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CD-ROM, DVD, Video List - Department of Defense


CD-ROMs and DVDs may be used in the department and may be available for checking out. Arrangements for viewing videos can be made.

Active Air Force wings as of 1 October 1995 ; USAF active flying, space, and missile squadrons as of 1 October 1995, 1999, (CD-ROM) D 301.82/7:W 72/2/CD

A compilation of data concerning all Air Force wings and squadrons that were active as of October 1, 1995, including lineage, honors, and heraldry. Updated by website.


Advanced Logistics Project, Interactive CD, June 1999, (CD-ROM) D 1.95:L 82/CD

Contains project introduction; project overview briefing; technology demonstration; technical publications; points of contact for more information; recent JLTO newsletters; information about the DARPA Joint Logistics Technology Office; other information about DARPA; information on other logistics technology programs.


Air Education and Training Command, Electronic Publishing Library (AETCEPL), February 1997, (Floppy) D 301.116/3:yr/no.



Air Force Electronic Publications Library D 301.116:yr/month/Vols.

Latest edition only. Includes AF instructions, doctrine directives, handbooks, manuals, mission directives, occupational safety and health standards, pamphlets, supplements and forms.


Air Traffic Control, Computer-Based Training Library, (CD-ROM) D 301.118:L 61/CD/yr

Contains data about air traffic control training programs.


AMEDD Sales V 2.0, Benefits, March 1999, (CD-ROM) D 101.129/6:AR 5/BENEFI./CD

Promotional video clips for Army medical personnel recruiting activities.


AMEDD Sales V 2.0, Features, March 1999, (CD-ROM) D 101.129/6:AR 5/FEATUR./CD

Promotional video clips for Army medical personnel recruiting activities.


AMEDD Sales V 2.0, Locations No. 1, March 1999, (CD-ROM) D 101.129/6:AR 5/LOCAT.NO.1-4/CD

Promotional video clips for Army medical personnel recruiting activities.


Army Electronic Library, DA Pam, 25-30, Electronic-Publications, etc. D 101.22:25-30/yr/no./CD

Latest edition only. DA-PAM 25-30 is a consolidated index of Army publications and blank forms; electronic libraries of publications and forms provide official electronic versions of Army forms and publications, and the CSS software package is an electronic ordering system for Army publications. Latest edition on Army website.


Army Logistics Process Rock Drill, 1998, (CD-ROM) D 101.129/6:D 83/CD


Basic Course in Occupational Medicine, (CD-ROM) D 101.129/6:M 46/CD

Designed to provide a foundation in occupational health for U.S. Army civilian occupational health nurses, and military community health nurses with oversight responsibilities for OH programs.


Basic Satellite Imagery Interpretation, (Unclassified), September 1996, (CD-ROM) D 203.34:SA 8/CD

Breathing Freely: an interactive program for patients with asthma, 2000, (CD-ROM) D 101.129/6:AS 8/CD


C5, G-files, 1996, (CD-ROM) D 201.40:F 47/CD/v.1-11


CANTRAC: catalog of Navy training courses, (CD-ROM) D 201.40:T 68/yr/CD

Contains information on schools and courses under the purview of the Chief of Naval Education and Training and other Navy training commands.


CNET Support Manuals, 1998, (CD-ROM) D 201.40:C 42/CD

NAVEDTRA 130A. Task based curriculum development manual, v. 1. Developers guide -- v. 2. Sample products -- v. 3. Managers guide -- NAVEDTRA 131A. Personnel performance profile based curriculum development manual -- v. 1. Developers guide, v. 1 supplement. Curriculum developers aids -- v. 2. Sample products -- v. 3. Managers guide -- NAVEDTRA 135A. Navy school management manual. Manuals also available from Office of Training Technology website: 

Commercial Product Evaluations, October 1998, (CD-ROM) D 1.95:C 73/2/CD


Common Criteria and Methodology for Information Technology Security Evaluation, August 1999, (CD-ROM) D 1.95:C 73/999/CD

Defines criteria to be used as the basis for evaluation of the security properties of IT products and systems.


Common Warfighting Symbology, ISO 9660 Format, MIL-STD-2525A, December 1996, (CD-ROM) D 7.10:2525 A/CD

The first major revision to the standard, MIL-STD-2525A, added nearly 1000 symbols and over 4500 symbol images. This document was published in Portable Document Format (PDF) on 15 December 1996. Current edition of standard on website.


