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The USC Music Library has a large collection of monographs and sound recordings relating to klezmer music. Klezmer music may vary by geographic region. For more information on Klezmer Music, click the Grove link at the bottom of the page.

Enjoy the Klezmer playlist on Naxos Music Library. (Link only works in Internet Explorer.) You must be a USC student to access this resource.

From the Oxford Companion to Music: "Originally a Yiddish term meaning ‘musician’, ‘klezmer’ now denotes a musical tradition cultivated by Ashkenazi Jews. Performed by Polish, Romanian, Russian, and Ukrainian immigrants it made its way to the USA, where it enjoyed a huge revival in the late 20th century. Klezmer bands may consist of a combination of instruments from clarinets, trumpets, violins, and string instruments.

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General Klezmer Sources

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Read about the music of Klezmer at Grove Music Online.

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