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Series I: Music

A. Manuscripts
Box/Folder Contents
1/1 Rossi, Nick. “Don Lark,” Opus 1, No. 1. 1933.
1/1 _____. Partita sul nome di Talmage R. Fauntleroy: Suite nello stile italiano per pianoforte. A birthday greeting from Nick Rossi (A.S.C.A.P.). 1983.
1/1 _____. Sketch book.
B. Published Arrangements
Box/Folder Contents
1/2 Bach, Johann Sebastian. We Hasten, O Master. Arr. by Nick Rossi. New York: MCA Music, 1968.
1/2 Berlioz, Hector. Wondrous Night (From Les Troyens). Arr. by Nick Rossi. New York: MCA Music, 1968.
1/2 Billings, William. Psalm XXII. Text by Joseph Addison. Arr. by Nick Rossi. New York: MCA Music, 1968.
1/2 Costeley, Guillaume. Come Now, Happy Shepherds. Arr. by Nick Rossi. Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania: Theodore Presser, 1961. 2 copies.
1/2 Des Prez, Josquin. Et Incarnatus Est. Arr. by Nick Rossi. Los Angeles: Carlvi Music, 1957.
1/2 Franck, Cesar. Mart at the Crib. Arr. by Nick Rossi. New York: Leeds Music, 1964.
1/2 Haydn, Joseph. The Oxford Canon. Arr. by Nick Rossi. New York: MCA Music, 1968.
1/2 Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus. Barcarole. Arr. by Nick Rossi. Brooklyn, New York: Tarpinian Music, 1978.
1/2 Purcell, Henry. Sailor’s Farewell. Arr. by Nick Rossi. Evanston, Illinois: Summy-Birchard, 1964. 2 copies.
1/2 Rossi, Nick, arr. My Shepherd Will Supply My Need. Southern Harmony, 1855. Brooklyn, New York: Tarpinian Music, 1978. 6 copies.
1/2 Schubert, Franz. The Lusty Horn. Arr. by Nick Rossi. New York: MCA Music, 1968.
1/2 _____. Song of Praise. Arr. by Nick Rossi. New York: Leeds Music, 1964.
1/2 Strauss, Richard. Tomorrow, Op. 27, No. 4. Arr. by Nick Rossi. New York: Tarpinian Music, 1977.
1/2 Wagner, Richard. Sailor’s Chorus. Arr. by Nick Rossi. Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania: Theodore Presser, 1961. 2 copies.

Series II: Writings and Research

Box/Folder Contents
1/3 Rossi, Nick. Bach: A Life In Pictures. Narrated by Nolan Rice. N.p.: L’Unicorno Productions, 1981.
1/3 _____. Pathways to Music: Electronic Music. Teacher Guide. N.p.: Keyboard Jr., 1971.
1/3 _____. Teacher Guide for Travesty, Or Love Disguised by Giovanni Battista Pergolesi. N.p.: N.p., N.d.
1/3 Rossi, Nick, and Sadie Rafferty. Music Through the Centuries. Boston: Bruce Humphries, 1963.

Series III: Correspondence

Box/Folder Contents
1/4 June 23, 1962 – Letter from Virgil Thomson to Nick Rossi concerning the production of Four Saints.
1/4 Seventeen personal correspondences between Nick Rossi and Talmage Fauntleroy.

Series IV: Photographs

A. People
Box/Folder Contents
1/5a Castelnuovo-Tedesco, Mario. Signed “To Nick Rossi | as a pledge for future collaborations | Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco | August 7-8, 1963.”
1/5a Copland, Aaron. Signed.
1/5a Hanson, Howard. Signed “To Nick Rossi | with all best wishes | Howard Hanson.”
1/5a Harris, Roy. Signed.
1/5a Pavarotti, Luciano. Signed.
1/5a Rorem, Ned. Signed “To Nick Rossi | with regards, | musical and otherwise. | Ned Rorem | 1969.”
1/5a Rossi, Nick.
1/5a Rossi, Nick.
1/5a Rossi, Nick with Sarolta Kodáy. Signed "With kind greetings | Sarolta Kodáy | 31.8.71" Includes Sarolta Kodáy's business card with Budapest address hand-written on the reverse.
1/5a Thomson, Virgil. Signed.
1/5a Thomson, Virgil. Signed “For Nick Rossi | good friend was me? | Virgil T. | 1972.”
1/5a Walton, William. Signed.
B. Other
Box/Folder Contents
1/5b Photo of “the piano from Palazzo Orlandi in Busseto. It was on this instrument that Verdi composed Stiffelio, Rigoletto and Il Trovatore.” Photo by Nick Rossi.
1/5c Photo of “the old country store/tavern/home in LeRoncole (Italy) in which composer Giuseppi Verdi was born on October 10th, 1813. (The single window of the attic loft in which he was born is on the far right of the second floor.)” Photo by Nick Rossi.
1/5d Eight postcards and envelope from the Rossini Opera Festival, Pesaro.
On Shelf Kilduff, Helen B., Nicholas Criscuolo, and Nick Rossi. Reading Enrichment Program Unit 2. Narrated by Tom Dixon. New Haven, CT: Keyboard Publications, 1977. 4 cassettes, 4 filmstrips, 4 33 1/3 recordings (CBS AVS 13740-13743).

Series V: Ephemera

Box/Folder Contents
1/6 Nick Rossi’s California driver’s license.
1/6 ASCAP membership certificate for Dr. Nick Rossi. April 20, 1972.
1/6 Pizzetti, Ildebrando. Passeggiata Cinque liriche. New York: Classical Vocal Reprints, 1916.
1/6 Documents corresponding to Rossi’s death – Death Certificate, Last Will and Testament, Obituary in The State May 16, 2000, extended draft of Obituary, General Power of Attorney, two letters from Talmage Fauntleroy about Rossi’s death (one to Rossi’s doctor and one to his colleagues).
1/7 Program from "Again, D.J." by Neil Slater and Nick Rossi."
1/N.F. Quaderni Pucciniani. A Cura Dell’Istituto di Studi Pucciniani. 1982. Signed “For Nick Rossi | and Talmage R. Fauntleroy | Simonetta Puccini | tria 12.VII.1986.
1/N.F. Diary from July 26, 1983 – May 19, 1984.

Series VI: Recordings

A. Cassette Tapes
Box Contents
2 Talmage Fauntleroy in recital: December 26, 1990.
2 Excerpts from Elijah. May 21, 1984. Insert lists Talmage Fauntleroy's name.
2 Picinni / Buona Figliola Act I. Two copies.
2 Firenze Studio Lirico. June 23, 1982. Included are excerpts from Barbere di SivigliaLa Serva Podrona La TraviataBallo in Maschera, and others.
2 Fall of the House of Usher.
2 Damon Gray's cello recital. College-Conservatory of Music, Cincinnati. February 5, 1993.
2 Schubert- "Schone Millerin."
2 Nick Rossi interview with Tallis Scholars.
2 Neil Slater & Nick Rossi. Promo excerpts from AGAIN, D. J.
B. LPs
Box/Folder Contents
On shelf North Hollywood High School Music Department Spring Concert May 1956. Directed by Nick Rossi and Dominick DiSarro.


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