COMNAVRESFOR, COMNAVAIRESFOR, COMNAVSURFRESFOR, Instructions and Notices, Unclassified January 1, 1999, (CD-ROM) D 207.310:IN 7/CD


Comprehensive Reference Resource, Disc 1 & 2, September 11, 2001, (CD-ROM)
D 12.22:C 73/CD

Photos, multimedia, news articles and documents. Search by venue, chronology, and organization.


Consolidated Publication of Component Lists, September 1997, (CD-ROM) D 101.16/3:997-1

Most recent edition on Internet.


Construction Equipment Ownership and Operating Expense Schedule, Vols. 1-12, June 30, 1999, (CD-ROM) D 103.43:1110-2-8/V.1-12/999/CD
Construction Equipment Ownership and Operating Expense Schedule, Vol. 1-12, August 31, 2001, (CD-ROM), D 103.43:1110-1-8/V.1-12/2001/CD

EP 1110-1-8. Establishes predetermined methodology for calculating equipment ownership and operating expense rates for construction and marine equipment. Includes methodology and rate tables, all 12 regions (volumes), and CHECKRATE calculation software.


DEARAS, September 1997, (CD-ROM) D 301.118:D 34/CD

Department of Defense (DOD) Emergency Authorities Retrieval and Analysis System.


Defense Acquisition Deskbook Version…, (CD-ROM) D 1.95/2:yr/issue

Latest edition only.


Defense Science and Technology Strategy and Plans, February 1998, (Correction), (CD-ROM) D 1.95:SCI 2/CORR./CD

Included are the Defense Science and Technology Strategy (May 1996), the Basic Research Plan (January 1997), the Defense Technology Area Plan (January 1997), the Joint Warfighting Science and Technology Plan (February 1998), and the Defense Technology Objectives (February 1998).


DEP/DTP #no., Version..., March 1999, (CD-ROM) D 101.129/6:D 44/NO./yr./CD

Multimedia recruitment clips


Department of Defense Telephone Directory,(CD-ROM). D 1.7/1:date

Latest edition only


Department of the Navy FY 1998/FY 1999 President's Biennial Budget, (CD-ROM) D 201.40:B 86/998-99


Dictionary of American Naval Aviation Squadrons, Volume 2, The History of VP, VPB, VP(HL) and VP(AM) Squadrons, etc., 1910-1995, (CD-ROM) D 221.18:D 56/V.2

The v. 2 disc supercedes v. 1, includes the complete text of v. 1, as well as the title, United States naval aviation 1910-1995, and 15 monographs on naval aviation. Main titles on Internet but other publications only on CD-ROM.


Digital Chart of the World D 5.358: 992/PACK ??? 

DLAPS, Defense Logistics Agency Publishing System D 7.41:yr/no.

Latest on the Internet.


DoD, Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms, Vol. 1, No. 1, May 1994, (CD-ROM) D 5.12/3:1/1


Fixing How The Marine Corps Gets to the Fight, (CD-ROM) D 214.34:F 46/CD

v. 1. Main text / M. Geis ... [et al.] -- v. 2. Appendixes / M. Geis, T. Bowditch, J. Dworken, M/ Wigge -- [v. 3]. Force deployment planning & execution : a primer for operational-level commands / M. Geis, T. Bowditch, J. Dworken.


Fleet Recreation: Directives, Regulations, & Instructions, 1999, (CD-ROM) D 201.40:F 62/DISK 1&2

Includes documents pertaining to recreation, sports, and entertainment programs for the United States Navy.


History of US Marine Corps Operations in World War II, FMFRP 12-34, January 2000, (CD-ROM) D 214.9/6:12-34/CD

v.1. Pearl Harbor to Guadalcanal / Frank O. Hough, Verle E. Ludwig, Henry I. Shaw, Jr. -- v. 2. Isolation of Rabaul / Henry I. Shaw, Jr., Douglas T. Kane -- v. 3. Central Pacific drive / Henry I. Shaw, Jr., Bernard C. Nalty, Edwin T. Turnbladh -- v.4. Western Pacific operations / George W. Garand, Truman R. Strobridge -- v.5. Victory and occupation / Benis M. Frank, Henry I. Shaw, Jr.


