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University Libraries - Dr. Edwin Gordon Archive

Dr. Edwin Gordon Archive

Newspapers and Magazine Articles

Alves, Manuela. "Música para recém-nascidos." Lisboa, Portugal - Diario de Noticias. 16 September 2000.
"Ambler Professor Brings Sounds of Music to Children." Ambler (PA) Gazette. 27 August 1986. (One copy and four photocopies)
"Ambler Resident Earns Temple Teaching Award." Ambler (PA) Gazette. 3 June 1987. 4. (Two copies and eight photocopies)
Antonucci, Simona. "Il canto è come una carezza: I musicisti Gordon e Apostoli anticipano il concerto per mamme incinte in Auditorium." Il Messaggero. 21 May 2005. 50.
"Aptitude or Apathy?" New York Times. 12 August 1962. E9. (One copy and six photocopies)
"Area Professor Earns Great Teacher Award." Ambler (PA) Gazette. 3 May 1989. 29. (Two copies and five photocopies)
"Babies Bounce to the Beat in Infant Music Development Classes at Temple." Philadelphia Guide (Kensington/Richmond Edition). 23 January 1992. Photocopied.
"Babies Bounce to the Beat in Infant Music Development Classes." Norristown (PA) Times Herald. 21 January 1992. Photocopied.
"Baby's Got the Beat." Philadelphia Tribune. 20 February 1992. (Two copies and one photocopy)
Barger, Theresa Sullivan. "Crawling and Babbling to Tune Tots into Music." Philadelphia Inquirer. 22 September 1986. 5-H. (Three copies and six photocopies)
Bierlin, Nancy K. "Symphony sounds call for community support." Ambler (PA) Gazette. 17 September 1986.
Braverman, Sandra. "Teachers Tune in to Music Education." Boston Sunday Globe. 22 July 1990. WEST 9, 11. Photocopied.
Buckley, Daniel. "Musical Understanding." Tucson Weekly. 18-24 June 1986. 9. (One copy and seven photocopies)
Casteel, Beth. "Music Education Should Focus More on Teaching the Very Young, Specialist Says." Morgantown (WV) Dominion Post. 15 October 1990. (One copy and five photocopies)
Cathey, Paul. "Citizen of the Week: For Upper Dublin Professor, Sounds of Music Span a Lifetime." Ambler (PA) Gazette. 23 August 1989. (Five copies and five photocopies)
Cohrs, Benjamin G. "Basiswissen über die Welt der Klänge: Musikpsychologe Edwin E. Gordon eröffnet 'Studium Generale' and der Hochschule für Künste." Newspaper title unknown. 20 October 1999. (One copy and one photocopy)
Collins, Huntly. "Temple Cites Five Teachers as Exemplary." Philadelphia Inquirer. 25 April 1989. 3-B. (One copy and two photocopies)
Conrad, Laurie T. "From Babble to Beethoven, Learning Music." Philadelphia Inquirer. 10 September 1987. 42-H. (One copy and nine photocopies)
Corr, John. "Introducing Toddlers to Music's Spell." Philadelphia Inquirer. 7 October 1984. 1-L. (Two copies and four photocopies)
Cosgrove, Christine. "Parent Action Plan: Music in the Schools." Parenting, November 1990, 144.
Cosgrove, Christine. "Strike Up the Band!" Parenting, November 1990, 138-146.
DellaFlora, Anthony. "Musical Immersion: Students Learn Theory, Technique by Jumping Right In." Albuquerque Journal. 23 February 1997. D1-D2. Photocopied. (Two copies)
"Distinguished Teaching: Lindback Awards Honor Classroom Excellence." Philadelphia Temple Times. 28 May 1987. (Three copies and six photocopies)
"Dr. Edwin Gordon at MSU." Michigan GIML. Spring 2000. 1.
Dr. Gordon Appointed as Distinguished Professor in Residence at USC. Gordon Institute for Music Learning Newsletter. Winter 1997.9.
Early Childhood Connections. Gordon Institute for Music Learning Newsletter. Winter 1997. 1, 11.
