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Container List

Series I: French Editions

Call Number Title

Music Limited Access M 1544 .C43 S8 1900z

Chabrier, Emmanuel. La sulamite: scène lyrique pour mezzo-soprano et chœur de femmes / poèsie de Jean Richepin. Paris: Enoch & Cie, [19--].

Music Limited Access M 3.3 .D3 B6 Debussy, Claude. La boîte à joujoux. Paris: A. Durand, 1913.
Music Limited Access M 1500 .D42 M3 1911 _____. Le martyre de Saint Sébastien : mystère composé en rythme français / par Gabriele d'Annunzio. Paris: A. Durand & Fils, c1911.
Music Limited Access ML 410 .D28 A2 1921 _____. Monsieur Croche, antidilettante. Paris: Dorbon-ainé, 1921.
Music Limited Access M 1503 .D42 P416 1908 _____. Pelléas e Mélisande. Paris: Durand & Fils, c1908.
Music Limited Access M 215 .D43 P7 1900z _____. Prélude à l’après-midi d’un faune, de Stéphane Mallarmé. Réduction pour deux pianos. Paris: J. Jobert, 19??.
Music Limited Access M 38 .F344 H6 1921 Falla, Manuel de. Homenaje: pièce de guitare écrite pour Le tombeau de Claude Debussy. London: J. & W. Chester, c1921.
Music Limited Access M 25 .I659 op.27 1890z Indy, Vincent d'. Promenade: pièce pour piano: op. 27. Paris: J. Hamelle, [189-?].
Music Limited Access M 1503 .M38 E8 1900z Massenet, Jules. Esclarmonde. Paris: G. Hartmann, 1900.
Music Limited Access PQ 1461 .F2 1990 Le Roman de Fauvel: in the edition of Mesire Chaillou de Pesstain. Introduced by Edward H. Roesner, François Avril, and Nancy Freeman Regalado. New York: Broude Bros., 1990.

Series II: Scrapbooks

A) Spiral Binding
Scrapbooks #1-7
B) Three Ring Binding
Scrapbooks #8-13
C) Other
Scrapbook #14

Series III: Photographs

Photo of Leontyne Price. Signed “To John Adams, with deepest thanks. Leontyne Price.” 1970s. Black and white.

Photo of Hilda Dederich. London, 1969. Black and white.

Photo of Hilda Dederich. 1920.

Photo of Alicia de Larrocha. Signed November 5, 1981, “With many thanks and best wishes to John Adams. Alicia de Larrocha.” Black and white.

Photo of Jacqueline du Pré. Signed “Lovely to see you at last. Jacqueline du Pré.” 1974. Black and white.

Photo of Felix Aprahamian. Signed March 16, 1988, “for dear John Adams, (after 30 years!). Affectionately, Felix Aprahamian. Black and white.

Photo of Rudolf Ganz. Signed 1931, “for Robert D. W. Adams. With my best wishes. Sincerely Rudolph Ganz.” Black and white.

Photo of Carl Friedberg. Autographed. Black and white.

Photo of Ossip Gabrilowitsch. Signed March 1928, “To Mr. & Mrs. R. D. W. Adams with most cordial greetings. Ossip Gabrilowitsch.” Black and white.

Photo of Arthur Rubinstein at the piano. 1960's. Photo taken at Winthrop. Black and white.

Photo of Arthur Rubinstein at door. Photo taken by a student of John K. Adams at Township Auditorium, Columbia, SC. January 1965. Black and white.

Photo of Arthur Rubinstein with hand in air. 1969. Photo credit to William Haroutounian. Black and white.

Photo of Bruce Simonds. Signed “For John Adams, in pride at having helped to teach him. Bruce Simonds.” Black and white.

Photo of Ilonka Deckers-Künzler. Signed Columbia, January 5, 1982, “To John Adams, with love and good wishes for his carreer [sic]. Color.

Photo of Optik A. Perren-Barberini.

1948 photograph of John Kenneth Adams for his first full recital. Birmingham, AL.

Photo of John Kenneth Adams playing piano. First USC recital, November 1964. Black and white. One 8" x 10" copy, one 8" x 4" cropped version.

Photo of John Kenneth Adams with score at piano. Columbia Museum of Art, 1972. Black and white.

Seven black & white photographs of John K. Adams, of various sizes.

One ink and paper sketch of John Kenneth Adams in concert by Lesli Martin in 2006.

One 4" x 6" color photo of John K. Adams and Ella Ann Holding seated at a piano.

