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The Road to Revolution: Colonial and Revolutionary Era Documents

This is an introduction to the vast holdings in the collection pertaining to the colonial and revolutionary period. This is not a complete listing, but it is hoped it will aid the researcher in locating useful materials. Please feel free to ask our staff for assistance.

Other pertinent materials can be found in other Thomas Cooper Library Departments and in the South Caroliniana Archives. Please use USCAN to search for these additional materials if needed.

American documents

  • Cornerstones of American democracy (E173.U42 1995)
  • Signers of the Declaration (I 29.2:H62/9/v18)
  • Signers of the Constitution (I 29.2:H62/9/v19)

      {note: the Above contain Facsimiles}

  • Revolutionary America 1763-1789: A Bibliography (LC 1.12/2:R32/4/763-789)
  • Engineers of Independence: A Documentary History of the Army Engineers in the American Revolution 1775-1787(by Paul K. Walker)(D103.43:870-1-6)
  • From Farming Village to Log Hut City: Morristown during the American Revolution 1779-1780 (I29:F22/2/PACK)
  • Morristown: A Military Capital of the American Revolution (I29.2:H62/9/v18/975)
  • Religion and the Founding of the American Republic (by James H. Hutson) (LC1.2:1227)

Diaries and Papers

  • Papers of Aaron Burr: 1756- 1836
  • Papers of Josiah Bartlett: 1729-1755
  • Papers of Thomas Burke: 1747- 1783
  • Papers of Charles Carrol: 1737-1832
  • Horatio Gates Papers
  • Papers of Nathaniel Greene: 1776-1780
  • Hammond Naval Papers: 1766-1825
  • Thomas Jefferson Papers of the University of Virginia
  • Lee Family Papers
  • Papers of James Monroe in Virginia Repositories
  • Papers of Charles Wilson Peale and His Family
  • Papers of Benjamin Lincoln Pemberton
  • Papers of Artemis Ward: 1641-1775
  • Pre- Revolutionary Diaries: 1635-1774
  • Letters of Delegates to Congress 1774-1789
  • Letters From  A Distinguished American {note: John Adams}


  • American Weekly Mercury (Philadelphia): 1719- 1746
  • Boston Chronicle and Massachusetts Spy/ The Censor: 1767-1778
  • Boston Evening Post: 1735-1775 and 1781-1784
  • Boston Gazette: 1719-1798
  • Boston Newsletter: 1704-1775
  • Boston Post Boy: 1735-1775
  • Connecticut Gazette (New London): 1763-?
  • Connecticut Journal (New Haven): 1767-?
  • Constitutional Gazette: 1775-1776
  • Continental Journal (Boston): 1776-1787
  • Essex Journal (Newburyport, Ma.): 1773-77 and 1784-94
  • Freeman’s Journal: 1776-1778
  • Georgia Gazette: 1763-1770
  • Independent Chronicle (Boston): 1776-1820
  • Independent Ledger (Boston): 1778-1786
  • Independent Reflector (New York City): 1752-1753
  • New England Chronicle (Boston): 1776
  • New England Courant (Boston): 1721-27
  • New England Weekly Journal (Boston): 1727-1741
  • New Hampshire gazette (Portsmouth, NH): 1756-1820
  • New Jersey Gazette (Burlington/ Trenton): 1777-1786
  • New London Sunday: 1758-1763 New York Chronicle: 1775-1776(see also: N.Y. Weekly Chronicle)
  • New York Evening Post: 17744-1753 and 1794-1795
  • New York Gazette [Weyman’s]: 1759-1767
  • New York Gazette and Weekly Mercury: 1768-1783
  • New York Journal and General Advertiser: 1766-1776
  • New York Mercury: 1752-1768 New York Weekly Chronicle: 1795
  • New York weekly Journal: 1733-1751
  • Norwich Packet: 1773-?
  • Pennsylvania Chronicle (Philadelphia): 1767-1774
  • Pennsylvania Evening Post (Philadelphia): 1775-1784
  • Philadelphia Gazette: 1728-1802
  • Providence Gazette: 1762-1825
  • Rhode- Island Gazette: 1732-1733
  • Rivington’s New York Gazette and Royal Gazette: 1773-1783
  • Weekly Rehearsal (Boston): 1731-1735

British Documents and Newspapers

  • American Material from the Tarelton Papers in the Liverpool Record Office
  • British Public Record Office, Colonial Office, Class 5 Files
  • English Defenders of American Freedoms 1774-1778:six pamplets attacking british policy (compiled by Paul H. Smith)
  • Papers relating to the English Colonies in America and the West Indies 1627-1699 in the British Museum