HMIS Hazardous Material Information System, HMC&M Hazardous Material Control & Management, L, Volume 1-4, October 2000, (CD-ROM) D 212.16:yr/quarter/vol1-4

Latest edition only. The HMC&M/HMIS disc provides access to: (1) "The Hazardous material information system ... which is the [DoD] repository for material safety data sheet (MSDS) information, (2) the Ships hazardous materials list ... which provides ships the capability to maintain an inventory of chemicals and substances used aboard ships, and (3) the Hazardous materials user's guide ... which provides protective information to supplement the technical data found in the MSDS's."


Information Assurance Technical Framework, September 1999, (CD-ROM) D 1.95:IN 3/CD

An overview document on security needs and potential technology solutions for information systems and networks, the result of a collaborative effort by the U.S. government and by industry. Related information on IATF website.


Interactive Courseware D 301.118/2:

Air Education and Training Command. Several CD-ROMS. Each covers different training topic.


International Station Meteorological Climate Summary, September 1996, (CD-ROM) D 201.40:M 56/996/CD

Contains detailed climate summaries, including surface air temperature, humidity, winds and precipitation, from meteorological stations worldwide. The data are accessible by geographically panning and zooming to a given area on a global display or by directly selecting a station by identifiers. Summaries include: personal computer version of summary of surface meteorological observations (PC-SMOS; Navy and NOAA versions); USAFETAC personal computer version of surface observation climatic summary (PC-SOCS); and world wide airfield summaries (WWAS).


Invasion Intervention, "Intervasion":, A Concise History of the U.S. Army in Operation Uphold Democracy, (CD-ROM) D 110.13:H 62/CD

The Combat Studies Institute presents a critical history of Operation Uphold Democracy in Haiti. This concise study of the Army's role in that important peace operation was written by three faculty members at the Command and General Staff College at Ft. Leavenworth: Lieutenant Colonel Walter E. Kretchik, Dr. Robert F. Baumann, and Dr. John T. Fishel. Their accounts and conclusions drawn from them are based on an extensive review of available documentary material, interviews with key participants in the operation, discussions with experts on Haitian affairs, and travels to Haiti to conduct a firsthand assessment. The result is a challenging analysis of Uphold Democracy that brings into perspective deficiencies as well as achievements in the conduct of the operation. Consists of Portable Document Format (PDF) files. Also includes special video segments adapted from the documentary film Rhythm of the Street, which was produced by LTC Kretchik and Dr. Baumann under the auspices of the Combat Studies Institute in 1997.


Joint Electronic Library: approved joint publications, selected service publications. D 5.21:yr-issue

Vol.3, no.1 (May 1995) - present


Joint federal travel regulations (JFTR) uniformed services members ; Joint travel regulations (JTR) DoD civilian personnel. (CD-ROM) D 1.6/4-5:date

Ceased. Most recent edition on Internet.


Joint Union List of Periodicals (JULIP), January 1997, (CD-ROM) D 1.95:J 66/CD

Contains a union list of periodicals and a list of holdings in participating Department of Defense libraries.


Making Standardization Decisions, June 1999, (CD-ROM) D 1.95:ST 2/CD

Interactive multimedia training course and reference resource "to help engineers, logisticians, and other technical and acquisition personnel decide when - and when not - to standardize items and systems."


Marine Corps Doctrinal Publications, 1999 (CD-ROM) D 214.34:D 65/CD


Marine Corps Planning Process Computer-Based Training Course, 1998, (CD-ROM) D 214.34:T 68/CD


Marine Corps Publications Electronic Library, (CD-ROM) D 214.32:yr/no.

Latest edition only.


Marine Corps Warfighting Publications and Marine Corps Reference Publication, February 2001 D 214.34:P 96/CD

All publications on CD-ROM accessible from Marine Corps Doctrine website.


Military Careers, 1999, (CD-ROM) D 1.95:C 18/CD

A guide to military occupations and selected military career paths. See related website.


Military Traffic Management Command Publications, February 1995, (CD-ROM) D 101.129/3:995/1/TEST

Contains various MTMC publications, including: personal property traffic management regulations, staff regulations, and defense traffic management regulations.


National Inventory of Dams, Updated Data: 1995-96, (CD-ROM) D 103.135:W 29/CD

Contains a database that identifies, locates, and rates dams based on data submitted by state agencies that oversee and enforce dam safety regulations.


