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CD-ROM, DVD, Video List - United States Congress


1994 Green Book, Overview of Entitlement Programs, Committee on Ways and Means, U.S. House of Representatives Y 4.W 36:10-7/994

1994 only. Also available in print and Internet.


A Predictable, Secure Pension for Life, Defined Benefit Pensions (CD-ROM) Y 3.P 38/2:13/SE 2/CD


Additional Documents Relating to the Committee's Hearing on the Proposed Tobacco Settlement, November 13 1997 Y 4.C 73/8:T 55/CD/PACK/

44 CD-ROMs


Appropriations, Budget Estimates, etc., v.1 Appropriations acts; account, recapitulation, supporting tables; v. 2 Acts authorizing or containing appropriations, (CD-ROM) Y 1.1/3:

104th Congress, first session - 105th Congress, first session. Other copies in print or on GPO Access web site.


Final Report of NRC AP600 Research Conducted at Oregon State University, NUREG/CR-6641, August 1999, (CD-ROM) Y 3.N 88:61/R 29/CD


Final Report on Electric Clothes Dryers and Lint Ignition Characteristics, Main Report & Appendices, May 2003, (CD-ROM) Y 3.C 76/3:29/C 62/CD


Index to Documents Relating to the Committee's Heating on the Proposed Tobacco Settlement, November 1997 Y 4.C 73/8:105-P/CD


Journal of the U.S. House of Representatives, (CD_ROM) XJH:congress-session

101 Congress-. Earlier volumes available in print.


Nuclear Regulatory Legislation 105th Congress, NUREG-09980, Volume 1 and 2, No. 5, NUREG-0980, December 1999, (CD-ROM) Y 3.N 88:61/L 52/CD


OTA Legacy, 1972-1995, Vols. 1-5 Y 3.T 22/2:2 L 52/V.1-5/CD

The Congressional Office of Technology Assessment closed on September 29, 1995. During its 23-year history, OTA provided Congressional members and committees with objective and authoritative analysis of the complex scientific and technical issues of the late 20th century. This is a complete set of OTA publications.


Reexamination of Spent Fuel Shipment Risk Estimates, Main Report Appendices, etc., NUREG/CR-6672, Vols. 1, 2, March 2000, (CD-ROM) Y 3.N 88:61/F 95/CD

Title Rate Case Opinions and Recommended Decisions, Postal Rate Commission, (CD-ROM) Y 3.P84/4: 9/R71-R2000-1/CDx

Each case includes opinion and recommended decision, technical appendices, errata and reconsiderations. No index.


The Ethics CD-ROM, A Collection of Federal Executive branch ethics laws, executive orders, regulations, advisory opinions, and program administration aids Y 3.ET 3:16/yr

1994- A multimedia searchable collection of Federal executive branch ethics laws, executive rders, regulations, advisory opinions, policy memoranda (DAEOgrams), Federal Register notices, and ethics program administration aids. It includes the Office of Government Ethics' (OGE) publications: A Brief Wrap on Ethics, Take the High Road, Do It Right, the public and confidential financial disclosure review guides, OGE pamphlets and most OGE software. This CD-ROM previews sample video clips from each of the OGE ethics videos: "Ethics Inquiry"; "The Battle for Avery Mann"; "The Revolving Door"; "The Ethical Choice: Ethics for Special Government Employees"; "Public Financial Disclosure: A Closer Look"; "Integrity in Public Service: Earning the Public's Trust"; and "Guide to the Standards of Ethical Conduct for Employees of the Executive Branch."


The Future of Social Security for this Generation and the Next, 105th Congress, (CD-ROM) Y 4.W 36:F 98

A compilation of Ways and Means Committee hearings and other documents relating to social security reform.


Trust and Terror, New Demands for Crisis Information Dissemination and Management, etc., December 2002, (CD-ROM) Y 3.L 61:15/T 76/CD

This CD-ROM, narrated by Walter Cronkite, describes the proposal of NCLIS to expand the role of libraries as an essential component of U.S. crisis information dissemination and management.


U.S. Congressional Record X.99/1:131/CD1-2

Earlier volumes available in print.


U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission Administrative Law Judge and Commission Decisions from… (CD-ROM) Y 3.OC 1:10-2/yr-



United States Code Containing The General and Permanent Laws of The United States, in Force on January 23, 2000, (PACKAGE), (CD-ROM) Y 1.2/5-2:2000/PACK