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Southern Europe

The USC Music Library has a large collection of monographs and sound recordings relating to the music of Southern Europe. The collection covers both indigenous and popular music. To learn more about Southern Europe and its music, click on the Grove link under each country's bibliography.

Albania Andorra Bosnia & Herzegovina Croatia Greece Italy Kosovo Macedonia MaltaPortugal San Marino Serbia & Montenegro Slovenia Spain

1. Albania    2. Andorra    3. Bosnia & Herzegovina    4. Croatia    5. Greece    6. Italy    7. Kosovo 8. Macedonia    9. Malta    10. Portugal    11. San Marino    12. Serbia & Montenegro  13. Slovenia 14. Spain

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Music of the World's Peoples, v. 2. FE 4505 Folkways Records, F-4505 Folkways Records. CD. 199-.
Compact Disc 4728

Sugarman, Jane C. Engendering Song: Singing and Subjectivity at Prespa Albanian Weddings.Chicago, IL: University of Chicago Press, 1997.
ML 3613 .S93 1997 and Compact Disc 5785

Read about the music of Albania at Grove Music Online.


Read about the music of Andorra at Grove Music Online.

Bosnia & Herzegovina

Titon, Jeff T., ed. Worlds of Music: An Introduction to the Music of the World's Peoples. Belmont, CA: Schirmer/Thomson Learning. 2002.
ML 3545 .W67 2002

Read about the music of Bosnia & Herzegovina at Grove Music Online.


Read about the music of Croatia at Grove Music Online.


From the Land of Golden Fleece. WL 123 Columbia. LP. 1958.
LP 1091

Greece. RGNET 1066CD World Music Network. CD. 2001.
Compact Disc 5685 

Greek Villages. SI00002 Sound Image. LP. 1975.
LP 18589

The Music of Greece. 2875 National Geographic Society. LP. 1969.
LP 6973

Read about the music of Greece at Grove Music Online.


Guiliana, Mauro. Guitar Solos: Opus Numbers 128,139, and 140-145. London, England: Tecla Editions, 1988.
M 3 .G59 1984 v.14

Italy. RGNET1042CD World Music Network. CD. 2000. 
Compact Disc 9437 

Music of the Italian Alps. T-10120 Capitol. LP. 195-.
LP 11708

Pinza, Ezio. Enzio Pinza in Popular Italian Songs. MM 768 Columbia Masterworks, 17554-6D Columbia Masterworks, CO 39611, 39606, 39610, 39608, 39607, 39609 Columbia Masterworks. 78. 1948.
78 disc 10 in. Set 96

Tauber, Richard. Richard Tauber Favorites. DL 9597 Decca. LP. 1952.
LP 2848

Read about the music of Italy at Grove Music Online.


Magrini, Tullia, ed. Music and gender : perspectives from the Mediterranean. Chicago, IL: University of Chicago Press, 2003.
ML 3838 .M949 2003

Read about the music of Kosovo at Grove Music Online.


Kocani orkestar. L'orient est rouge. Craw 19 Cramworld. CD. 1997.
Compact Disc 8375 

Read about the music of Macedonia at Grove Music Online.


Read about the music of Malta at Grove Music Online.


A Charm of Lullabies, op. 41. Folk Song Arrangements. WST-17137 Westminster. LP. 19--.
LP 15283

Canteloube, Joseph. Chants d'Auvergne. 411 730-2, 410 004-2 London. CD. 1983-1984.
Compact Disc 6916 v.1 and v.2

________. Chants d'Auvergne. 444 995-2, 444996-2, 444 997-2 London. CD. 1995.
Compact Disc 3635

________. Chants d'Auvergne. Volume 2. 6.42 994, 411 730-1 Decca. LP. 1984.
LP 5744

________. Songs of the Auvergne. LSC 2795 RCA Red Seal. LP. 1965.
LP 2541

Folk Songs of Brazil. MM 812 Columbia Masterworks, 17566-9D Columbia Masterworks, CO37820-7 Columbia Masterworks. 78. 1949.
78 disc 10 in. Set 219

Grupo de Capoeira Angola Pelourinho. Capoeria Angola from Salvador, Brazil. SF 40465, SF CD 40465 Smithsonian/Folkways. CD. 1996.
Compact Disc 5655

