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CTE, Graduate Student Workshop: Developing a Teaching Philosophy Statement, 2:30-4:25

Center for Teaching Excellence, Thomas Cooper Library, Room 511
Jan 27, 2010
Along with a curriculum vitae, a research statement and a cover letter, a statement of teaching philosophy is becoming an increasingly important piece in the materials that represent you as a faculty member (or future faculty member). Don’t know what a teaching philosophy is? Don’t think you have a teaching philosophy? If you engage a group of learners as a teaching assistant, laboratory assistant, or instructor of record, then your behavior in designing their learning environment must follow from your philosophical orientation. A teaching statement gives you a starting point for examining your teaching practices, allows you to share your ideas with others, and allows you to monitor the progress of your own development as a teacher. This workshop is designed to help new and future faculty determine and/or refine a teaching philosophy and write a statement suitable for job applications. Please RSVP by email, phone 803-777-8322, or online