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CD-ROM, DVD, Video List - Subject - Agriculture


CD-ROMs and DVDs may be used in the department and may be available for checking out. Arrangements for viewing videos can be made.

  • 1987 Census of Agriculture Software for CD-ROM, (FLOPPY)C 3.277:Ag 8/987/floppy 
    Software for C 3.277:Ag 8/987/CD/v.1 
  • 1987 Census of Agriculture, State Data File, County Data File, Volume 1 (CD-ROM), revisedC 3.277:Ag 8/987/CD/v.1/rev.2
    Documentation: C 3.277:Ag 8/987/doc.; C 3.277:Ag 8/987/doc./note 1 
  • 1997 Census of Agriculture, Volume 1, Geographic Area Series, (CD-ROM) 
    A 92.53/56:997 
  • 1997 Census of Agriculture, Volume 2, Subject series (CD-ROM) 
    A 92.54:997/v.2 
    Zip Code and Congressional District tabulations with ranking of states and counties and 
    congresisonal districts. Includes CD Answer software and datafiles. 
  • Agricultural Statistics 
    A 1.47/2:yr 
    1994-present. Latest CD-ROM contains all earlier editions also (PDF format). 
  • Agriculture Speciality Publications and 1987 Public Use Files (CD-ROM) 
    C 3.277:Ag 8/987/CD/SPEC./yr 
  • Export Certification Manual, Revision March 1, 1999, (CD-ROM) 
    A 101.32:EX 7/CD 
    A reference to be used by federal officials when inspecting and certifying plants and plant products 
    offered for export and when issuing export certificates. 
  • The State of the World's Plant Genetic Resources For Food and Agriculture, L'Etat DesRessources Phytogenetiques Pour L'Alimentation ET L'Agriculture Dans Le Monde, EL 
    A 1.142:P 69/ENG./FR./SPAN./CD 
    Includes the FAO report on the state of the world's plant and genetic resources, the Global Plan ofAction adopted in June 1996, 158 country reports and 15 regional reports, report of theInternational Technical Conference and of 11 preparatory meetings, an introduction to the FAOGlobal System for plant genetic resources, and background documents. Text in English, Spanishand French. Related website.