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CD-ROM, DVD, Video List - Subject - Demographics


CD-ROMs and DVDs may be used in the department and may be available for checking out. Arrangements for viewing videos can be made.


100-percent summary file: Census 2000 dress rehearsal, (CD-ROM) 
C 3.275:SU 6/CD 
Summary data files, profiles, and geographic products for Sacramento, California; 11 counties in 
South Carolina, including the city of Columbia and the town of Irmo; and Menominee County, 
Wisconsin, including the Minominee American Indian Reservation. 
1987 full panel longitudinal studies: Survey of Income and Program Participation, 
C 3.275:SU 7/CD 
No retrieval software. ASCII format. Provides statistical data related to income and government 
entitlement programs (AFDC, social security, veterans' benefits, etc.). 
1988 dress rehearsal census of St. Louis City, east central Missouri and eastern 
Washington, (CD-ROM) 
C 3.275:D 81 
Prototype for 1990 Census CDs. No software. dBase III format. 
1988 full panel longitudinal files: Survey of Income and Program Participation, (CD-ROM) 
C 3.275:SU 7/2/994/CD 
ASCII format. Provides statistical data related to income and government entitlement programs 
(AFDC, social security, veterans' benefits, etc.). 
1988 full panel longitudinal studies: Survey of Income and Program Participation, 
C 3.275:SU 7/2/CD 
No retrieval software. ASCII format. Provides statistical data related to income and government 
entitlement programs (AFDC, social security, veterans' benefits, etc.). 
1990 Census of Population and Housing Block Statistics, CD90-1B 
C 3.282:990/division/CD 
1990 Census of Population and Housing Summary Tape File 1A 
C 3.282:990/region/vol. 
Documentation: C 3.282:990/doc. 
1990 Census of Population and Housing, Block Statistics, STF 3B, CD90-1B-1-5 
C 3.282/3:CD 90-1B-1-10 
1990 Census of Population and Housing, Equal Employment Opportunity File, 
C 3.283:CD 90-EEO-01-02 
1990 Census of Population and Housing, Public Law 94-171 Data, (CD-ROM) 
C 3.281:state/990/CD 
1990 Census of Population and Housing, Public Use Microdata Samples, 1% Samples, 
CD90-PUMSB 1-2 
C 3.285:CD 90-PUMSB 1-2 
1990 Census of Population and Housing, Public Use Microdata Samples, 5% Samples, 
C 3.285:CD 90-PUMSA 1R-7R 
1990 Census of Population and Housing, Redistricting Data, Summary Tape File 1A, 
Puerto Rico, (CD-ROM) 
C 3.282:990/Puerto Rico 
1990 Census of Population and Housing, Special Tabulation on Aging, CD-ROM 
C 3.281/2:CD 90-AOA 1-10, US 
1990 Census of Population and Housing, Subject Summary Tape File (SSTF) 
C 3.286:CD 90 SSTF 1-22C 
Geographic Mobility in the U.S (15); Older Population in the United States (19); Characteristics of 
the Black Population (21, 21B, 21C); Journey to Work (20); Education (06); Housing of the Elderly 
(08); Mobile Homes (10);Housing Characteristics of New Units (09); Condominium Housing (18); 
Employment Status (12); 
1990 Census of Population and Housing, Summary Tape File 1C 
C 3.282:990- 1 C 
1990 Census of Population and Housing, Summary Tape File 3A 
C 3.282/2:CD 90-3 A-01-61 
Documentation: C 3.282/2: 990/doc. 
1990 Census of Population and Housing, Summary Tape File 3B, Zip Code Areas, 
C 3.282/2:CD 90-3 B-01-03 
1990 Census of Population and Housing, Summary Tape File 3C, United States Summary 
C 3.282/2:C 90-3 C-2 
1991 Survey of Recent College Graduates, Public Release File 
ED 1.334/2:SU 7/CD 
The RCG was designed to analyze the occupational outcomes and educational experiences of 
bachelor's and master's degree recipients who graduated from colleges and universities in the 
continental US. The survey was conducted in 1976, 1978, 1981, 1985, 1987 and 1991. More recent 
data collections of a longitudinal nature are undertaken by B&B. 
American Housing Survey, (CD-ROM) 
C 3.215/19:yr 
Physical, economic, and demographic data from the national and the MSA (Metropolitan 
Statistical Areas) surveys of U.S. housing. Began with: 1985, 1987 national core tables and 
microdata, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987 MSA's core microdata. 
Atlas of United States Mortality, CD-ROM-1, July 1997 
HE 20.6209/12:1 
Maps and graphs of age-adjusted and age-specific mortality rates 1988-92. Includes SETS 
software, data in spreadsheet and .dbf format. Available in PDF format from NCHS website. 
