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University Libraries - Dr. Edwin Gordon Archive

Dr. Edwin Gordon Archive

ARCC Workshop, 31 August-2 September 1987. Nine video cassettes, Box 4. Transferred to DV D, 2011. 211-219.
"Audiation and the Teaching of Aural Skills." Texas State University, 22 February 2008. Compact disc.
Classes taught at University of South Carolina, Spring 2006. Includes Modes, Rhythm, Aptitude Introduction and Test, and Aptitude Follow-Up. Four compact discs.
Early Childhood Music Education Lectures, January-March 1994. Ten video cassettes, Box 4. 200-204.
GIML Summer Seminar, 3-6 August 1992. Six video cassettes (Video cassettes 1 and 3 missing), Box 4. 205-210.
Gordon at Fitchburg State College, 19 October 1992. Video cassette, Box 2.
Gordon, Edwin E. "Music Learning Theory." Sugarloaf Seminar, 1983. Twenty-two audio cassettes in case.
Gordon, Edwin E. "Music Learning Theory." Sugarloaf Seminar, 22-24 June 1982. Twenty-two audio cassettes in case.
Gordon, Edwin E. "Musically Talented Children and Current Legislation." Tape 1. 20 October 1979. Reel.
Gordon, Edwin E. "Theoretical and Practical Application of Learning Theory to the Teaching of Music." Temple University, July 1984. Sugarloaf 1984. Thirty-three audio cassettes in case.
Gordon, Edwin E. Conference Question and Answer. n.d. Reel.
Gordon, Edwin E. Dr. Gordon and German Professor. n.d. Reel.
Gordon, Edwin E. National Music Clinic (Second), n.d. Video cassette, Box 5.
Gordon, Edwin E. Sugarloaf Seminar, July 1986. Twenty-four audio cassettes in case.
Gordon, Edwin E. Testing Music Aptitude. Voices of Experience Series. MENC 3024, n.d. Audio cassette, Box 3. (Two copies)
"Materials and Techniques of a Music Curriculum Based on Learning Theory." Summer Workshop at Temple University, 3-10 July 1988 and 24-29 July 1988. Thirty-three audio cassettes, Box 2.
"Music for Newborns and Very Young Children." Texas State University, 21 February 2008. Compact disc.
"Music Learning Theory Seminar." Sugarloaf Seminar, 23-28 July 1989. Fourteen video cassettes, Box 3.
"Music Learning Theory." Sugarloaf Seminar, 1987. Seventeen audio cassettes, including two pattern cassettes, Box 5.
"Music Learning Theory." Sugarloaf Seminar, July 1987. With Musical Aptitude Profile: Test "R," Test "S," and Test "T" audio cassettes. Fifteen audio cassettes in case (cassette 5 missing).
Pictures from Gordon Seminar, July 2002. Compact disc.
"Preschool Learning Theory." Course taught at Temple University, Fall 1992. Twenty-one audio cassettes.
Sugarloaf Seminar, July 1988. Eighteen audio cassettes, Box 1.
Tennessee Arts Academy 1991 Lecture Series. 27 June 1991. Audio cassette, Box 3.
VanderCook Seminar, 1987. Sixteen audio cassettes, Box 5.
"Vocal Music Inservice with Dr. Edwin E. Gordon," 20 November 1989. Four video cassettes, Box 5.