One 4" x 6" color photo of John K. Adams and Yale Dean Robert Blocker at the Yale School of Music Alumni's 4th Alumni Convocation awards dinner.

Postcard photo of Pablo Casals. Zermatt, 1960. Black and white.

One black and white photograph of Frank Mannheimer.

Pencil sketch of Frank Mannheimer.

Photo of Birgit Nilsson. Black and white.

One postcard from an illuminated triptych in memory of Tobias Matthay. From the Royal Academy of Music.

Photograph of John Adams at the piano, performing on the first concert of the South Carolina Festival Orchestra (later became the South Carolina Philharmonic). 14" x 11". Black and White. See map case for item.

One 4" x 6" color photo of John K. Adams with eight students. Date and location unknown.

Series IV: Programs, Pamphlets, Letters, and Newspaper Clippings

A) Programs of performances by others

October 12, 1925 - Song recital by Anna Case (soprano).

April 21, 1926 – Mme. Ernestine Schumann-Heink (contralto), Florence Hardeman (violinist), and Julius Buerger (piano).

December 19, 1937 – New York Musician’s Club “The Bohemians”: Dr. Josef Hofmann (Guest of Honor) Celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of his first American appearance. Signed by Josef Hofmann.

February 21, 1940 – Charles L. Wagner presents Jeanette MacDonald in a Song Recital.

February 22, 1949 – The Birmingham Music Club presents The Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, Leonard Bernstein (conductor).

December 1, 2, & 3, 1950 – Sadler’s Wells Ballet.

April 15, 1955 – Ruth Seufert Concerts: Leon Fleisher (pianist).

January 1960 – Programmheft der wiener staatsoper. In German.

October 21, 1960 – Beaulieu Abbey Church Recital by Moura Lympany.

November 12, 1960 – London Violoncello Club. Jacqueline du Pre and Iris du Pre.

May 12, 1969 – Wilfrid van Wyck Ltd. Present A Pianoforte Recital by Artur Rubinstein.

November 10 & 11, 1974 – Teatro all Scala: Concerto fuori abbonamento Sviatoslav Richter (pianist). In Italian.

February 14, 1980 – CMFA Artist Concert Series Leontyne Price (soprano) and David Garvey (pianist). Signed by Leontyne Price and David Garvey.

December 4, 1999 - Piano Matinee, St. Peter's Catholic Church. Featuring piano students from the studio of John K. Adams, USC School of Music.

1999 – XVI Festival Chopin à Paris: 1849-1999: Cent cinquantieme anniversaire de la mort de Chopin. In French.

April 30, 2000 - University of South Carolina School of Music Piano Pedagogy Program Spring Recital.

July 3-20, 2001 - France Piano International. 9th Festival de Piano. In French. See the brochure below.

N. D. – The Literature of the Piano: A Survey in Seven Programs by Ernest Hutcheson.

B) Programs of performances by John K. Adams

December 9, 1958 - The University Glee Club of New Haven. Christmas Concert (Thirty-fifth Season).

February 26, 1959 - Yale University School of Music. Pianoforte Recital by John Kenneth Adams.

May 14, 1959 - Yale University School of Music. Concert by Students in the School of Music, assisted by The University Orchestra.

June 4, 1961 - The Buffalo Music Study Club (Buffalo, Wyoming) presents John Kenneth Adams, pianist.

December 10, 1961 - The University of Texas Department of Music, The College of Fine Arts. Faculty Concert Series John Kenneth Adams, piano.

September 29, 1963 - The University of Texas College of Fine Arts- Department of Music Presents Faculty Concert Series John Kenneth Adams, piano.

November 7, 1965 - The William Nelson Cromwell Concerts, National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C. 1010th Concert. In the East Garden Court. John Kenneth Adams, pianist.

March 13, 1967 - The Phillips Collection. Piano Recital John Kenneth Adams.

August 1-9, 1967 - Tenth Annual Matthay Piano Festival and Workshop.

October 12, 1968 - Columbia Philharmonic Orchestra: John Kenneth Adams, Pianist.

January 5, 1969 - University of South Carolina Music Department and The Columbia Museum of Art present John Kenneth Adams, piano, in a preview performance of his European debut recitals, Spring 1969.

June 11, 1970 - Calhoun County Tricentennial presents Benjamin DeLoache, Baritone, John Kenneth Adams, Piano, in concert.

