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Have you met. . .Amy Trepal, Manager, Educational Film Collection

Thomas Cooper Library


“The Educational Film Collection houses and circulates an extensive collection of DVDs, videotapes and 16mm films. The films are suitable for many subject areas, including history, film studies, psychology, English, business. We also have various PBS shows, like American Experience and POV. There are a lot of feature films, and a lot of fun stuff.

We add new films consistently and we are always taking requests. You can look for our film titles in the Educational Films Database, which includes film-specific genres such as ‘Feature Documentary’ or ‘Academy Award Winner.’ Or you can search in the Library Catalog, which allows you to search for a film by author, title, subject or keyword.

We’re here to support faculty teaching, so if you don’t see what you want in our collection, let me know and I’ll do my best to get it. If you know what you will use during the semester, we can take reservations and mail the film to you a few days before you need it. It’s an excellent way to guarantee that it will be available for you.

We recently added several streaming databases for film, documentaries, biographies, speeches and newsclips. Films from the database can be linked in Blackboard, and they can be shown in class. Linking the films to Blackboard can free up class time, though. You can have students watch the film before class and then they come to class ready to discuss. Putting it on Blackboard also gives faculty and students the opportunity to continue to use the materials throughout the semester and to access them at no cost, anywhere, on or off campus.

Films can still be put on reserve and students can come to the library and view them in our comfy viewing rooms. The Educational Films staff is available to take reservation requests, check out films, and help our patrons choose films that fit their educational needs. Someone is in the office on Level 3 from 8:30 to 5, Monday through Friday. You can also look at our browsing films on the Main Level, just in front of the elevators.

A newsletter is sent out every month with a list of new films for the previous month. To be added to the monthly newsletter list, email me at"