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A I C I I  H I  I  I N I P

19th Century American Drama - Microform Cabinet 121

19th Century English Drama - Microform Cabinet 121

Adams Family Papers
 - Microform Cabinet 55

608 reels. Contains papers, public and private, of Presidents John Adams (1735-1826) and John Quincy Adams (1767-1848) and Charles Francis Adams (1807-1886), together with the papers of their wives and children.

Finding aid located at: Micro Z6621.M4 A5, pts. 1-4

American Periodical Series - Microform Cabinet 64-65

Consists of three separate series:
APS I - American Periodicals, 18th Century (88 periodicals on 33 reels), 1741-1800
APS II - American Periodicals, 1800-1850 (923 periodicals on 1,966 reels)
APS III - American Periodicals, 1850-1900 - TCL does not own but holds many of the titles in the set.

Finding aids include: American Periodicals 1741-1900: An Index to the Microfilm Collections (Micro Z6951 .H65). Includes indexes by Title, Subject, Editor, and Reel Number Index. Individual titles are identified in the department's Microforms Catalog.

Titles are listed in the library catalog. If you know the title search the full title. For a list of titles in each series, do a title search "american periodical series 18th century" for APS I. For APS II search by title "american periodical series 1800-1850". To identify the appropriate reels, select the long view "LON" in the library catalog and see the series note.

Armed Forces Oral History of Korean War see Korean War Studies and After-Action Reports

College Catalog Collection
 - Microform Cabinet 119

Collection of Course Catalogs from all accredited institutions across the United States. Includes the years 1984/85 through 1996/97. Guides are available in Microform Reference Section. After 1996/97 see College Source/Career Guidance Foundation resource available on Electronic Resources page

CRS Reports see Major Studies and Issue Briefs of the Congressional Research Service (CRS)

June 1855 - September 1979

Early American Newspapers - Microform Cabinet 2

376 titles on 407 reels of microfilm. Collection spans Colonial period (1700) through Early Republic (1820).
Collection is arranged by state, by city/town within a state, and alpha by newspaper title within town. Some papers' names changed frequently.
Titles are listed in the library catalog. For complete list do title search "early american newspapers".

Early British Books - Microform Cabinet 72

Early English Books (EEB) is comprised of two series:

1. 1475-1640 (Pollard and Redgrave Short Title Catalogue) 1,979 reels in 61 units -
Microfilm Cabinets 47-48 Collection is not analyzed in the library catalog. For individual items in the collection consult Microforms Card Catalog located in department.

Bibliography: A Short-Title Catalogue of Books Printed in England, Scotland, & Ireland And of English Books Printed Abroad 1475-1640. Compiled by A.W. Redgrave & G.R. Redgrave. 1969.
Micro Z2002 .P77 1969 Volume is annotated with reel numbers of microfilm set.

A Short-Title Catalogue of Books Printed in England, Scotland, Ireland and of English Books Printed Abroad 1475-1640. First compiled by A.W. Pollard & G.R. Redgrave.
Micro Z2002 .P77 1976 v. 1-2.

Indexes and Guides:
Early English Books, 1475-1640, Units 31-52, Reels 1126-1782
Micro Z2002 .E27 1475 Units 31-52
Early English Books, 1475-1640, Units 52-62, Reels 1783-1979
Micro Z2002 .E27 1479 Units 52-61
Early English Books, 1475-1640, Cross Index to Reels 1-1979
Micro Z2002 .E27 1474 Index 1-1979

2. 1641-1700 (Wing Short Title Catalogue) 2,647 reels in 112 units - Microfilm Cabinets 50-52
Most of the materials in the Wing series is analyzed in the library catalog. To locate an item in the catalog search by author or title, select the "long view" (LON), and locate the series note. The series note will identify which collection the item is in, the reel number, and the items location on the reel.

Bibliography: Short-Title Catalogue of Books Printed in England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, and British America and of English Books Printed in Other Countries 1641-1700.
Compiled by Donald Wing.
Micro Z2002 .W55 1972 v. 1-3

Indexes and Guides:

