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University Libraries - Maps Collection


Unit conversion tools:

WWW Unit Converter  This free unit converter has a large number of units and unit types from which to choose.

Unit Conversion  This site offers a wide range of conversion options as well as an interactive “all at once” conversion table.

Convert-me.Com  This large collection of conversion charts has the capability to make 78,764 different conversions.


Geographic Translator   GEOTRANS is an application from the Geospatial Intelligence Agency for the conversion of points from one coordinate system to another.  The program can convert points singularly or as a batch.

Batch Geocoder  This simple tool quickly converts a group of addresses into a set of points.

Geographic Tips and Tools  This page from the Australian Government’s Department of the Environment and Water Resources hosts several coordinate conversion tools.

 Latitude- Longitude This page allows you to find the exact lat-long coordinates for millions of locations.

Geographic Information Systems software:

Geographic Explorer  This Windows Explorer extension adds the capability to quickly find and view map files from the Explorer interface.

Shape2Earth  This plugin for MapWindow GIS allows users to export ESRI Shapefiles (.shp) into the Google Earth format (.kml).

MapWindow GIS  This open source application has many GIS functions and supports many plugins to customize available functions.

ArcGIS Explorer  ESRI’s free program ArcGIS Explorer allows users to explore geographic data and answer questions with analytical tools.

 GEO Community This website provides information for users with interest in GIS, CAD, GPS, and Mapping.

Download Census 2000 ESRI free download for Census data from 2000 very useful for many ArcGIS processes.

Image editing software:

GNU Image Mapping Program  This open source image editing program includes many features that cartographers should find useful.