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Copyright Information

Copyright of Films Policy 

  1. The Educational Films Collection recognizes the importance of the Copyright Law of the United States ( Title 17, United States Code) and prohibits the copying or use of copyrighted material not specifically permitted or exempted by the Copyright Law.

  2. The Educational Films Collection recognizes the Digital Millennium Copyright Act which allows for the creation of film clip compilations for classroom and educational use to all college and university faculty, regardless of academic discipline,and to college and university film and media studies students.

  3. Only legally purchased or legally copied materials will be placed in the permanent collection of the Educational Films Collection or placed on reserve at Thomas Cooper Library.

  4. Videos and films may be checked out to faculty of the University of South Carolina but are not available to be borrowed by institutions outside of the University of South Carolina.

  5. The library follows "Guidelines for Off-the-Air Recording of Broadcast Programming for Educational Purposes" as outlined below:

    • Television programs from Public Broadcasting Stations(educational television) and commercial television programs (not cable-originated programming, pay programs or Instructional Television Fixed Service) may be copied off-the-air for a class: a) if the recordingis simultaneous with broadcast transmission; b) by or at the request of an individual teacher for his or her own use; c) if the television program is not regularly recorded in anticipation of requests.

    • Off-the-Air programs placed on reserve must adhere to the following guidelines: a) the videotape must be removed within 10 days of the actual taping of the program - not 10 days after being placed on reserve; b) erasure of the videotape must occur within 45 calendar days after recording; c) all copies of off-air recordings must include copyright notice on the broadcast program as recorded.

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