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Dr. Edwin Gordon Archive

Ephemera - Fliers

Large collection of conference programs, brochures, and fliers from Gordon's engagements throughout the United States and much of Europe and Asia. Also includes music examples he has collected from various cultures, as well as many other interesting memorabilia. Over one thousand indexed letters and other correspondence to and from Dr. Gordon are housed in the Archive. Carol Gordon kept meticulous documentation of his work between 1961 and 1995. Contents of these files and scrapbooks as well as collected material from the past decade are kept in chronological vertical files. International items are arranged by country name.

American/Icelandic Music Curriculum Project. "Learning Theory and Music," by Edwin Gordon. Meeting, 26 March 1979. (Two copies)
American/Icelandic Music Curriculum Project. "The Psychology of Music: A Learning Theory," by Dr. Edwin Gordon. Meeting held at Iowa State University, 24 October 1980. With 1980-1981 Festival Year list of events at Iowa State and Fourth Year Meeting Schedule (1980-1981) of The American/Icelandic Comprehensive Musicianship Framework Project. (Two copies of flier)
Ashland University. "Music Learning Theory & Music Development in Early Childhood, Elementary and Secondary-Aged Students," by Dr. Edwin E. Gordon. 8-9 November [1996].
Bob Jones University. "The Music Education Department at Bob Jones University . . . Presents a Lecture/Workshop by Edwin E. Gordon." 7 October 2006. (Eight copies)
Boston University. "'Music Learning Theory and Audiation' Presented by Dr. Edwin Gordon." BU School of Music Fifth Annual Music Educators' Conference, held 7-8 April 2006. (Eight copies)
Bucks County Schools Common Inservice Day. "Art and Music Educators Workshop" held at Lenape Middle School. "The Application of Music Learning Theory & Audiation to Teaching," by Edwin Gordon, Temple University. 5 November 1991.
The Bus Stop Gallery. "Spring Show: 13 Women/4 Men. Celebrating the Columbia Festival of the Arts." Featuring the work of Dr. Gordon. Columbia, SC, 26 April-6 May [2007]. Postcard.
California State University Long Beach. Music Department. "Audiation and Music Learning Theory, and Jump Right in: Instrumental Series." 31 January-3 February, 1996.
Children's Music Academy. Classes held at The Children's House Montessori School in Lockport, NY, 2007.
Columbia College, Department of Art. "Dr. Edwin Gordon: From the Inside Out." Art exhibit featuring Dr. Gordon's two- and three-dimensional works, 6 September-18 October [2006]. Postcard. (Seven copies)
Des Moines Schools welcomes Dr. Edwin E. Gordon, Visiting Professor. Dr. Gordon of Temple University is the Carl E. Seashore Professor of Research in Music Education. 2 Sessions, 9-10 November 1989.
Fitchburg State College. "Dr. Edwin E. Gordon: International Authority on Music Learning Theory." Arts in Action Series, 19 October 1992. Postcard, Flier, and Student Activities Calendar. (Two copies of each)
GIA Publications, Inc. "Two new releases from Edwin E. Gordon and prominent researchers of Music Learning Theory." Advertising Discovering Music from the Inside Out and The Development and Practical Application of Music Learning Theory, [2006]. (Multiple copies)
Gordon Institute of Music Learning. "Mid-Atlantic GIML Seminar Presented by Dr. Edwin E. Gordon." Held at the University of Delaware in Newark, 8 March 2008. Includes continuing education certificate and Gordon's itinerary.
Gordon Institute of Music Learning. MA[Mid-Atlantic]-GIML Newsletter. Highlights from past newsletters, [8 March 2008].
Gordon, Edwin E. "Audiation Sessions Conducted by Dr. Gordon." Fall [1993], n.p.
Greenwood Laboratory School, MO. "A Music Workshop Presented for Springfield Area Music Teachers," by Edwin E. Gordon. 18 February 1995. Includes lecture supplement.