Auxiliary Files STF 1A and P.L. 94-171, 1990 (floppy) 
C 3.282:990/floppy 
Baccalaureate and Beyond Longitudinal Study Second Follow-up, DAS, Public 
Access-Data Analysis System, December 1999, (CD-ROM) 
ED 1.334/2:B 12/CD 
The first B&B cohort included students, identified in NPSAS:93, who completed a bachelor's 
degree in 1992-93. Those students were asked a number of questions about their future 
employment and education expectations as well as about their undergraduate education. The 
B&B:93 first follow-up in 1994 (B&B:93/94) collected information about job search activities after 
graduation as well as information concerning education and employment experiences after 
graduation. Individuals who had shown an interest in becoming teachers were asked additional 
questions about their pursuit of this career, and if teaching, about their current teaching position. In 
addition, the first follow-up collected undergraduate transcripts whenever possible. The second 
follow-up in 1997 (B&B:92/97) collected information on education, employment, and other 
experiences since the last interview. It also collected current Federal aid and loan status 
Census 2000 Redistricting Data (P.L. 94-171) Summary File, Census of Population and 
Housing, etc., 2000, Issued May 2001, (DVD-ROM) 
C 3.275:R 24/DVD 
Census 2000 Summary File 1, Census of Population and Housing, September 2001,
C 3.275:F 48/DVD
Census mapper: featuring data from the 1997 Statistical Abstracts of the United States, 
C 3.275:EX 7/CD 
Prototype. User may browse data spatially; combine official statistics with mapping tools and 
geographic data to create colorful thematic maps; print tables and maps; or copy them to other 
Windows applications. 
Common Core of Data (CCD), School Years … through ..., (CD-ROM) 
ED 1.334/2:C 73/yr range 
A comprehensive, annual, national statistical database of information concerning all public 
elementary and secondary schools (approximately 91,000) and school districts (approximately 
16,000). The CCD consists of five surveys completed annually by state education departments 
from their administrative records. Information included are: a general description of schools and 
school districts, including name, address, and phone number; data on students and staff, including 
demographics; and fiscal data, including revenues and current expenditures. 
Comprehensive Housing Affordability Strategy (CHAS) Database, Correction, (CD-ROM) 
C 3.275:H 81/CD/Corr. -2 
Provides housing data tabulated from the 1990 census for states, counties, minor civil divisions, 
and places. Records include cost data for households at different income levels, as well as 
information about household size, affordability, and housing problems. 
Congressional Districts of the United States, Summary Tape File 1D, Summary Tape File 
3D, CD90-1D-3D, August 1993 
C 3.282:CD 90-1D-3D 
Congressional Districts of the United States, Summary Tape File 1D, Summary Tape File 
3D, CD-90-1D-3D-105, August 1997, (CD-ROM) 
C 3.282/4:105 
County and City Data Book, (CD-ROM) 
C 3.134/2-1:yr 
1988- Contains demographic, economic, and governmental data from both the federal government 
and private agencies, presented for the purpose of multi-area comparisons or single area profiles. 
Current estimates and benchmark census results are included. Files in .dbf format. Also available 
in print. 
County-to-County Migration Flow Files, 1990 Census of Population and Housing, 
CD90-MIG-01-02, Special Project 312 (SP312), In-Migration and Out-Migration 
C 3.284:CD 90-MIG-01-02 
Current population survey ... annual demographic files 
C 3.224/12:yr range/CD 
No software. Each disc covers 3 years, overlapping with previous and following disks. 
Current population survey. Income and poverty. 
C 3.224/12-2:yr 
Health, United States 1992 and Healthy People 2000 Review (Package) 
HE 20.6223:992/FLOPPY/PACK.1-2 
High School and Beyond 
ED 1.334:980-86/CD 
1980-1986. The HS&B describes the activities of seniors and sophomores as they progressed 
through high school, postsecondary education, and into the workplace. The data span 1980 
through 1992 and include parent, teacher, high school transcripts, student financial aid records, 
and postsecondary transcripts in addition to student questionnaires and interviews. 
Income, Poverty, and Health Insurance:1998 and 1999, etc., Issued December 2001, (CD-ROM)
C 3.275:IN 2/CD
Includes CrossTab software for users to create 4-way cross-tabulations. Reports also available in PDF. More data and publications also available on the Census Bureau web site.
Landview IV/The Federal Geographic Data Viewer, (for Windows 95/98 and Mac) in 
C 3.301:L 23 
The Longitudinal Study of Aging, 1984-90, (CD-ROM)
HE 20.7041:1
More information on survey and datafiles on NCHS website.
Marriage and Divorce Data, 1989-95, Series 21, No. 6, Issued October 1997, (CD-ROM) 
HE 20.6209/11:21/6A 
Microdata and SETS software. Microdata also available on the Internet. 