"Edwin Gordon's Talent 'Profile' Is Unique--Musical Aptitude Test Developed at UI Now in Use Across Country." Iowa City Press-Citizen. 7 November 1967. (Two copies and five photocopies)
Erickson, Stephanie. "Music Class Strikes a Chord with Tots." Mecklenburg (NC) Neighbors. 17 July 1994. Photocopied. (Four copies)
Evitt, Marie Faust. "Ages & Stages: Birth Thru 12 Months: Music." Parenting, November 1994, 181.
Fayenz, Franco. "Il linguaggio dell'improvvisazione." Amadeus: Il mensile della grande musica 14, no. 11 (November 2002). Photocopied. (Two copies) Includes five copies of English translation.
"Find Deprived Background No Bar to Musical Talent." Des Moines Sunday Register. 15 September 1971. (One copy and seven photocopies)
Flewellyn, Nicole. "Music Good for Any Age: Temple Professor Helps Babies Enjoy Sounds of Music." Lansdale (PA) Reporter. 1 March 1986. C1. (One copy and nine photocopies)
For Your Library: Browsing-Edwin Gordon has completely revised and expanded four of his major works in music education. Music Educators Journal . September 1998:52 in drawer
"Former Stamford Resident Creates Music Test Method." Stamford (CT) Advocate. 12 July 1961. (One copy and five photocopies)
Franco, F. "Dos seminarios inéditos para mayores y niños sobre educación musical de bebés." Faro de Vigo. 19 September 1999. Photocopied.
Freudberg, Frank. "Teaching Toddlers to Pick Up the Beat." USA Today. 4 October 1984. 5D. (Six copies and twenty-seven photocopies)
García-Barrio, Constance. "Listen to the Music!" American Baby, August 1986, 46, 62, 64. Photocopied. (Five copies)
García-Barrio, Constance. "Listen to the Music!" American Baby, August 1988, 30, 33-34. Photocopied. (Five copies)
Goodheart, Harriet K. "Music Babies: Researcher Offers Tots the Sounds of Music." Philadelphia Temple Times. 6 February 1992. 1, 3. (Four copies and five photocopies)
"Great Teacher Awards Are Given to Five of Faculty." Philadelphia Temple Times. 27 April 1989. 1-3. (Four copies and nine photocopies)
"Great Teachers Are Forever: 5 of Faculty Get $10,000 Awards for Teaching." Philadelphia Temple Times. 4 May 1989. 1, 3. (Four copies and five photocopies)
Guilbault, Denise M., "Harmony: The Forgotten Middle Child." MI-GIML Newsletter 10, no. 1 (Fall 2007): 3-5.
Hartheimer, Judy. "Dr. Patsy Baxter Rowe: She is Committed to Improving the Quality of Life for Students at Lincoln University." Germantown Courier, 7 February 1996. Mentions Edwin Gordon's influence. Photocopied.
Hess, Richard. "Preschool Children Experience Musical Development at TUCC." Philadelphia Temple News. 5 February 1992.
"High Note: The USC School of Music Is Broadening the Scope of Music Education and Research." Breakthrough: University of South Carolina Research (2006): 15-16.
Hoffner, Gloria A. "Classes Teach Children to Develop Musical Ability." Philadelphia Inquirer. 17 November 1996. MD1, MD7. (One copy and three photocopies)
Howell, Cindy. "Professor's Test Determines Musical Aptitude of Young." Iowa City Daily Iowan. 9 November 1967. (One copy and five photocopies)
"Iowan's Music Aptitude Test Identifies Talented." Sioux City (IA) Journal. 13 December 1967. (One copy and two photocopies)
"Iowan's Music Test Widely Used." Washington (IA) Evening Journal. 4 November 1967. (One copy and four photocopies)
Iyer, Pico. "The Eloquent Sounds of Silence." Time Magazine (January 25, 1995) Article of interest given by Carol Gordon.
Kolodzey, Jody. "Jazz Expert Attempts to Teach Music 'in Toddler Time.'" Lawrence (KS) Journal-World. 17 April 1992.
