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University Libraries - Dr. Edwin Gordon Archive

Dr. Edwin Gordon Archive

Ephemera - Music Examples

Large collection of conference programs, brochures, and fliers from Gordon's engagements throughout the United States and much of Europe and Asia. Also includes music examples he has collected from various cultures, as well as many other interesting memorabilia. Over one thousand indexed letters and other correspondence to and from Dr. Gordon are housed in the Archive. Carol Gordon kept meticulous documentation of his work between 1961 and 1995. Contents of these files and scrapbooks as well as collected material from the past decade are kept in chronological vertical files. International items are arranged by country name.

Ames, Roger. Choral Ensemble Intonation: Modal Exercises for Choirs, ed. James Jordan. Chicago: GIA Publications, n.d.
Associazione Italiana Gordon per l'Apprendimento Musicale. "Rhythmic and Melodic Songs Without Words." Repertory by AIGAM Course 2003/2004.
Collection of 136 Brazilian Folk Songs. Includes charts of modes used by the composers. Photocopied.
Collection of forty-seven Polish folk songs. Photocopied.
Collection of twelve Hungarian folk songs. Photocopied.
"Cymanfa Ganu ym Mhafiliwn yr Eisteddfod." Thirteen songs from the Eisteddfod Genedlaethol Frenhinol Cymru (Welsh National Royal Eisteddfod) in Dyffryn Lliw, 2-10 August 1980. Photocopied.
Freire, Ricardo Dourado. "Brazilian Songs." Includes seven songs by Freire and other traditional folk songs of Brazil.
Gawryłkiewiczowa, Mirosława, and Ewa A. Zwolińska, eds. Retrośpiewnik: Polskich Gordonowców. Bydgoszcz, Poland: Wydawnictwo KRESKA, 2006. Inscribed by the editors.
Heiks, James, ed. Alice Parker's Hand-Me-Down Songs. Chicago: GIA Publications, 2005.
Komada, Wiesława. Kanony. Zielona Góra, Poland: Ośrodek Doskonalenia Nauczycieli, 1997.
Montoya-Stier, Gabriela, ed. El Patio de Mi Casa: 42 Traditional Rhymes, Chants, and Folk Songs from Mexico. Collected, analyzed, and translated by Montoya-Stier. Chicago: GIA Publications, 2008.
Paz, Ermelinda Azevedo. Quinhentas canções brasileiras. Collection of 500 Brazilian Folk Songs. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Luis Bogo Editor, 1989. Photocopied.
Pinzino, Mary Ellen. "Children's Notes on Music Reading (Examples): Applying Whole Language to Music Writing." Letters on Music Learning from the Come Children Sing Institute. Homewood, IL: Come Children Sing Institute, 1993.
Zielinska, Anna. "A Small Thank You to a Wonderful Man, Dr. Edwin E. Gordon, from Anna Zielinska." Collection of modal songs inspired by Gordon, 1997.