British Newspapers

  • Annual Register: 1558-1820
  • Craftsman; or Sey's Weekly Journal: 1771-1776
  • General Evening Post (London): 1770/1777-1780/1783-89/1791-1800
  • Lloyd's Evening Post and British Chronicle: 1759-1761/1767/1773/1775-76/1779-1780
  • London Chronicle: 1765-1800
  • London Evening Post: 1727-1797
  • London Gazette: 1700-1788
  • London Journal: 1730-34
  • Middlesex Journal and Evening Advertiser: Jan.-Sept. 1776
  • Morning Chronicle and London Advertiser: 1772-1776
  • Public Advertiser: 1763-1793

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Guides to Microforms

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  • CD 3027.m5 u51982: National Archives Microfilms Publications (note: our collection contains selected items from “Records of the Continental Congress and Constitutional Convention” only)
  • CD 3029.S.H3 H37: Guide to the Microfilm Collection of the Robert Goodloe Harper Family Papers
  • CD 3474.A54: Pennsylvania Historical Society and Museum Commission Guide to the Microfilm Records of the Provincial Council 1682-1776
  • CT275.L45 M33 1967: Guide to the Microfilm Edition of the Benjamin Lincoln Papers
  • DA512C43 L37 1986 The Letter Books of Richard Champion 1760-1775
  • E188.G87: Guide to the Microfilm Edition of Pre-Revolutionary Diaries 1635-1774
  • E191.B56 1989: William Blathwayt Papers at Colonial Williamsburg 1631-1722
  • E203.M37 Catalog Guide to the Microfilm Edition of the Warren Adams Papers 1767-1822
  • E207.G9 P37 1989 Pt.I: Guide to the Scholarly Resources Microfilm Edition of the Papers of General Nathaniel Greene Part I: 1766-1780
  • E208.D62: Documents Relating to the American Revolution 1775-1783
  • E263.M4.p77: PROVINCE IN REBELLION: A Documentary History of the Founding of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts
  • F152.2P4 W34 1968: Guide to the Microfilm Edition of the Thomas Penn Papers
  • HD9510.G73.P36: The Papers of Graffin Prankard (Dickinson Papers) 1712-1757
  • HF3025.B38: Guide to the Microfilm Edition of the Bayton, Wharton and Morgan Papers
  • JV1016.G84: Guide to the British Public Record Office, Colonial Office, Class 5 Files
  • Z881.U5 1992J: Catalog of the Library of Thomas Jefferson
  • Z1236.L5 1971: The Microbook Library of American Civilization
  • Z1236.M54 1978: Pamphlets in American History: A Preliminary Short Title List (note: microfilms not in U.S.C. collection-may be obtained through I.L.L.)
  • Z6616.B322: Guide to the Microfilm Edition of the Bartlett Papers
  • Z6616.B914 U36: Guide to the Microfilm Edition of the Thomas Burke Papers
  • Z6616.B916: Papers of Aaron Burr176-1836
  • Z6616.C326 C54 1972 Guide to the Microfilm Edition of the Charles Carroll Papers
  • Z6616.J4 U5 176: Index to the Thomas Jefferson Papers on the U.S. Library of Congress Manuscript Division
  • Z6616.J4V55 1977: Guide to the Microfilm Edition of the Thomas Jefferson Papers of the University of Virginia
  • Z6616.M66 C84: James Monroe Papers in Virginia Repositories
  • Z6616.P52 A4: Guide to the Microfilm Edition of the Timothy Pickering Papers
  • Z6616.P377: Collected Papers of Charles Wilson Peale and His Family
  • Z6616.S6948 V66 1984:Papers of General Friedrich Wilhelm Von Steuben 1777-1794 Guide and Index
  • Z6616.W28 A46: Guide to the Microfilm Edition of the Artemis Ward Papers
  • Z6621.M815 1975: Morristown Manuscript Collection
  • Z6951.H65: American Periodicals 1741-1900: An Index to the Microfilm Collections
  • Z6956.G6 C68 1983B: Early English Newspapers Bibliography and Guide to the Microfilm Collection
  • Z6956.G6 U544980: A Guide to the Early British Periodicals Collection on Microfilm
  • Z8540.U33: Index to the James Madison Papers
  • Z587.8.U5: Index to the James Monroe Papers
  • Z8959.U64: Index to the George Washington Papers