Navy Advancement Center: TRAMANS and NRTCs, Volume 1, Disk 2 of 2, October 1998, (CD-ROM) D 207.217:T 68/V.1/DISK 1-2/CD


Navy Electricity and Electronics Training Series, (NEETS), Modules 1 through 24, September 1998, (CD-ROM) D 207.217:EL 2/MOD.1-24/CD



NDC Publications and U.S. Waterway Data CD, Volume…, (CD-ROM) D 103.135:P 96/Vol./CD

Annual. 1998- Latest statistics about waterborne commerce, vessel companies, port and waterway facilities, dredging contracts, lock operations and characteristics. Also includes data on cargo imports and exports, vessel clearances and entrances, schedule K classification of foreign ports, foreign flag vessels and marine casualty and pollution investigations. Publications and data also available from NDC website.


NEPA/BRAC93, National Environmental Policy Act Statutes, Guidance, and Information to Assist Base Realignment and Closure Activities, CERL-TAC & DAIM-FDP-B, September 1993 D 103.128:993

Contains the BRAC Commission report, the accompanying GAO report, and other material which support activities to bring any base closure and realignment actions into compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act, and otherwise assist environmental work. Also contains most of the material from the earlier NEPA/BRAC91


Nova Scotia and The Saint Lawrence, Publication 145, Sailing Directions (Enroute), 2000 D 5.317/3:145/2000

In stacks


Operational Medicine 2001: Health Care in Military Settings, (CD-ROM) D 206.24:H 34



Peace Operations, CD-ROM, Version 3, June 1997 D 214.34:P 31/CD

Contains full text versions of doctrinal publications, joint policies, Joint Tactics Techniques and Procedures (JTTP), Lessons Learned, After Action Reports, Training publications, and books, articles, and papers on Peace Operations.


Project Ranch Hand 2, U.S. Air Force Health Study, 1985 Followup, Cycle 2, (CD-ROM) D 301.118:R 15/CYCLE 2/CD

1985 Morbidity report -- 1985 Morbidity data -- 1987 Serum dioxin analysis report -- 1987 Serum dioxin analysis data -- 1991 Reproductive outcomes report -- 1991 Reproductive outcomes data -- 1984,1985, 1986 Mortality reports -- 1982 study protocol. Information on concerns of Vietnam War veterans about the consequences of exposure to Agent Orange.


Project Ranch Hand II, U.S. Air Force Health Study, 1987 Followup, Cycle 3, (CD-ROM) D 301.118:R 15/CYCLE 3/CD
Project Ranch Hand II, U.S. Air Force Health Study, 1992 Followup, Cycle 4, (CD-ROM) D 301.118:R 15/CYCLE 4/CD
Project Ranch Hand II, U.S. Air Force Health Study, 1997 Followup, Cycle 5, (CD-ROM) D 301.118:R 15/CYCLE 5/CD

Information on concerns of Vietnam War veterans about the consequences of exposure to Agent Orange. Reports and data (SAS and ASCII) format.


Publications of the Joint History Office D 5.22:P96/CD

Disc 1: The Chairmanship of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, 1949-1999. Disc 2: The Development of the Base Force, 1989-1992; The History of the Unified Command Plan, 1946-1993; The Joint Chiefs of Staff and National Policy; Operation Just Cause; Operation Urgent Fury; So Many, So Much, So Far, So Fast; The Joint Contact Team Program.


RA Features & Benefits, Version …, (CD-ROM) D 101.129/6:B 43/2/yr/CD

Promotional video clips for Army recruiting activities.


RWS Electronic Reference Guide, Ver 1.200.00, IBM-380XD, Telos-Metrobook, etc., August 1998, (CD-ROM) D 101.129/6:R 25/CD


RWS Recovery CD, Ver 2.13.00, IBM-380XD, etc., December 1998, (CD-ROM) D 101.129/6:R 24/CD


Sailing Directions (Enroute) Baltic Sea (Southern Part), Pub. 194, 2002, (CD-ROM)
D 5.317/3:194/2002/CD


Sailing Directions (Enroute) Coasts of Korea and China, 2003, Pub 157, (CD-ROM) D 5.317/3:157/2003/CD


Sailing Directions (Enroute), India and the Bay of Bengal, National Imagery and Mapping Agency, Pub. 173, 2000, (CD-ROM) D 5.317/3:173/2000/CD

Contains pilot guides of India and Bay of Bengal.