January 8, 1971 - Home Federal Savings & Loan Association presents 40th Anniversary Concert Gala featuring Columbia Philharmonic Orchestra.

June 2, 1972 - El Centro Colombo Americano con la colaboración de Bellas Artes, Tienen el gusto de presentar al pianista norteamericano: John K. Adams. In Spanish.

June 3, 1973 - Governo do Estado de Minas Gerais Fundação Palãcio das Artes. Música para a Juventude. In Spanish.

November 21, 1974 - United States Information Service. Concerto del Pianista John Kenneth Adams. In Italian.

January 30, 1975 - Associazione Italo-Americana Della Regione Friuli-Venezia Giulia Concerto del Pianista John Kenneth Adams. In Italian. Two copies.

March 14, 1975 - Casa de Cultura de Soria Concierto de Piano John Kenneth Adams. In Spanish.

March 17, 1975 - Centro Cultural de los Estados Unidos Concierto de Piano de John Kenneth Adams. In Spanish.

May 2, 1975 - Asomusica presenta: John Kenneth Adams, Pianista. In Spanish.

August 4-15, 1975 - Mannheimer Piano Festival.

January 20, 1976 - La gioventú musicale d'Italia in collaborazione con gli Amici della Musica Viadana presenta il pianista John Kenneth Adams. In Italian.

August 2-13, 1976 - Mannheimer Piano Festival.

1977-1978 (various dates) - Piano Portraits.

March 31, 1977 - One hour of French Music by Gabriel Fauré, Francis Poulenc, and Claude Debussy.

April 3, 1978 - John Kenneth Adams, pianist. Carnegie Recital Hall.

May 15, 1982 - St. Andrew's Church- Chedworth. Concert: Professor John Kenneth Adams. Pianist.

1982-1983 (various dates). Piano Portraits. November 16, 1982; December 7, 1982; January 18, 1983; February 15, 1983; March 29, 1983; April 12, 1983.

February 28, 1984 - The Columbia Philharmonic Orchestra. Page 9 of a Palmetto State Orchestra Association booklet.

October 23, 1984 - The Complete Piano Works of Claude Debussy. John Kenneth Adams, pianist. Program I.

March 5, 1985 - The Complete Piano Works of Claude Debussy. John Kenneth Adams, pianist. Program II.

October 8, 1985 - The Complete Piano Works of Claude Debussy. John Kenneth Adams, pianist. Program III.

March 18, 1986 - The Complete Piano Works of Claude Debussy. John Kenneth Adams, pianist. Program IV.

November 25, 1986 - The Complete Piano Works of Claude Debussy. John Kenneth Adams, pianist. Program V.

April 4, 1987 - Armour Memorial Home, Kansas City, Missouri, presents John Kenneth Adams, pianist.

March 17-19, 1988 - Society for French Historical Studies- Thirty-Fourth Annual Conference. "Evening of French Music," University of South Carolina.

April 15, 1988 - University of South Carolina School of Music presents John Kenneth Adams, pianist, in Faculty Recital.

May 30, 1988 - Hyon Min-Ja and Johh Kenneth Adams: Charity Concert for Kidney Trouble Patient.

September 27, 1988 - Clemson University Department of Performing Arts presents Lillian and Robert Utsey Chamber Music Series. John Kenneth Adams, Pianist.

October 18, 1988 - All Saints Arts Series 1988-1989. Piano Portrait- Frederic Chopin. John Kenneth Adams, pianist.

October 23, 1988 - Crescent Music Club Presents John Kenneth Adams, pianist.

October 28-29, 1988 - South Carolina Music Teachers Association, Twenty-Ninth Annual Convention.

November 2, 1988 - Wednesdays at Trinity. Trinity Cathedral, Columbia, SC.

June 14-18, 1988 - Duluth, MN: Mannheimer Piano Festival

June 27, 1988 - The American Matthay Association presents John Kenneth Adams, Pianist.

June 11-15, 1989 - Mannheimer Piano Festival. One copy on pink paper, two copies on green paper.

June 24-28, 1989 - The American Matthay Association announces "Piano Festival '89."

March 9, 1990 - Music at Southeastern Community College(SCC): John Kenneth Adams in recital.

January 22, 1991 - University of South Carolina School of Music, College of Humanities and Social Sciences presents John Kenneth Adams, piano, in Faculty Recital.

October 20, 1992 - The University of South Carolina School of Music presents John Kenneth Adams, piano, in Faculty Recital.

April 12, 1994 - School of Music, University of South Carolina presents John Kenneth Adams, piano, in Faculty Recital.

