New Books Database

The New Books Database organizes the latest additions to the University Library holdings and allows patrons to quickly search and browse books recently added to the library catalog. The database only contains items that are listed with a Library of Congress call number, and as a result does not include video, audio, government documents, dewey decimal call numbers, and some other library holdings. Please check below for new resources from other departments that are not included here.

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Using The Database
The database can be searched by keyword or be browsed by the month. Keywords will be searched against the title and author. If you would like to search enter your keyword(s) and click Search. Multiple keywords will be searched as a phrase unless they are separated by a comma (,).

To browse by month, select the month and year you wish to browse and click Browse. In both cases results will be sorted by year and month (latest month on top), and then by category/call number. Clicking on the title of the item will take you to its catalog entry.

New Books RSS
You can be updated directly by using RSS. Please go to the database RSS help page for more information on using RSS to be updated on the latest additions to the database.

Additional New Resources
Other library departments have new resources that can be found by clicking on any of the links below. Please note that RSS or other advanced searching features may not be available for some of these links.

The database is updated monthly. If you have a question about a specific book please contact the library. If you have questions or suggestions regarding the database please e-mail Joshua Garris.
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