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CTE: TA Workshop - What to Do About Cheating 12:30-1:45

Center for Teaching Excellence, Thomas Cooper Library, Room 511
Feb 24, 2011
Reducing instances of academic dishonesty before they happen can make your life easier. What can Teaching Assistants do to promote academic integrity in their classes? Including the University's Honor Code in your written syllabus, and articulating potential consequences for violations up-front, are the first steps. This workshop will examine current issues of cheating and plagiarism on campus, including strategies used by students. We will discuss how to prevent academic dishonesty, as well as how to confront cheating behavior. The University's procedures to resolve academic dishonesty will also be reviewed. Remember that by preventing cheating, we encourage learning and make our teaching more enjoyable. Participants are invited to bring a bag lunch or pick up a sandwich from the coffee shop on the main level of the library. Drinks and chips will be provided. Please register online at, by email, or by phone 803-777-8322. More information