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CTE Teaching Excellence Seminar: Inquiry, Teaching and Literature Circles, 3:35 ? 4:45 p.m.

Center for Teaching Excellence, Thomas Cooper Library, Room 511
Feb 23, 2011
Have you wondered how to build community in your class around a content-based engagement? Would you like to see your students share freely among themselves through a careful investigation of a common problem or topic? Inquiry-based teaching using literature circles may help you do so! In this workshop, participants will explore how literature circles using guiding questions can be transferred and transformed to support an inquiry stance across disciplines. Dr. Mills and a group of her students will demonstrate and discuss strategies faculty can use with both graduate and undergraduate students to help them become invested, critical readers and learners. Using a shared experience centered around the book Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson as an example, they will demonstrate how they engaged in inquiry-based learning first-hand, empowering them to use the same strategies in their own teaching. Workshop participants will become better able to describe the nature of the inquiry, and to implement literature circles and guiding questions across diverse reading experiences. Please register online at, by email, or by phone 803-777-8322.More information