Sailing Directions (Enroute), Pub. 158, Japan Vol. 1, 8th Edition, 2003, (CD-ROM) D 5.317/3:158/2003/CD


Sailing Directions (Enroute), Newfoundland, Labrador and Hudson Bay, etc., CDPUBSD146, 2002, (CD-ROM) D 5.317/3:146/2002/CD


Sailing Directions (Enroute) West Coast of South America, Pub 125, 2003, (CD-ROM) D 5.317/3:125/2003/CD

SB 38-101, May 1, 1997, (CD-ROM) D 101.15:38-101/997/CD

Spare/repair parts to end item applications.


ShipCLIP 3.4b (test) T-AE Ships, (CD-ROM) D 216.11:SH 6/T-AE no./CD


ShipCLIP 3.4b (test) T-AFS class, (CD-ROM) D 216.11:SH 6/T-AFS no./CD/TEST


ShipCLIP 3.4b (test) T-AO class, (CD-ROM) D 216.11:SH 6/T-AO no./CD/TEST


ShipCLIP 3.4b (test) T-ATF ships,October 1996, (CD-ROM) D 216.11:SH 6/T-ATF/CD/TEST


ShipCLIP 3.4c, CD-ROM Databases, June 8, 1998, (PACKAGE), (CD-ROM) D 216.11:SH 6/PACK./998/CD


Special Options, Version ..., (CD-ROM) D 101.129/6:OP 7/yr/CD

Promotional video clips for Army recruiting activities.


Standard Characteristics for Transportability of Military Vehicles, TB-55-46-1, (CD-ROM) D 101.25:55-46-1/yr/CD

TB 55-46-1 

STEAM, Shipboard Training Education Advancement Morale: demo disk : international training, 1999, (CD-ROM) D 201.40:T 68/2/DEMO/CD

Demonstration of available training through the Naval Education and Training Security Assistance Field Activity.


Summary of Corrections, Vol. 2, 2003 Edition, (CD-ROM)


Technical Manual Set, Comprehensive Engine Management System, June 15, 2000, (CD-ROM) D 301.118:EN 3/2000/CD

TO 00-25-254-1 (change 3) and TO 00-25-254-2 (change 1)


Technical Manual Set Methods & Procedures TOs, April 1, 2001, (CD-ROM) D 301.118:M 56/CD

TO 00-CD-1. Air Force TO System Information website has further information.


The Military Intelligence Story, A Photographic History, etc., February 1998, (CD-ROM) D 101.2:IN 8/12/998/CD

Uses the medium of photography to trace the beginning of various intelligence disciplines. Shows the major transformations undergone by the Army's intelligence components in the 1970s. Includes an overview of modern military intelligence in the 1980s and 1990s.


The Revolution in Military Logistics, 1999, (CD-ROM) D 101.129/6:L 82/CD


The United States Army and the Korean War, United States Army Center of Military History, Vol. 1-4, September 2000, (CD-ROM) D 114.21:K 84/V.1-4/CD

Publications on CD-ROM and NOT on website: The Medics' War, by Albert E. Cowdrey; Military Advisors in Korea: KMAG in Peace and War by Robert K. Sawyer, Black Soldier/White Army: The 24th Infantry Regiment in Korea by William T. Bowers, William M. Hammond, and George L. MacGarrigle; U.S. Army Mobilization and Logistics in the Korean War by Terrence J. Gough; Pictorials of Korea, 1950 and Korea, 1951-1953 by John Miller, j.r., Owen J. Carroll, and Margaret E. Tackley.


The United States Army in World War 1, Center of Military History, Vol. 1-3, April 2001, (CD-ROM) D 114.21:W 19/V.1-3/CD/

Version 1, 2. This three disc CD-ROM brings together for the first time all of the Center's existing work on World War I, to include an overview essay, Learning Lessons in the American Expeditionary Forces (Disc 1); the 18-volume documentary collection of selected AEF records of the United States Army in the World War, 1917-1919 (numbered 1-17, with Volume 10 divided into two separate parts), (Discs 1 and 2); the five-volume Order of Battle of the United States Land Forces in the World War (numbered 1-3, with Volume 3 divided into three separate parts), (Disc 3); American Armies and Battlefields in Europe (Disc 3); and World War I print set (Disc 3).


The United States Army And World War II, Disc 1-4, Set 1 of 7, (CD-ROM) D 114.21:W 19/2/V.1-4/SET.1/CD

Disc 1. The supreme command ; Logistical support of the armies, v. 1, May 1941-September 1944 ; Logistical support of the armies, v. 2, September 1944-May 1945 ; Cross-channel attack; Breakout and pursuit -- Disc 2. The Lorraine campaign ; The Siegfried Line campaign ; The Ardennes : Battle of the Bulge ; Riviera to the Rhine -- Disc 3. The last offensive ; The Persian corridor and aid to Russia ; Northwest Africa : seizing the initiative in the west -- Disc. 4. Sicily and the surrender of Italy ; Salerno to Cassino ; Cassino to the Alps. Selected publications also on CMH website.