Accessing Early English Books, 1641-1700. 4 volumes. Micro Z2002 .U586 1981 v. 1-4
Volume 1 - Author Index and Cross Index. Volume 2 - Title Index. Volume 3 - Subject Index.
Volume 4 - Reel/Position to Wing Number Index. Only covers Units 1-32.
Unit Guides:
Early English Books, 1641-1700, Units 33-57, Reels 996-1602
Micro Z2002 .E28 1641 Units 33-57
Early English Books, 1641-1700, Units 58-67, Reels 1603-1786
Micro Z2002 .E28 1641 Units 58-67
Cross Indexes:
Early English Books, 1641-1700 Cross Index to units 1-40, Reels 1-1220
Micro Z2002 .E28 1641 Index Units 1-40
Early English Books, 1641-1700 Cross Index to units 41-56, Reels 1221-1581
Micro Z2002 .E28 1641 Index Units 41-56
Early English Books, 1641-1700 Cross Index to units 57-96, Reels 1581-2360
Micro Z2002 .E28 1641 Index Units 57-96

Early British Periodicals - Microform Cabinets 21-22

902 reels. 160+ periodicals with coverage from the 17th through early 20th century.
Titles are located in the library catalog. Guide includes indexes by title, subject, editor, and reel number.

Guide: A Guide to the Early British Periodicals Collection on Microfilm. Micro Z6956.G6 U54 1980

Early English Newspapers - Microform Cabinets 23-24

1207 reels. Consists of numerous and rare series of newspapers from 1603 to 1818. Newspapers are arranged in three categories. 1) Long-run newspapers filmed on discrete reels identified by the newspaper's title. 2) Shorter-run newspapers of significance are grouped together on a specifically labels reel. 3) Miscellaneous titles or parts of titles are grouped on reels labeled "Miscellaneous A, etc."
Titles are analyzed in the library catalog. Search by title of newspaper, select record, select LON view, see series note for reel number.
Guide: Micro Z 6956.G6 C68 1983b - Includes "Title Listing" and "Unit Summary"

Early State Records - Microform Cabinets 60-61

Includes the 48 contiguous states on 1600 reels. Reels are divided by state, by Class, and chronologically.
Classes of Materials include: A-Legislative Records; B-Statutory Law; C-Constitutional Records; D-Administrative Records; E-Executive Records; F-Court Records; L-Local Records (County and City); M-Records of American Indian Nations; N-Newspapers; R-Rudimentary States and Courts; X-Miscellany; W-Items Known to Exit but not Filmed See Guide p. xiii-xxvii for detailed description of classes. Guides are arranged by class, reel numbers refer to reels in each state's collection. Guides includes Addendum and Errata. Supplemental Guide covers classes L through W.

Guide: A Guide to the Microfilm Collection of Early State Records Micro Z1223.5.A1 U47
Supplement: A Guide to the Microfilm Collection of Early State Records-Supplement
Micro Z1223.5.A1 U47 Suppl

English Literary Periodicals - Microform Cabinet 21

Consists of 341 titles (900+ reels) published in Great Britain during the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries. Mostly literary reviews or miscellanies but does include a wide variety of topics. Index provides access by title, subject, editor, and reel number. Titles are included in the library catalog.

Index: Accessing English Literary Periodicals Micro Z692.S5 U56 1981, 2 copies.

ERIC (Education Resources Information Clearinghouse) Documents - Microform Cabinets 183-198

Collection is complete from beginning.

Collection is indexed by the ERIC database. Some items are analyzed in the library catalog and have the call number beginning ED 1.310/2:

Journals (EJ) items indexed in ERIC are not part of this collection.

French Revolutionary Pamphlets - Microform Cabinets 83-85

Collection covers the period 1787-1800 and specifically covers the National Constituent Assembly. 16,479 cards and 1523 microfiche. Material includes items from the Talleyrand Collection of New York Public Library, Melvin Collection of the University of Kansas, the Library of Congress and other collections. Goal is to include all items in Martin and Walter's catalog.

Collection is analyzed in the library catalog. Microcards are read only. Microfiche can be read and copied.

Guides: New York Public Library. French Revolutionary Pamphlets: A Checklist of the Talleyrand and Other Collections. compiled by Horace E. Hayden. 1945
Paris. Bibliotheque Nationale. Department des Imprimes. Catalogue de l'Histoire de la Revolution Francaise; Ecrits de la Periode Revolutionnaire. compiled by Andre Martin and Gerard Walter. 1936-1955.
Saricks, Ambrose. A Bibliography of the Frank E. Melvine Collection of Pamphlets of the French Revolution in the University of Kansas Libraries. 1960
Thompson, Lawrence Sidney. A Bibliography of French Revolution Pamphlets on Microfiche. 1974

French Revolutionary Pamphlets on Microfiche - Microform Cabinet 128

Collection contains nearly 15,000 microfiche. Includes materials from the multiple collections including Library of Congress, New York Public Library's Talleyrand Collection, Melvin Collection of the University of Kansas.

