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Climate Information and Data Sources



Current Sources

Climate Diagnostics Bulletin. C55.194:94/ - C55.194:2000/. Microfiche. 
1994-Present. This chart-based, technical source contains tables of atmospheric and oceanic indices by time series, time longitudinal sections, and mean and anomaly fields. A Forecast Forum and extra topics are also included.

Climatological Data __(state)__. C55.214/2 - C55.214/47. (Also an Annual Summary.) Microfiche, 1981-1995. 
Note: South Carolina data is also in print, in Docs Reference, C55.214/38:1898-1998.
Now available online at Note: Password protected, must be accessed through Government Documents in Thomas Cooper Library.
1981-Present, 1898-Present for South Carolina only. This source contains each state's temperature and precipitation extremes, monthly summarized stational and divisional data (temperature and precipitation), daily precipitation inches, daily temperatures, soil temperatures, evaporation and wind, a station index, and notes.

Daily Weather Maps: Weekly Series. C55.195:986 - C55.195:2000. Note: Previous call number was C55.213:975 - C55.213:985. In Print in Documents. 
1975-Present.This source contains surface weather maps, 500 millibar height contours charts, highest and lowest temperature charts, and precipitation areas and amounts charts.

Now available online at Note: Password protected, must be accessed through Government Documents in Thomas Cooper Library.
1981-Present. This source contains daily precipitation totals, hourly precipitation, and monthly precipitation maxima by station, as well as notes and a station index.

Monthly Climatic Data for the World. C55.211: January 1987 - March 1999 on Microfiche.
1987-Present. This source contains Surface Data and Upper Air data tables from stations in countries throughout the world. Available online at Note: Password protected, must be accessed through Government Documents in Thomas Cooper Library.

National Climatic Data Center, Periodical Publications. C55.287/63:998. January - September, 1998 (continuing). CD-ROM.
1998 onward. These CDs include Climatological Data, Hourly Precipitation, Monthly Climatic Data, Storm Data, and Local Climatological Data for 3 month periods.

Weekly Weather and Crop Bulletin. C55.209:65 - C55.209:87. Volumes 65-87 (1978-present) in Print in Documents. Note: available at

1978-Present. This source contains crop moisture maps, a drought monitor, weather data for delta and temperature departure maps, extreme maximum temperature, U.S. crops production highlights, growing degree day maps, national weather for selected cities, a national agriculture summary, crop progress and condition tables, state agriculture summaries, an international weather and crop summary, and the previous month's temperature and precipitation maps.

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Retrospective Sources

Climate Atlas of the Contiguous United States C 55.281/2-2:C 61/CD CD-ROM 
This CD-ROM contains the new Climate Atlas of the Contiguous United States.  It replaces a popular paper Atlas last published in 1968.  The new CD Atlas contains 737 color maps of climatic elements such as temperature, precipitation, snow, wind, pressure, etc., chosen to portray the climate of the contiguous US.  The period of record of the data for most of the maps is 1961-1990. The CD includes all data used to produce the maps as well. Access to maps and data is also available at Climate Maps of the U.S. A password is required and can be obtained in the Documents/Microforms department.

U.S. Hourly Precipitation Data. Vol. 1 1900-1995 and Vol. 2 1990-June 1998. C55.216/45.900-98/v. 1-2. CD-ROM. 
This CD is a compilation of hourly precipitation data from 1900-1998.

Global Daily Summary, Temperature and Precipitation, 1977-1991. C55.281/2:977-991. CD-ROM. 
Summary data from 1977-1991.

The Climate Bulletin. C55.129/2:1988 - C55.129/2:1997. Note: Formerly Weekly Climate Bulletin. In Print in Documents. Discontinued after October 1997.
 This source contains highlights of major climatic events and anomalies, U.S. climatic conditions for previous most recent month, global monthly temperature and precipitation anomalies, global and 3 and 12 month temperature and precipitation anomalies, and special climate summaries/explanations.

Monthly and Seasonal Weather Outlook. C55.109:969 - C55.109:994. Note: Called Average Monthly Weather Outlook from 1969-1982. In Print in Documents.
This source contains tables of temperature and precipitation for the current month and the next 3 months (90 day outlook), observed temperature and precipitation for the mid-month before the current month (one year earlier), tables of N. American and Eurasian Normal and Class limits, and tables of U.S. Seasonal Normal and Class Limits for the next 3 months.

___(State)___ Monthly Local Climatological Data. C55.286/6 - C55.286/6-53. 1983 to 1994 on Microfiche. 
1983-1994. This source contains observations at 3 hour intervals, and hourly precipitation (water equivalent in inches) at different stations.

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Climate and Weather on the WWW

The National Weather Service is the source for "United States Official Weather Forecast Products and Observations." There are links to warnings, conditions, maps, storm predictions, marine weather and extended forecasts.

The National Climatic Data Center is the "World's Largest Archive of Weather Data". There are sections with national, regional and state information. Access to some publications may require a password from the Documents department.

The Climate Diagnostics Center has resources for identifying the nature and causes for climate variations using time scales.

The U.S. Interactive Climate Pages from the Climate Diagnostics Center contain point-and-click information for individual cities and climate maps. by the National Weather Service has a clickable map of the United States with links to hourly reports, state, zone, and short-term forecasts, weather summaries, public information, climatic data, hydro products, aviation products, watches, special weather, warnings and advisements.

Six Regional Climate Centers throughout the U.S. provide regional climate information. The Southeast Regional Climate Center provides regional current and historical climate and weather station data, current weather conditions and climate maps (1961-1990).

NASA's NASA's Earth Observatory has links to information on the Atmosphere, Oceans, Land, Energy, Life, Heat and Energy, and Remote Sensing.

Prepared by Shaunna Hunter.