Kolodzey, Jody. "Teaching Music in Toddler Time." New York Times. 5 April 1992. EDUC 7. (Five copies and sixteen photocopies)
Lambert-Smith, Sherry. "Hicks' Daughter Rocks the Cradle of Music in Charlotte." Wellsville (KS) Globe. 11 February 1993. 1, 2.
"Local Students in SUI Music Test Project." Maquoketa (IA) Sentinel. 6 September 1962. Photocopied. (Two copies)
Martellaro, John. "A Temple Program is Music to Young Ears." Bucks County (PA) Courier Times. 25 September 1985. B12. Photocopied. (Five copies)
McElveen, Katie. "And the Beat Goes On: Music Is a Powerful Child Development Tool." Columbia Metropolitan 14, no. 6 (May/June 2004): 60-63.
McKenna, Joan C. "Music Director Marches to a Different Drummer." Lansdale (PA) Reporter. 26 July 1988. A3. (One copy and seven photocopies)
"Measures Children's Talent--UI Professor Devises a 'Musical Yardstick.'" Iowa City Press-Citizen. 29 July 1965. 12. (One copy and six photocopies)
Moeller, Joy. "Developing Musical Expression: The Young Student." MacPhail Suzuki Newsletter February 1989. 4-6. Article of interest in drawer.
"Music Psychologist from Temple is 1987 Master Teacher." University of Hartford Observer. 29 January 1987. (One copy and six photocopies)
"Musician Teaches in Toddler Time." Bloomington (IL) Daily Pantagraph. 8 April 1992.
Nachman, Jay E. "Music Program Gives Kids Rhythm, Pleasure." Sunday Intelligencer/Montgomery County (PA) Record. 6 March 1988. A-11. Photocopied.
Naedele, Walter F. "Cherubs Learning Their Do-Re-Mi's." Philadelphia Inquirer. 13 November 1983. Photocopied.
"New Music Curriculum Taught in Fremont County." Rexburg Standard Journal, Fremont County (ID) Herald-Chronicle. 14 September 1989. 2A. Photocopied. (Two copies)
"New Music Program Takes Logical Approach." Rush-Henrietta Newsletter. February 1984.
Newitt, Valerie. "Innovative Program Gives Tots an Early Dose of Music." Norristown (PA) Times Herald. 20 October 1987. 9. (Two copies and two photocopies) in drawer
Nielsen, Barbara. "The Joy of Music: Sparking Musicality in Children." Creative Living 21, no. 3 (Summer 1992): 20-23. (Five copies and two photocopies) copies in drawer
Norman, Evelyn. "Different Drummers: Children Are Born with the Beat." Parent's Health Adviser 7, no. 3 (1991). (Five copies)
Olenick, Joe. "Striking a Playful Note." Lockport (NY) Union-Sun & Journal. 18 October 2007.
O'Brien, Ellen. "Early Start: Professor Instills Music in the Minds of Infants." Chicago Tribune. 27 March 1994. sec. 5, p. 8. (One copy and three photocopies)
O'Brien, Ellen. "Giving Baby a Sense of Rhythm." Dallas Morning News. 15 March 1994. 1C, 3C.
O'Brien, Ellen. "Tunes for Tots." The Philadelphia Inquirer. 23 February 1994. G1, G3. (Nine copies and one photocopy)
Parada, Carmen. "Vigo celebra un concierto especial para bebés." Voz de Galicia. 24 September 1999. Photocopied.
Polewska, Alicja. "Ucho do muzyki." Gazeta Pomorska. 23 August 2001. 7.
"Pots-and-Pans Musicians--More Than Meets the Ears." Self, April 1986, 100. Article
Proença, João Tiago. "Compreender o que se ouve." Quarta-Feira. 23 October 1996. 25.