The Hegvik School of Music in Wayne, PA. "How to Teach Music Through Learning Theory: A Seminar," by Dr. Edwin E. Gordon. 10 October 1981. (Two copies)
Hope College Department of Music. "Edwin Gordon: International Music Educator & Researcher," 13 September 2008. Postcard. (Forty-six copies)
Illinois Music Educators Association. IMEA State Meeting held in Peoria, 20-22 January 1972. Excerpt only.
Immaculata College. "Education and Therapy." A Seminar in Music Learning Theory by Dr. Edwin E. Gordon. January 1989.
Immaculata College. "Music: A Multidisciplinary Phenomenon." Symposium, 8 May 1982.
Indiana State University. "Edwin E. Gordon Featuring His Music Learning Theory and Jump Right In: The Music Curriculum." Summer Music Workshops, 5-11 August 1990.
Indiana University School of Music. "The Role of Audiation in the Development of Musicianship," by Edwin E. Gordon. Music Education Colloquium Series 1984-1985. 7 November 1984. (Two copies)
Iowa State University. "Music Education Workshops Summer '82."
Iowa State University. "Music Education Workshops Summer '83."
Kent State University. "Stopping Student Dropout from Music Programs," by Dr. Edwin E. Gordon. Seminar, 23 February 1991.
Lehigh Carbon Community College. "Dr. Edwin E. Gordon." Week of the Young Child, 15 April 1997. (Two copies)
Lincoln University. "Edwin E. Gordon." Lecture/Demonstration, 14 April 1994.
Michigan State University. "Music Learning Theory Certification: Elementary General Music Level Two," 18-29 June 2007.
Michigan State University School of Music. "Developing Audiation Skills: Helping Your Kids Hear the Notation They See." Saturday Seminar with Edwin Gordon, 5 February 2000. Flier.
Mississippi State University. "Summer at State." Special Courses in Music Education, Summer 1990.
Ohio University School of Music. "Music Aptitude and Audiation," "Learning Theory," and "The Aural/Visual Experience of Music Literacy (PL)," by Dr. Edwin Gordon. 30 September 2004. (Two copies and three photocopies)
Pennsylvania Association of Student Chapters of MENC. "Psychology of Music with Dr. Edwin Gordon." Region I held at Edinboro State College, 18 November 1978. (Three copies)
Pennsylvania Music Educators Association. "Measuring Musical Aptitude in Young Children (K-3)," by Edwin Gordon. PMEA Research Committee Presents a Review of Recent Research, 12 January 1980.
Pennsylvania State University. "Children Are Our Future." Summer Lecture Series at Penn State, [1993]. Flier.
Pennsylvania State University. "Developing Musicality in Very Young Children: Birth Through One Year Old," by Edwin E. Gordon. Penn State Summer Lecture Series, 21 July 1993. (Two copies)
Philadelphia Music Teachers Association Calendar of Events 1988-1989.
Rhode Island College MENC Collegiate Chapter. Dr. Edwin Gordon, 10-11 March 2009. (Three copies)
Rhode Island College MENC Collegiate Chapter. Dr. Edwin Gordon, 27-28 March 2008. (Two copies)
Rhode Island College. Nazarian Center. "Everything you always wanted to know about Music Learning Theory. " Explained by Edwin Gordon, PhD, 12 November 2010.
School District of Philadelphia. Division of Music Education. "The Meaning of Audiation and its Implications for Teaching," by Edwin Gordon. Music Teachers Meeting held at Edison/Fareira High School, 5 September 1991.
State University of New York at Buffalo. "30th Anniversary of the Definition of Music Learning Theory by Edwin E. Gordon, Ph.D." Reception held at the University at Buffalo Center for the Arts, 30 July 2006.
State University of New York at Buffalo. UB Rhythm Workshop. Summer 2002.
Temple University. "An Approach to Learning Sequences in Music," by Dr. Edwin E. Gordon. Sponsored by the Temple University Student Chapter of MENC. 19 April 1986. (Two copies)
Temple University. "Improvisation in Music Learning," by Chris Azzara. Workshop, 8 April 1992.