International Hit Parade. LWS 188/189 The Longines Symphonette Recording Society. LP. 196-.
LP 13783

Leca, Armando. Musica Poular Portuguesa. Porto, Portugal: Editorial D. Barreira, 1945.
ML 3717 .L4

Montsalvatge, Xavier. Tres Fados Ilusorios: Para Guitarra. Madrid, Spain: Union Musical Ediciones, 2000.
M 127 .M66 F3 2000

Musical Traditions of Portugal. CD SF 40435, SF40435 Smithsonian Folkways. CD. 1994.
Compact Disc 5641

Music of the World's Peoples, Volume 4. FE 4507 Folkways Records, F-4507 Folkways Records. CD. 199-.
Compact Disc 4730 

Portugal. RGNET 1025 CD World Music Network. CD. 1998.
Compact Disc 9434

Schindler, Kurt, ed. Folk Music and Poetry of Spain and Portugal. Musica ypoesia popular de Espana y Portugal. New York, NY: Hispanic Institute in the United States, 1941. 
ML 315 .S25 F6

Te Kanawa, Kiri. Kiri: Portrait. 417645-1 London. LP. 1987.
LP 15036

Read about the music of Portugal at Grove Music Online.

San Marino

Read about the music of San Marino at Grove Music Online.

Serbia & Montenegro

Read about the music of Serbia & Montenegro at Grove Music Online.


Read about the music of Slovenia at Grove Music Online.


Angeles, Victoria de los. Spanish Folk Songs, Volume II. LM 131 RCA Victor. LP. 195-.
LP 3581

Angeles, Victoria de los. Victoria de los Angeles sings Falla & Granados. S-37425 Angel. LP. 1977.
LP 15856

Canciones Espanolas Antiguas. HMA 1951520 Harmonia Mundi France, HMC 901520 Harmonia Mundi France. CD. 2005.
Compact Disc 7788

Cano, Manuel. Sonorities, for two Flamenco Guitars. MHS 1318 Musical Heritage Socitey. LP. 1972.
LP 17136

Carlos Montoya and his Flamenco Guitar. LPM 1610 RCA Victor. LP. 1958.
LP 14185

Conciones Populares Espanolas. 2530 875 Deutsche Grammophon. LP. 1977.
LP 7219

Cynthia Gooding sings Turkish and Spanish Folk Songs. EKLP-6 Elecktra. LP. 1953.
LP 16839

Escudero, Mario. Classical Flamenco Guitar. 3131 Everest. LP. 196-.
LP 3595

Fandangos: Soleares Antiguas/ Nina de las Puebla; Nino Sabicas. Decca G-20664. 78. 194-.
78 disc 10 in. 1092

Gooding, Cynthia. Cynthia Gooding sings Spanish, Mexican, and Turkish Folk Songs. EKL-128 Elektra. LP. 1957.
LP 12959

Juerga Flamenca. AFLP 1852 Audio Fidelity. LP. 1958.
LP 16900

Lomax, Alan. Spanish Folk Music. KL-216 Columbia. LP. 1954.
LP 11291

Madariaga, Salvador de. Spanish Folk Songs. Boston, MA: Houghton Mifflin, 1922.
ML 3710 .M3

Montoya, Carlos. Carlos Montoya. LSP 2251 RCA Victor. LP. 1960.
LP 3695

Musikalische Volkskunst Spaniens. SAPM 198 460 Archiv Produktion. LP. 1969.
LP 2314

Plata, Manitas de. Flamenco Guitar. SRL 8643 Classic Record Library. LP. 1965.
LP 10942

Schindler, Kurt, ed. Folk Music and Poetry of Spain and Portugal. Musica y poesia popular de Espana y Portugal. New York, NY: Hispanic Institute in the United States, 1941.
ML 315 .S25 F6

Spanish & Sephardic Folk Songs. S 36716 Angel. LP. 1971.
LP 7162

Songs and Sounds of Far Away Places. PCC-201 Philips. LP. 1963.
LP 4154

The Bullfights. LPM 1030 RCA Victor. LP. 1954.
LP 11292

Read about the music of Spain at Grove Music Online.

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