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CTE: Teaching Assistant Workshop: Acting Principles for TAs

Thomas Cooper Library, Graniteville Room, Mezzanine Level
Jan 19, 2012 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM

Peter Duffy, Assistant Professor, Department of Theatre and Dance

What can instructors learn about teaching from actors? How can you use theatre arts techniques in the teaching/learning process to make it more engaging, personal, relevant and enjoyable? These questions will be addressed during this workshop. Through this interactive workshop participants will:

  - Learn basic principles of acting technique and how they can be applied to teaching

  - Identify how to apply basic design concepts to lectures

  - Discover the relationship between improvisational theatre and teaching

  - Practice strategies that place more performance responsibility on students

Approaching teaching as performance makes learning/teaching a dynamic process that can engage learners in the act of creating shared meaning among content, classmates, and the professor. By applying a few simple techniques to your teaching, this process is made even more rewarding for students and instructors alike.

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