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University Libraries - Thomas Cooper Library Paging Service

Thomas Cooper Library Paging Service


We are excited to offer a convenient service to our library patrons! If there is a book that you want to check out, but you are short on time, we will get the book and hold it at the Circulation Desk for you.

What is a page?
A page is a request for library staff to get a book or journal from the Thomas Cooper (including Government Information and Microforms items), or Business library and have the item held for you at a USC Library circulation desk (Business, Music or Thomas Cooper). You will need to check out the item when you pick it up, so please remember your USC ID and/or Library Card.

Who can place a page?
Anyone who can check out items from the Thomas Cooper Library can place a page.

What items can I page?
You can place a page request on any Thomas Cooper, or Business Library book or journal that you are allowed to check out. Sorry, we cannot page Reference items, Special Collections items, Reserve items, Films and/or other non-circulating items.

What if the item is checked out?
You can request to be put on the hold list for when the item is returned by clicking on the "Request" button near the top of the item's page in our online catalog. Please contact Circulation at 803-777-3145 with inquiries.

What if the item belongs to the Library Annex?
You can request the item by clicking on our "Request" button near the top of the item's page in our catalog.

How many items can I page at once?
You are allowed to page the number of items you can check out, see Checkout Limits.

When and how can I place a page?
You can place a page online at any time via the "Request" button in the online catalog. If your request is urgent you may call the Circulation Department (803-777-3145) when it is open.

How long will it take to process my request?
Requests will be processed and ready for pick-up within 2 business days. If you want your Thomas Cooper Library book delivered to a USC-Columbia library other than Thomas Cooper. the delivery will take an additional business day. If you are USC-Columbia faculty and wish to have your books delivered to your on-campus office please click here.

For the purposes of this service, business days are defined as Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm.

How will you notify me when my item is ready?
You will receive an email at your USC email address when your item is ready for pickup.

How long will the item be held for me?
Books will be held for 10 days. Journals will be held for 3 days.

Where can I pick up my paged item?
You can pick up your items at the following locations:

  1. Thomas Cooper Library Circulation Desk (Main level)
  2. Business Library (2nd floor, BA building)
  3. Music Library (2nd floor, Music Library)

What happens if there is a problem with my request?
If you made your request by phone, we will call you back if there is a problem. If you made your request by clicking the "Request" button in the catalog, we will send you an email to your USC email address.


Contact the Circulation department with concerns at
or by phone at (803) 777-3145.