June 21-25, 1994 - Duluth, MN: Mannheimer Piano Festival and Reunion.

June 22, 1995 - Kennesaw State College Department of Music and Performing Arts and The American Matthay Association present John Kenneth Adams, pianist.

February 3, 1997 - Campbell University and the Division of Fine Arts present The University Faculty Performance Series.

Jun 10-14, 1997 - Mannheimer Piano Festival.

June 16-20, 1998 - American Matthay Association Piano Festival '98.

March 14, 2002 - The Campbell University Music Department presents Ella Ann Holding and John Kenneth Adams, Duo-Pianists in Recital.

May 18, 2002 - The Abbeville Opera House Presents Ella Ann Lee Holding and John Kenneth Adams, Duo-Pianists is Recital.

November 17, 2002 - Presenting John Kenneth Adams, Pianist.

June 17, 2004 - The 47th Annual Piano Festival of the American Matthay Association presents Holding and Adams, Duo-Pianists.

June 21-28, 2004 - The First Annual Varna International Master Class in Piano. Varna, Bulgaria.

November 10, 2004 - John Kenneth Adams, Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Presenting "Monsieur Croche, The Dilettante Hater: A Talk with Music."

November 21, 2004 - Sundays at Lowman Piano 2004 Piano Music Series.

November 21, 2004 - Sundays at Lowman Piano Series Presenting Dr. John Kenneth Adams with Mrs. Sharon Rattray.

October 16, 2005 - Sundays at Lowman 2005-06 Piano Music Series.

October 15, 2006 - Sundays at Lowman 2006-07 Piano Music Series.

October 24, 2006 - The University of South Carolina School of Music Presents "An Evening with Claude Debussy," John Kenneth Adams, piano.

June 8, 2006 - The Remington Concert Series Proudly Presents The First Piccolo Spoleto Concert Series at Franke at Seaside.

January 25-28, 2007 - Flyer for the Foothills Piano Festival, Jacksonville State University, AL. Two copies.

January 28, 2007 - Flyer for "Music at the Museum 2006-2007." John Kenneth Adams performs "Piano Portrait of Maurice Ravel."

January 28, 2007 - Anniston Museum of Natural History presents John Kenneth Adams, Pianist. "A Piano Portrait of Claude Debussy and Maurice Ravel: A Study in Contrasts."

February 11, 2007 - The Remington Series: Franke at Seaside presents John Kenneth Adams.

August 11, 2007 - A Musical Evening with John Kenneth Adams. Hosted by Chris and Betsy Mapes.

October 22, 2007 - The Columbia College Department of Music presents John Kenneth Adams, pianist, in Guest Recital.

February 15-18, n.y. - The University of Kansas City Playhouse: Don Giovanni, or the Libertine Punished.

March 21, n.y. - La Maison Française in collaboration with the French Piano Institute presents Dominique Merlet, pianist.

April 28, n.y. - El Centro Colombi Americano y Comfenalco Invitan al concierto de música de cámara ofrecido por "La orquesta colombiana" dirigida por Bruce Morton Wright; pianista invitado John Kenneth Adams. In Spanish.

April 29, n.y. - Musica de Camara. John Kenneth Adams, piano. In Spanish.

May 25, n.y. - Festival of Churches/Piccolo Spoleto presents John K. Adams in piano recital.

August 20, n.y. - Cloud County Community College, Cloud Classics featuring John Kenneth Adams, classical piano.

C) Pamphlets and Brochures

Aspen Music School: Summer 1956.

Norfolk Music School of Yale University. 20 June - 31 July, 1957.

Bulletin of Yale University School of Music 55, no. 4 (February 1959). Includes markings by John K. Adams.

Mann, William. Hugo Wolf 1860-1903: A Centenary Appreciation. London: John Roberts Press Limited, [N.d].

July 3-20, 2001 - Brochure for French Piano Institute 9th Annual Piano Festival.

June 9-15, 2003 - Flyer for the Southeastern Summer Piano Festival at the University of South Carolina School of Music.

D) Letters 

February 3, 1984 – Letter from Sharon Kitter (Metropolitan Opera Guild) to John Adams.

May 10, 1987 – Letter from Judith ? to John Adams.

E) Clippings and Awards

Biographical article/obituary for Felix Aprahamian, music critic, by the Times Online from 2005. Printed from the internet.

Tommasini, Anthony. "A Milestone by a Living Master." The New York Times, December 13, 2008. Article plus accompanying photographs. Printed from nytimes.com.