Temple University. "Materials and Techniques of a Music Curriculum Based on Learning Theory," by Dr. Edwin E. Gordon. Summer Workshop, 3-10 and 24-29 July 1988. (Two copies)
Temple University. "Music Learning Theory Seminar." 19 November 1983. Schedule.
Temple University. "Musically Talented Children and Current Legislation." Ninth Annual Music Education Conference, 20 October 1979.
Texas Tech University School of Music. "A Seminar in Learning Theory Applied to the Teaching of Music," by Edwin E. Gordon. 6-11 August 1989. (Two copies) Includes schedule.
Tri-City Music in Millville, NJ. Spring Workshop Program, 20 April 1982.
University of California-Long Beach. "MENC, MSA Welcomes Dr. Edwin Gordon." Lecture/Discussion, 15 March 1988. Includes letter of invitation. (Two copies)
University of Hartford, Hartt School of Music. "Music Learning Theory," by Edwin Gordon. Seminar, 1-5 July [1991]. (Three copies)
University of Hartford, Hartt School of Music. "Music Learning Theory," by Edwin Gordon. Seminars I and II, 29 June-3 July and 6-10 July 1992. (Twenty copies)
University of Hartford, Hartt School of Music. "Visit of the 1987 Master Teacher, Dr. Edwin E. Gordon." Schedule of events, 11-13 March 1987. (Eighteen copies) Map case, drawer 5.
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign School of Music. Music Education Summer Session 1989.
University of Iowa. "A Manuscript Invitation: Studies in the Psychology of Music," [1970]. (Two copies)
University of Lowell. MENC Chapter 201. "Dr. Edwin E. Gordon." Seminar, 8-9 March 1991.
University of Michigan School of Music. "Audiation and Its Relationship to Music Aptitude Testing" and "Learning Theory Applied to the Teaching of Music," by Edwin Gordon. Workshop, 11 September 1992. Two fliers.
University of Minnesota School of Music. "Music Aptitude Profiles and the Predictions They Offer in the Elementary and Secondary Schools," and "Music Learning Sequences and the Hierarchy of Learning Experiences," by Edwin Gordon. Guest Artist Series, 21 February [1988]. (One copy and one photocopy)
University of North Carolina at Greensboro School of Music. "Edwin E. Gordon." Guest presentation, 2 April 1992.
University of Northern Iowa School of Music in Cedar Falls. Summer Workshops for Music Teachers, 9-13 June 1980.
University of South Carolina Music Library. "Teaching is from the outside in and learning is from the inside out. -Dr. Edwin E. Gordon." Opening of the Edwin E. Gordon Archive, March 2006. Bookmark. (Five copies)
University of South Carolina School of Music. "Lectures on Music Learning Theory and Music Development with Dr. Edwin E. Gordon." 18-22 February 1997. (Three copies)
University of South Carolina School of Music. "Spring & Summer 2008 Music Education Workshops."
University of South Dakota. "USD Collegiate MENC Presents the 2nd Annual Symposium in Music Education." 3-5 February 1989. (Two copies)
University of Wisconsin. "Opportunities for Music Educators 1976-1977." University of Wisconsin Extension Music.
Upper Darby Choral Music Association, Pennsylvania. "Ye Olde English Madrigal Feast." Third Annual Feast, 2-4 December 1982.
VanderCook College of Music. VCM 1987 Summer Courses and Workshops.
Washington University. "The Nature, Description, and Measurement of Music Aptitude," by Edwin Gordon. WU Department of Music Lecture Series, 1 November 1985. (Nine copies)
Weber State University. Audiation Institute featuring Dr. Edwin E. Gordon, 29-30 March 1991. (Three copies)
Westminster Choir College, The School of Music of Rider College. "A Day with Edwin Gordon," 9 February 2002.
Westminster Choir College, The School of Music of Rider College. "Edwin E. Gordon." Events held on 8 February 2002. (Two copies)
Westminster Choir College, The School of Music of Rider College. "The Gordon Music Learning Theory," by Dr. Edwin Gordon. 2 April 1993. Two fliers.