Natality Data Set, CD-ROM Series 21, (CD-ROM) 
HE 20.6209/11:21/2- 
1991-1995, 1998. Microdata and SETS software. 
National Household Education Survey, 96, 1991, 1993, 1995, and 1996 Surveys Data Files 
and Electronic Codebook, etc., (CD-ROM) 
ED 1.334/5:991/993/995/996 
The NHES is a data collection system designed to collect information from households on a variety 
of education-related issues. Surveys have been fielded during the spring of 1991, 1993, 1995, 
1996, and 1999. Surveys conducted by NHES have focused on adult education & lifelong learning, 
civic involvement, early childhood program participation, school readiness, household library use, 
parent involvement in education and school safety & discipline. 
National Survey of Family Growth, CD-ROM Series 23. 
HE 20.6209/10:23/1- 
Cycle IV-V. Microdata and SETS software. Multipurpose survey based on personal interviews with 
a national sample of women 15-44 years of age in the civilian noninstitutionalized population of the 
United States. Its main function is to collect data on factors affecting pregnancy and women's 
health in the United States. Reports and documentation on NSFG website. 
Public Law 94-171 redistricting data 
C 3.275:D 81/2/CD 
Summary data files and listings for Sacramento, California; 11 counties in South Carolina, 
including the city of Columbia and the town of Irmo; and Menominee County, Wisconsin, including 
the Menominee American Indian Reservation. 
Public Law 94-171 redistricting data: without correction for ICM. 
C 3.275:D 81/4/CD 
Race and Hispanic or Lantino Summary File, 2000, Census of Population and Housing, 
Issued May 2001, (CD-ROM) 
C 3.275:R 11/CD 
B20/20 software. 
Research Maps (R-Maps), etc., Volume 1: Picture of Subsidized Households in 1998, 
HH 1.114:M 32/CD 
Data on residents of 5 million housing units subsidized through three major HUD housing 
programs: section 8 (information on HUD's certificates and vouchers program with data aggregated 
at the tract level), public housing (information on individual public housing developments), 
project-based data file (information from 4 HUD project-based areas - Section 8 moderate 
rehabilitation, Section 8 new and substantial rehabilitation, Section 236, other subsidized housing 
programs. Data in .dbf format can be used in GIS software. Data documentation on the Internet: 
Research Maps (R-Maps), etc., Volume 3: Selected PD&R Data Sets With LandView, 
HH 1.114:M 32/CD/V.3 
Preliminary representative data elements from the full PD&R research data sets. Includes data 
sets for American Housing Survey, Enterprise Zone/Empowerment Community, Low-Income 
Housing Tax Credit, Government-Sponsored Enterprises, Home Mortgage Disclosure Act, New 
Market Initiatives, Picture of Subsidized Households in 1998 and State of the Cities. Geo-coded 
data for use with Landview IV and Marplot (included on CD). Also includes Shapefile > Marplot 
format translation software. 
Social and demographic characteristics of the U.S. population, 1998 
C 3.275:C 37 
Contains selected data summaries and reports on social and demographic topics. The information 
is based on the Current Population Survey, a monthly survey of households conducted by the U.S. 
Census Bureau. Provides copies of reports (PDF format) previously released in the Current 
Population Report series (P-20: Population Characteristics and the P-23: Special Studies series of 
reports) as well as additional tables (in Beyond 20/20 format) that were previously available only 
by special request. 
Statistical Abstract of the United States, (CD-ROM) 
C 3.134/7:yr 
1993-present. Latest edition on CD-ROM contains content not found in print edition (supplemenal 
explanatory material on major economic series, maps). Files in spreadsheet format contain more 
years of data or detail (additional variables or geographic units) than the print edition or PDF files 
on the CD-ROM. 
The American Community Survey, (CD-ROM) 
C 3.297:yr 
The American Housing Survey 1998 : metropolitan microdata 
C 3.215/19-2: 998x 
ASCII and SAS formats. 
Trends in the Health of Older Americans, U.S: 1994, Diskette Series 3, No. 2, September 
1995, (FLOPPY) 
HE 20.6209/4-4:3/2 
USA Counties, (CD-ROM) 
C 3.134/6:yr 
1992-present. Each issue includes all the data on counties from the last three issues of: State and 
metropolitan area data book; and the last two issues of: County and city data book.
Vital Statistics of The United States 1998, Vol. 1 - Natality, Issued January 2002, (CORRECTION)
HE 20.6210:998/V.1/CD-ROM/CORR
Contains tables for Vital Statistics of the U.S., 1998, vol.1, Natality and list of recent reports using vital statistics birth data. Tables in PDF format only.