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New MIRC blog features UFOs

May 8, 2012 10:34 AM

The USC Libraries has a new blog, thanks to the fantastic film folks at Moving Image Research Collections (MIRC).

Blog entries will feature news, events, and a regular item called "UFOs" -- Unidentified Filmed Objects.

"We hope people will comment on the blog to help us identify objects, places, people and things that we find in a film that we can't identify," said Lydia Pappas, Assistant Director at MIRC. "Our first UFO is a piece of film that shows a mysterious cat-like creature -- an Unidentified Feline Object -- although we aren't certain what it is. Our second UFO is a man displaying Japanese swordsmanship techniques in 1976 -- an Unidentified Fencing Object -- but we have no idea who he is. Please let us know if you can identify these UFOs!"

Take a look at