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Have you met...Karen Brown, Reference Librarian

Jul 1, 2013 7:00 PM

What’s a day like for this Research, Reference and Instruction Librarian? Well, it no longer centers around a service desk. It extends to both in-person and online classrooms and beyond.

Here's what a day looks like for Karen Brown:

9 a.m. Finishes writing library session handouts created specifically for History 300 class.

10 a.m. In one of Thomas Cooper Library's multimedia classrooms, leads a session (in photo at left) for “History 300 The Historian’s Craft,” taught by USC History Professor Marjorie Spruill. “The sessions are not just about what our libraries have, but also about how to find it and how to do research,” Spruill said. “I bring every one of my classes for a session at least once during the semester.”

11:15 a.m. Meets with “LIBR 101 Information Literacy” online planning group. “This spring is the first time we’ve taught this online,” Brown said. “We created the syllabus and the assignments, and now we need to know if the assignments are working, if the quizzes are working, and if the grading and facilitating are going well.”

Noon Works one-on-one with a student to help identify quality resources for a research paper. The student scheduled this Book A Librarian session online.

1 p.m. Answers email reference questions. One email is from a faculty member in the sciences who needs help using a science database.

2 p.m. Staffs the Reference Desk. Students in a biology lab are trying to find a journal article with the answer to this question: “Which is more prevalent: radishes or collards?” Shows them how to access the biology databases and other library resources to find the answer.

3 p.m. Consults with a faculty member on a request to add items to library collections.

4 p.m. Begins work on the new LibGuide for a new history class. LibGuides are online research guides created by librarians.

5:30 p.m. As an adjunct instructor, teaches an online section of LIBR 101.