"Prof. Sees Toddlers as Budding Virtuosos." Harrisburg (PA) Patriot. 5 October 1984. Photocopied. (Two copies)
"Richland County Public Library, Main Branch: Edwin Gordon Through June 18." Columbia (SC) Free Times. 4-10 June 2008. 37. Advertising art exhibit featuring Gordon's artwork. (Two copies)
Rombke, Beverly. "Cedar Falls Students Help to Develop Musical Aptitude Profile." Cedar Falls (IA) Daily Record. 8 November 1967. (One copy and four photocopies)
Rubiner, Betsy. "Sorting Out Music and Education for Children." Des Moines Register. 6 April 1999. 1T-2T. (Two copies and nine photocopies)
"S.U.I. Professor Develops New Musical Aptitude Test." Iowa City Press-Citizen. 8 August 1962. 5. Photocopied. (Four copies)
"S.U.I. Professor Develops New Test for Musical Aptitude." Keokuk (IA) Gate City. 8 August 1962. Photocopied. (Seven copies)
Salvatore, Peggy L. "Finding the Next Gershwin." Doylestown (PA) Daily Intelligencer / Montgomery County Record. 20 March 1986. 8. (One copy and three photocopies)
Sbardella, Amy. "Radical Babble: Grant Winning Researchers Explore Realms of Music Learning for Which There Are No Words." Columbia (SC) Free Times. 27 January-2 February 1999. 24-25, 35. (Six copies)
Scott, Donald. "Professors Ahead in Their Class, Win Temple Honor for Excellence." Philadelphia Inquirer. 4 May 1989. 44-H. (Two copies and one photocopy)
"Selkirk Music Sees Many Changes." Priest River (ID) Times. 18 December 1991. Photocopied.
Setta, Rita. "Tots Toy with Musical Aptitudes." Ambler (PA) Gazette. 21 May 1986. 13-14. (One copy and three photocopies)
Siravo-McCaffery, Dina. "Toddlers, Take Notes." Philadelphia Far Northeast Times. 19 February 1992. 20, 24-25. (Three copies and three photocopies; one photocopy inscribed by the author)
Smith, Joseph P., III. "Fostering Tots' Musical Ability." Wilmington (DE) Sunday News Journal. 14 October 1984. G4. (One copy and seven photocopies)
Smith, Joseph P., III. "Getting Tots Off on the Right Notes." Camden (NJ) Courier-Post. 27 November 1984. 4B. (One copy and nine photocopies)
Spiewać dziecku już od kołyski. Gazeta Pomorska. 27 April 2006. 15.
Spiewać wszystkim dzieciom. Gazeta Bydgoszcz. 27 April 2006.
"Stamford Musician Named to Position at Iowa University." Stamford (CT) Advocate. n.d. 1960. Photocopied. (Includes two brief untitled articles)
"Students' Musical Sensitivities Heightened." Philadelphia Tribune. 15 November 1983. Photocopied. Inscribed: "Ed--For your information. Nancy." (Four copies)
"Successful Musician." Darien (CT) Review. 27 July 1961. (One copy and seven photocopies)
"Teacher Says Music Affects Pre-Schoolers." Montgomery (CT) Newspapers. 26-27 August 1987. Photocopied. (Two copies)
"Teachers Tune In at FSC." Fitchburg (MA) Sentinel-Enterprise. 30 August 1983. 11. Photocopied. (Five copies)
"Temple Music Man for Tots Says Early Training Can Lead to 'Higher Achievers.'" Philadelphia Temple Times. 6 November 1986. 1, 3. (Four copies and three photocopies)
"Temple Professor Teaches Toddlers." Lansing (IL) Times. 23 August 1992. Photocopied. (Two copies)
"Temple University Reaches for Academic Excellence." Philadelphia Inquirer. 19 February 1988.
"Test Developed at Iowa U Check Musical Attitude." Creston (IA) News Advertiser. 3 November 1967. 3. (One copy and six photocopies)
"They Want to Know What Youngsters Like." Sandusky (OH) Register. 27 October 1962. (One copy and three photocopies)
"Top Music Scholar." Philadelphia Temple Times. 20 January 1994. 1.
"University of Iowa Alumni to Be Honored at Luncheon Today." Iowa City Press-Citizen. 30 May 1992. 3B. (Two copies and seven photocopies)
USC September Concert Series Begins. Contributed by the USC School of Music. 2 September 2007.
Williams, Janet M. "They'll 'Jump Right In': New Music Curriculum Will Help Students Build a Vocabulary of Tones and Rhythms." Minneapolis Star and Tribune. 27 August 1987. 4Y. Photocopied. (Four copies)