One page clipped from the April 2003 Carolinian. Article is about Adams's former student Victoria Bragin, co-winner of the Van Cliburn International Piano Competition for Outstanding Amateurs.

One biographical advertisement for John Kenneth Adams with quotes from concert reviews.

One biographical brochure for John Kenneth Adams with quotes from concert reviews.

Clippings from the Yale School of Music's Fourth Alumni Convocation, April 2000. John K. Adams was given an Alumni Certificate of Merit. See photographs section for accompanying picture.

Certificate of Lifetime Achievement presented to John K. Adams from the South Carolina Music Teachers Association.

F) Columbia Festival Orchestra (later known as the South Carolina Philharmonic)

"New Piano Dedicated by Women." n.d., unknown paper and author. Pictured are John Kenneth Adams and Mrs. Leroy Straussberg.

"Soloist and Orchestra Rehearse for Concert." The Columbia Record, October 11, 1968. Pictured are John Adams, Debbi Rhodes, and orchestra members.

November 24, 1964 - Concert Program: "The Columbia Festival Orchestra." Program is from the first concert by this ensemble, which later became the South Carolina Philharmonic.

November 16, 1965 - Columbia Festival Orchestra concert program.

1965-1966 – Brochure for Columbia Festival Orchestra 1965-1966 season.

April 8, 1971 – The Columbia Music Festival Association presents Isaac Stern (violinist). Signed by Alexander Zakin (pianist).

G) Festival-related materials

"Franz Schubert" concert program. February 7, 11, 14, 1973. Two copies.

"Basically Brahms Festival" program booklet. October 10-17, 1976. Two copies.

"Bach Meets Mendelssohn: 5 Variations on an Historical Theme." October 16-23, 1977.

"Russian Music" program booklet. October 14-21, 1979. Two copies.

"A Series of Four Concerts." October 21, 23, 26, 28, 1980.

Several newspaper clippings reviewing the above festival concerts.

Series V: Myra Hess and Tobias Matthay

Photo of Myra Hess. Professional headshot for management company. Black and White.

Photo of Myra Hess. Signed “To Robert Adams with my best wishes. Myra Hess.” Black and white.

Photo of Myra Hess. Signed “To John Adams with all my best wishes. Myra Hess.” Black and white.

One 5" x 7" sepia photograph of Myra Hess at her piano with autograph, "With best wishes/ Myra Hess." Photographer stamp "Florence Vandamm, New York."

Two 6.5" x 8.5" black & white photographs of Tobias Matthay by Lafayette, from the National Portrait Gallery, London.

Photo of the “Last Summer Meeting of R.A.M. Class at Marley, July, 1914.” People in photo include Tobias Matthay, Jessie Matthay, Myra Hess, Irene Scharrer, Harold Craxton, Hilda Dederich, Vivian Langrish, and Egerton Tidmarsh. Black and white.

Photograph reproduction on printer paper of Myra Hess, Tobias Matthay, and Denise Lassimonne.

January 8, 1962 – Letter from Anita Gunn to John Adams.

Autographs on a sheet of paper titled, "Fourth Season, 6th Concert, Feb. 20th, 1945." Autographs included: Myra Hess, Arnold van Wyk, Howard Ferguson, and the members of the Zorian String Quartet. (See next item)

Photocopy of a page from the April 1945 Musical Times describing the provenance of the previous item. The February 20th concert was in London at a Boosey & Hawkes concert.

March 29, 1949 – Fritschy Artist Series 42nd Season: Myra Hess.

October 1, 1959 – The Orchestral Concerts Society Ltd. present Myra Hess.

August 12, 1960 – Henry Wood Promenade Concerts: The BBC Symphony Orchestra and Myra Hess.

November 26, 1965? – Obituary for Myra Hess.

Matthay, Tobias. Some Commentaries on the Teaching of Pianoforte Technique. London: Bosworth & Co., Ltd., 1963.

Lassimonne, Denise. Opening the Shutters: A Short Exposition on the Teachings and Personality of Tobias Matthay. Signed by Denise Lassimonne to John Adams.

Series VI: Recordings

Call Number Title

Limited Access Rec 18301

Adams, John Kenneth. A Debussy Piano Recital. Century Records, 36440. LP.

Series VII: Miscellaneous

A) Supplemental Texts for LPs

La musica moderna. Milan: Fratelli Fabbri Editori, 1967. Two volumes.

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