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Container List

Series I: Manuscripts

Box/Folder Contents
1/1 The Sleep Music of the Dagna.
1/2 The Playing of the Harp of Life. Story according to J.O. Verian. Includes paragraph about meaning of title in Cowell's hand.
1/3 Lilt o' the Reel. Dated 1928.
1/4 Anger Dance.

Series II: Autographed Scores

Box/Folder Contents
1/5 Piece for Piano with Strings. Inscription to Edwin Hughes in Cowell's hand on second page.
1/6 Three Irish Legends. "For Dode Phillips with all my love." Inscription in Cowell's hand on cover page.

Series III: Correspondence, Programs, et al.

1/7 Date: unknown. Stationary with letterhead: 1 West 68th St., New York City. In Cowell's hand. Contents: mythology of the song, "The Sleep Music of the Dagna." Includes notes on how song is to be performed. One page.
1/7 Date: 34 Prescott Avenue, Bronwills, N.Y., January 27, 19??. Printed stationary with Cowell's Menlo Park address (crossed through). In Cowell's hand. Letter to Mr. Edwin Hughes confirming receipt of a copy of The Well-Tempered Clavier. One page.
1/7 Date: Shady, New York, 12479, January 27, 1976. Addressed to: Roger Mortimer, Head, Special Collections and Rare Books Librarian, University of South Carolina, Columbia, S.C., 29208. Typescript signed by Sidney Cowell (Mrs. Henry Cowell). Contents: Thanks Mr. Mortimer for the editorial copy of "The Sleep Music of the Dagna." Discusses duplicating manuscript for the Library of Congress and publication rights. Gives locations of other Cowell collections. One page, double-sided.
1/7 Date: Shady, New York, 12479, December 15, 1975. Addressed to: Mr. J. Michael Forster, Music Library, University of South Carolina, Columbia, S.C., 29208. Typescript signed by Sidney Cowell (Mrs. Henry Cowell). Contents: Authenticates autographed manuscripts. Discusses the following pieces: Lilt of the ReelThe Playing of the Harp of LifeAnger Dance, and The Sleep Music of the Dagna. Two pages, single-sided.
1/7 Program: The MacDowell Club of New York City, 166 East 73rd Street. "The Committee on Music Presents a Lecture-Recital by Henry Cowell." Dates December 17, 1924.
1/8 Henry Cowell. a record of his activities. Original (1934) copy of a typescript of Henry Cowell's work as a composer, pianist, editor, promotor, director, lecturer, author, and musicologist, with reviews of his work. Compiled June 1934 by his step-mother Olive Thompson Cowell.
1/8 Weisgall, Hugo. "The Music of Henry Cowell," [Reprint from] The Musical Quarterly XLV/4 (October 1959).
1/8 Henry Cowell's Musical Worlds. A program book for the Henry Cowell Centennial Festival. Published by the Institute for Studies in American Music at Brooklyn College (1977).
1/8 Anniversary booklet: Henry Cowell. March 10, 1912 Anniversary [Debut as composer/pianist] 65 Birthday March 11, 1897 (Broadcast Music, 1962).

Series IV: Books

Music Limited Access ML 3800 .C78 N4 1930 Cowell, Henry. New Musical Resources (New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1930). Second printing of first edition.


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