Full-text of technical documents published from the Photovoltaic Research Activities of the U.S. Department of Energy. Related website.


Pollution Prevention/Waste Minimization Users Guide for Environmental Restoration Projects: Decommissioning and Remedial Actions, Ohio Field Office, (CD-ROM) E 1.111:P 76/


Proceedings of the Gulf of Mexico Hydrates R&D Planning Workshop, August 9-10, 2000 (CD-ROM) E 1.111:G 94 M/


Report to Congress on the U.S. Department of Energy's Environmental Management Science Program, Office of Science and Risk Policy, DOE/EM-0357, April 1998, (CD-ROM) E 1.111:SCI 2

Also available through:


Russian Drilling Technology Studies, U.S. Department of Energy, (CD-ROM) E 1.111:R 92/

Contents: Implement Russian Aluminum Drill Pipe and Retractable Drilling Bits into the USA (vol 1,2), Former USSR R&D on Novel Drilling Techniques; Former-USSR R&D on Advanced Downhole Drilling Motors.


Southern Appalachian Assessment (SAA) GIS Data Base E 1.111:SO 8/v.1-5/

Includes digital maps in ArcInfo format.


The Office of Environmental Management Technical Reports, A Bibliography, DOE/OSTI-3411/4-CD, May 1999, (CD-ROM) E 1.111:EN 8/

Bibliographic citations for Office of Environmental Management-sponsored technical reports published in fiscal year 1998.


Voluntary Reporting of Greenhouse Gases, Electronic Forms and Public Use Data, (CD-ROM) E 1.111:G 83/CD/yr

Includes: Forms EIA-1605, EIA-1605EZ, public use database of all non-confidential reports received to date, relevant documents (PDF) such as instructions and the Program's Annual Reports.