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Have you met . . . Joseph Askins


Joseph Askins
Information Literacy Librarian
Thomas Cooper Library

“I work with other members of the Library and Information Science 101 (LIBR 101) team to make sure the course runs smoothly. LIBR 101 is an eight-week, one-credit course tailored for students who arrive at USC with ENGL 102 credit from another institution or through AP or IB testing. Those students still need to meet the Carolina Core’s Information Literacy component, which says that all students will be able to collect, manage, and evaluate information using technology, and will be able to communicate their findings effectively. Thirty-five sections are taught online each semester, and more sections are taught as face-to-face courses.
There are more students on campus who want to take the course than we have space for. I am working on Carolina Core committees and meeting with faculty to formulate ways information literacy can be incorporated in other courses.  Information literacy is most effective and meaningful for students when taught through the lens of a subject, like history, or psychology, or biology.

“Before becoming a librarian, I was a news reporter. I enjoyed the research aspect of that job: starting with a question, finding the answer, and then taking all of that information and synthesizing it into something for someone else to use. Being able to guide people through that discovery process, and being able to teach and pass along those skills, is what I enjoy most about being a librarian.