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Upgrades for computer labs are here

Oct 12, 2011 2:32 AM

Numerous improvements have been made to the computers in the Cooper Technology Lounge on Level 5.

The Computing Services Department staff updated all of the PCs and laptops in the Lounge to the 64-bit version of Windows over Summer Break. Adobe Dreamweaver Web design software has been installed on five computers.

IntelliKeys software has been installed on 12 workstations in the Lounge, and will be on all the workstations by January 2012. This software allows people with low vision or physical difficulties to use a specialized keyboard (available at the Help Desk) to use the computers more easily.

MyITLab is available on computers numbered one through 24 in the Lounge, and it will be installed on more workstations over Winter Break. This training software helps students learn to use MS Windows and MS Office. 

There are now 18 scanners in the Lounge.

Laptops have been given extra attention, too. Clean Slate software has been installed on the PC laptops. This software allows a patron to remove any personal data or logins from the laptop -- and return it to a clean condition-- simply by rebooting the computer. Memory in the Mac laptops has been increased, too.

On the Main Level, G5 iMacs should be arriving over Fall Break, which will substantially increase the number of Macs available.