Collection is not in the library catalog. Microfiche are filled by main entry until 1995 supplement. Items received after 1995 supplement are shelved by microfiche number.

Main guide to use is Martin & Walter bibliography.

See Documents and Microforms Department staff for assistance.

German Baroque Literature - Microform Cabinets 22 and 25

Consists of two collections Yale University (2363 titles/3087 volumes on 656 reels) and the Jantz Collection ( 3630 titles on 611 reels). German Baroque Literature usually includes writers born in the 1570's through the later 1690's. The Jantz Collection also includes 317 titles from the German Renaissance Period and 144 titles from the Post-Baroque Period.

Bibliographies and Guides: (Yale Collection) German Baroque Literature: A Catalogue of the Collections in the Yale Library Micro Z2232 .Y35 and a Bibliography-Index to the Microfilm Edition of the Yale University Library Collection of German Baroque Literature. Micro Z2232 .Y354

(Jantz Collection) German baroque Literature: A Descriptive Catalogue of the Collection of Harold Jantz and a Guide to the Collection on Microfilm Micro Z7040 .G77 v. 1-2
Provides access by Author Main Entry, Pseudonymous Main Entry, Titles Main Entry, plus indices for portraits, illustrators, and titles

History of Women - Microform Cabinet 44

Primary source materials through 1920 from major collections, including: Sophia Smith Collection at Smith College, the Schlesinger Library at Radcliffe College, the Jane Addams Hull House Library, Holden Collection of Medireview and Western European women, New York Public Library, Boston Public Library, and the Mcpherson Collection at Scripps College. Items on the film are arranged chronologically and divided into five sections: monographs (Reels 1-934), pamphlets (Reels 935-962), periodicals (Reels P1-P253, shelved separately), manuscripts (Reels 964-995), and selected photographs (Reel 963).
Indexes include: Main-entry Index, Periodicals Title List, Manuscript Listing, Subject/Added Entry Index, and Name Index to Photographs.
Collection is analyzed in the library catalog.
Guide: History of Women: guide to the microfilm collection. Micro Z7965 .H577 1983b

History of Women Periodicals - Microform Cabinet 44

136 titles on 253 reels of microfilm. Titles are listed in the library catalog, for a complete list do a title search - "History of Women Periodicals". List is also available on pages 345-352 of the guide: "History of Women"
Micro Z7965 .H577 1983b

Korean War Studies and After-Action Reports - Microform Cabinet 118

339 microfiche. Provides ground-level reports of military events of the Korean War. From the archives of the Center for Military History of the U.S. Army. Includes 150 documents.

Finding Aid: Micro DS918 .A53 1990, includes Bibliography, Indexes by Subject and Names, American Military Units, and a chronological list

Library of American Civilization (LAC)
 - Microform Cabinets 133-134

Consists of over 6.5 million pages of material relating to all aspects of American life and literature from the beginning to World War I. 12,474 ultra-fiche (87x reduction) contained in envelopes with full bibliographic information. Please ask for assistance at the Documents/Microforms Desk for instructions on reading and copying material. Use of the collection requires a special lense and a particular machine. The collection is analyzed in the library catalog.

Guides: The Microbook Library of American Civilization. 4 volumes. Volume 1-Author Catalog;
Volume 2-Title Catalog; Volume 3-Subject Catalog; Volume 4-Biblio-Guide Index.
Micro Z1236 .L5 1973

Maclure Collection of French Revolutionary Materials
 - Microform Cabinet 72

Collection held by the University of Pennsylvania. The McClure Collection has been bound into 1160 volumes. Microfilm collection consists of 371 reels.

Guide: The McClure Collection of French Revolutionary Materials. Micro Z2179 .P4
Guide consists of contents of each volume plus indexes to deputies, authors who were not deputies, and national committees and commissions through 1795.

Reel Index: The Maclure Collection of French Revolutionary Materials. Micro Z2179 .P42 1972
Identifies the contents of each microfilm reel to bound volumes of the collection. Also includes errata to the guide

Major Studies and Issue Briefs of the Congressional Research Service (CRS) - Microform Cabinet 2

Basic set covers 1916-1988 with annual supplements through 1999. The Congressional Research Service (CRS) is the U.S. Congress' research team located in the Library of Congress. These reports were done for and available only to the requesting congressional offices. The CRS collection consists of over 300 microfilm and is located in the Documents Reading Room

The collection is analyzed in the library catalog.

