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Hollings Hunger Tours, 50th Anniversary

Ernest F. Hollings Special Collections Library

Hollings Hunger Tours, 50th Anniversary

In early 1968, Sen. Fritz Hollings joined I. DeQuincey Newman, SC NAACP Field Director, to tour poor neighborhoods throughout the state. Finding desperate hunger and poverty, Hollings was the lead witness before a Congressional Select Committee on Nutrition and Human Needs chaired by George McGovern in February, 1969: "In the five areas I visited, there are literally hundreds of hungry families who never heard of food stamps. But perhaps this is a blessing, for if they did, they wouldn't qualify anyway. They can't afford the initial cost."

Hollings later co-sponsored, with George McGovern, a bill to amend the Food Stamp Act of 1964.

“Hollings Hunger Tours, 50th Anniversary” will be on display in the Brittain Gallery (Hollings Library, Main Floor) Jan 12 – Feb 28.

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