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New Books RSS Help
If you wish to be updated when new additions are made to the library collection consider subscribing to our RSS feeds. Subscribing allows you to automatically get the new additions that you are interested in when the database gets updated.

What's RSS?
RSS is a syndication protocol that allows content publishers to update subscribers automatically with updates on news, articles, and other information.

How do I read RSS feeds?
In order to read an RSS feed you must have an RSS reader. Most major web browsers have the ability for you to browse and subscribe to RSS feeds. However, if you prefer a more sophisticated way to manage multiple RSS feeds consider a program like RSS Reader (USC and the University Libraries are not responsible for problems caused by installing this software).

What RSS feeds are available for the new books database?
Please visit our master list of feeds for the database. There is one comprehensive feed that covers all the new items for the month. Other feeds narrow by category and location. There are also some custom feeds that further narrow the view in the database.

I've subscribed to some RSS feeds, what do I do now?
Once you have subscribed you've done all the work you need to do. Check your RSS reader from time to time for updates. The database is updated monthly, but not on any specific day. When there is an update your reader should notify you. The feeds from the new books database will be completely updated and show only the new items for the current month, and none of the feeds will have any records from past months. Clicking on the link for an item in the feed will take you to the catalog record for the item you clicked on.

How do I get a custom RSS feed made?
Custom RSS feeds are only able to narrow down between category and location, and are limited to staff/faculty of USC. If you have questions on getting a custom feed made please contact Laurel Baker at 803-777-8187.

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