The United States Army and World War II, Vol. 1-4, Set 2 of 7, August 2002, (CD-ROM) D 114.21:W 19/2/V.1-4/SET.2/CD

Some publications also on CMH site. Note: more publications on CD-ROMs than listed on CMH site.


TMDE Technical Data Catalog (Including TB 43-180, Calibration and Repair Requirements for the Maintenance of Army Materiel), Distribution A: etc., May 1, 1998, (CD-ROM) D 101.11:43-TMDE/CD

Department of the Army technical manual ; TM 43-TMDE


Training Opportunities, Version …, (CD-ROM) D 101.129/6:T 68/yr/CD

Video files about training opportunities offered at the U.S. Army Recruiting Command.


Unclassified DoD Issuances on CD-ROM, (CD-ROM) D 1.95/3:997-1

Directives, instructions, publications, and directive-like memoranda issued by the Dept. of Defense.


Understanding Cultural Landmines in the Balkans, How the Land and Its History Have Kept a People at War, October 2001, (CD-ROM) D 101.129/6:B 19/CD

MS Word format. U.S. Army Research Institute for the Behavioral and Social Sciences. Includes geographic, cultural and historic insight into inter-ethnic conflicts in the Balkan Peninsula, history tour of the reion from prehistorical times with an emphasis on post-World War II developments, and a complete account of UN and NATO conflict resolution efforts (1992-2001).. Information is designed for current peace keepers. Includes bibliography.


United States Army Materiel Command, AMC CD-ROM Publications D 101.129:995

Dec. 1995


United States Naval Aviation, 1910-1995, 1997, (CD-ROM) D 221.18:AV 5/CD

A general background on naval aviation history, highlights significant events and developments that shaped naval aviation from its birth in 1911; covers all aspects of naval aviation, including operational activities, technical developments and administrative changes. "Also includes the Dictionary of American naval aviation squadrons-volume 1; Naval aviation combat statistics-World War II and U.S. Naval aviation in the Pacific." Main titles on Internet but other publications only on CD-ROM.


USAR Features and Benefits, Version …, (CD-ROM) D 101.129/6:B 43/yr/CD

Contains audio video files about features and benefits at the U.S. Army Recruiting Command.


USAREC Electronic Library, June 15, 2001, (CD-ROM) D 101.129/6:L 61/CD

US Army Recruiters electronic publications and forms and TRADOC Pam 600-4


Vector Map Level O, (VMAPO), EURNASIA, (CD-ROM) D 5.358:VMAP O EURNASIA/yr
Vector Map Level O, (VMAPO), NOAMER,(CD-ROM) D 5.358:VMAP O NOAMER/yr
Vector Map Level O, (VMAPO), SASAUS, (CD-ROM) D 5.358:VMAP O SASAUS/yr
Vector Map Level O, (VMAPO), SOAMAFR, (CD-ROM) D 5.358:VMAP O SOAMAFR/yr

Vector map (VMap) level 0 is an updated version of NIMA's Digital chart of the world; and provides worldwide coverage of vector-based geospatial data at 1:1,000,000 on CD-ROMS. Primary source for the database is the Operational navigation charts series co-produced by the military mapping authorities of Australia, Canada, U.K., and U.S. Coverage is divided into 4 disc libraries based on NIMA numbered geographic areas. Requires VPFView 2.1 software from NIMA. Includes metadata.


West Coast of Europe and Northwest Africa, Publication 143, Sailing Directions (Enroute), 2000 D 5.317/3:143/2000

In stacks


Western Mediterranean, Publication 131, Sailing Directions (Enroute), 2000 D 5.317/3:131/2000

In stacks


Women in the U.S. Armed Forces, etc., First Edition, September 1998, (CD-ROM) D 1.95:W 84/CD

450 images from the Defense Visual Information Center (DVIC) in multiple resolutions including high-resolution JPEG. All images cleared for public release and approved for unrestricted use and publication.

World War II Inter-Allied Conferences, 2003, (CD-ROM) D 5.22:C 76/CD

Minutes of conferences between Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston S. Churcill during World War II on allied grand strategy.