Guides: Major Studies and Issue Briefs of the Congressional Research Service: 1916-1989 Cumulative Index. 2 volumes. Index by Subjects & Names, Bibliography & Supplementary Indexes.
Micro Z733.U63 C653 1916/89 v. 1-2

Annual Supplements, 1988/1989-1991 through 1998/99. Micro JK1108 .G85

New York Review of Books
 - Microform Cabinet 118

vol. 1, no. 2 (September 1963) - current

Newspapers - see separate list.

Papers of the NAACP - Microform Cabinets 41-43

Guides to individual parts available at Micro E 185.5.N276 A6

Part 1 - 1909-1950: Meetings of the Board of Directors, Records of Annual Conferences, Major Speeches, and Special Reports. Supplement 1951-1955; Supplement 1956-1960; Supplement 1961-1965.
Part 2 - 1919-1939: Personal Correspondence of Selected NAACP Officials
Part 3 - The Campaign for Educational Equality
Series A: Legal Department and Central Office Records, 1913-1940
Series B: Legal Department and Central Office Records, 1940-1950
Series C: Legal Department and Central Office Records, 1951-1955
Series D: Central Office Records, 1956-1965
Part 4 - The Voting Rights Campaign, 1916-1950; supplement-Central Office Files, 1956-1965
Part 5 - The Campaign Against Residential Segregation, 1914-1955
supplement, General Office Files, 1956-1965
Part 6 - The Scottsboro Case, 1931-1950
Part 7 - The Anti-Lynching Campaign, 1912-1956
Series B: Anti-Lynching Legislation and Publicity Files, 1916-1953
Part 8 - Discrimination in the Criminal Justice System, 1910-1955
Series A: Legal Department and Central Office Records, 1910-1939
Series B: Legal Department and Central Office Records, 1940-1955
Part 9 - Discrimination in the U.S. Armed Forces, 1918-1955
Series A: General Office Files on Armed Forces' Affairs, 1918-1955
Series B: Armed Forces Legal Files, 1940-1950
Series C: The Veterans Affairs Committee, 1940-1950
Part 10 - Peonage, Labor, and the New Deal, 1913-1939
Part 11- Special Subject Files, 1912-1939
Series A: Africa through Garvey, Marcus
Series B: Harding, Warren G. through YWCA
Part 12 - Selected Branch Files, 1913-1939
Series A: The South
Series B: The Northeast
Series C: The Midwest
Series D: The West
Part 13 - NAACP and Labor, 1940-1955
Series A: Subject Files and Labor Conditions and Employment Discrimination, 1940-1955
Series B: Cooperation with Organized Labor, 1940-1955
Series C: Legal Department Files on Labor, 1940-1955
Supplement: The NAACP and Labor, 1956-1965
Part 14 - Race Relations in the International Arena, 1940-1955
Part 15 - Segregation and Discrimination, Complaints and Responses, 1940-1955
Series A: Legal Department Files
Series B: Administrative Files
Part 16 - Board of Directors, Correspondence and Committee Materials
Series A: 1919-1939
Series B: 1940-1955
Series C: 1956-1965
Part 17 - National Staff Files, 1940-1955
Supplement: 1956-1965
Part 18 - Special Subjects, 1940-1955
Series A: Legal Department Files
Series B: General Office Files: Abolition of Government Agencies through Jews
Series C: General Office Files: Justice Department through White Supremacy
Part 19 - Youth File
Series A: 1919-1939
Series B: 1940-1955, American Jewish Congress through Motion Picture Project
Series C: 1940-1955, NAACP through Youthbuilders
Series D: Supplement, 1956-1965
Part 20 - White Resistance and Reprisals, 1956-1965
Part 21 - NAACP Relations with the Modern Civil Rights Movement
Part 22 - Legal Department Administration Files, 1956-1965
Part 23 - Legal Department Case Files, 1956-1965
Series A: The South
Series B: The Northeast
Series C: The Mid- and Far West
Part 24 - Special Subjects, 1956-1965
Series A: Africa through Films
Series B: Foreign Affairs through Leagues and Organizations
Series C: Life Memberships through Zangrando
Part 25 - Branch Department Files
Series A: Regional Files and Special Reports, 1941-1955
Series B: Regional Files and Special Reports, 1956-1965
Part 26 - Selected Branch Files, 1940-1955
Series A: The South
Series B: The Northeast
Series C: The Midwest

Presidential Papers - Microform Cabinets 51-55

Statutes at Large see United States Statutes at Large

United Nations. Documents Collection on Microfiche - Microform Cabinets 99-104

United States Statutes at Large - Microform Cabinet 119

v. 1 (1789) - v. 86 (1972)

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