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All in a Day’s Work: The Lighter Side of Representative Democracy.

South Carolina Political Collections Gallery, Hollings Library
Jan 18, 2013 - Apr 27, 2013

All in a Day's Work: The Lighter Side of Representative Democracy looks at some of the ordinary and extraordinary experiences of South Carolina’s elected officials, including the delicate dance of pleasing their constituents, the many hats they must wear, and meetings with some real characters.  The exhibit is made entirely of photographs and objects from the collections of South Carolina Political Collections in the Hollings Library. 

Some of the "real characters" include Cocky and Big Bird, who appear in photos with Senator Lindsey Graham and Senator Fritz Hollings, respectively.  Visitors will also see many, many photos of politicians dancing, engaging in sport, and, literally, wearing all sorts of fun hats. 

Among the dancing officials are Congressman Bob Inglis (his disco shoes and poster are in the exhibit; he tried out some moves to promote a campaign event in this highly entertaining video) and Congressman Butler Derrick doing a jig with a constituent in rural South Carolina. 

Among the hats on display are a fire hat presented to Senator Hollings, a Mark Sanford hard hat, and more.  Look closely and you'll see officials strapping on hats and instantly transforming into amateur chefs, race car drivers, fighter pilots, cowboys, and more. 

One entire set of photos shows officials in lighthearted moments with their constituents.  In the picture of above, Governor Robert McNair meets with some very important constituents in his office.

Stop by the SCPC Gallery in the Hollings Library from 8:30-5pm, M-F, to see “All in a Day’s Work,” which runs through April 27.  Or, visit during our Saturday gallery hours, 10am-2pm, on Feb. 23, March 23, and April 27.