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Container List

I/1 Psalm 139 in part and paraphrased. S/A/T/B/Organ. Full MS score and copies.

Psalm 103 (English). Voice and Keyboard. MS final score, pencil scores and photocopy of same. P. 2v contains a MS page from the score of Gratia tuum.

Gratia tuum Magister Cantorum (English/Latin). Chorus and brass (3 trumpets, 2 trombones, bass trombone). Full scores and MS parts.

I/3 A Conversation Piece. Orchestra, trio of solo voices (English). Four full scores, master copies of a version for voices and 2 pianos, orchestral parts.
I/4 Te Deum (Latin). S/A/T/B, 3 trumpets, 3 trombones. Scores and parts.

Sonata for 3 (oboe, clarinet, piano). Full score and oboe part.

Nellie's Tune. MS copies of violin, flute, clarinet, and cello/bassoon parts.

What Wondrous Love (American Folk Hymn). Parts for guitar, oboe, alto sax, trombone, percussion (bells), bass, piano (photocopies and parts).

3 Carols (Good King Wensceslas/Still, Still, Still/In the Bleak Midwinter). MS parts for 1st and 2nd violin, viola, cello.

Rhythms. Parts, full score (violins, viola, cello, bass).

Untitled piece for solo guitar, with pencil sketches and copy of score.

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The Ferguson. Score and parts (three Bb trumpets, 3 trombones, bass trombone, bass tuba, timpani).

Simple Gifts. Three scores, two labeled "the sketch."

Fanfare for the Groundbreaking of the Ira and Nancy Koger Center for the Performing Arts. Columbia, South Carolina. September 7, 1985. Bound photocopy of MS score for brass ensemble and percussion.

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Adeste Fideles (J. F. Wade). Antioch/Joy to the World (Handel). Mendelssohn, Hark the Herald Angels Sing, Gloria with Refrain (French Carol).. Various MS parts (1st and 2nd trumpets, F horn, trombone, tuba), pencil sketches.

Adeste Fideles/Antioch. Parts (4 trumpets in Bb, 3 F horns, 3 trombones, bass trombone, tuba).

Diversion 4. Full score (flute, oboe doubling English horn, clarinet doubling soprano sax, bassoon, horn, trumpet, trombone with F attachment).

Keep the Home Fires Burning; S.C. Moore, We Love You, with variations. Two full scores (flute, oboe, clarinet, F horn, bassoon).

Bach, J. S. Prelude and Fugue no. 7 in Eb Major (Well-Tempered Clavier), arr. Teuber (for piano, clarinet, & horn)

Joplin, Scott. A Panoply of Rags, arr. Teuber. Scores and parts.

Padilla. El Relicario, arr. Teuber. 2 scores and parts (brass ensemble).

Haydn's Austrian HymnKremser, Crüger's Nun Danket Alle Gott; Girl from Ipanima. Pencil scores and (Girl from Ipanima only) parts or some (Bb trumpets 1-3) parts (Kremser and Nun Danket Alle Gott).

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Now Thank We All Our God, based on Nun Danket by Johann Crüger. Organ and S/A/T/B choir. Full score.

Music for the Holy Eucharist (Kyrie and Gloria). Organ and S/A/T/B choir. Full scores and one pencil sketch of the full score, parts (winds and strings.)

America the Beautiful. Keyboard and S/A/T/B choir. Full score.

The Owl and the Pussycat. Keyboard and voice. Score.

Come, Let Us Sing Unto The Lord (with Thanksgiving). Organ and S/A/T/B. Full MS score.

Alleluia. Winds and S/A/T/B. Full MS score.

Psalm 33. S/A/T/B. Full MS score and String Bass part, with three miniscores.

Introits, Benedictions, et al. S/A/T/B, in score.

  • Introit: Arise O My Soul. Benediction: The People of the Lord Have Feasted
  • Introit: Surely, the Lord. Benediction: The Righteous Will Shine
  • In the Beginning; Through the Power of the Spirit; Listen; Glorify the Lord
  • For God Alone; God, Our Rock; Come--Feed Your Soul; The Word Became Flesh
  • Praise the Lord; Live as One; Let Light Shine; Having Seen the Light
  • Introit: Let the Hearts of Those Who seek. Benediction: The Hand of the Lord
  • Introit: How Good It Is. Benediction: Blest Be the Tie that Binds
  • Benediction: Blest be the Tie (Alt.). Introit: Our Help is in the Name. Benediction: Whatever Gifts

Selling Song #1 (Volpone Act II sc. ii). Guitar, tambourine, voice. Score.

Selling Song #2 (Volpone Act II sc. ii). Guitar, tambourine, voice. Score.

Fools (Volpone Act I sc. i) Guitar, tambourine, 3 voices. Score.

Opening fanfare for Volpone. Score and parts (trumpets 1-2, trombones 1-2).

O Lord, Seek Me, Know Me. S/A/T/B and organ/keyboard. Pencil sketch of score.

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Dufay, Guillaume. Kyrie (Mercy Please), arr. Teuber. Pencil score and parts for Bb trumpet, horns 1-2, and 3 trombones.

To hoarders of mercy (Sir Thomas Wyatt). Voice and piano. Two scores (see also On Persuasion and To hoarders of money below, both also on Wyatt texts).

Diversions for Orchestra. 1:March. Orchestra. Parts only.

Alleluia--He is Risen! S/A/T/B, brass & organ. Five full scores, and parts, for brass choir.

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Crown Him with Many Crowns. Parts for 3 trumpets in Bb.

DarwellRichmond. Parts for trumpets 1-2 in Bb, F horn, trombone, timpani.

St. George's Windsor. Full score, plus additional copy of last page and a further copy of last page including verse D in reduced score; pencil score.

St. George's WindsorNun Danket Alle Gott. Parts for trumpets 1-2, F horn, trombone, tuba.

George.The King's Majesty (#73); Teschner. St. Theodulph. Full score and parts for trumpets 1-2, horn, trombone, tuba.

Warren, National Hymn (God of Our Fathers; Beethoven, Hymn to Joy. Parts for trumpets 1-2 in Bb, F horn, trombone, tuba, organ.

Keller, American Hymn (L.B.W. #525); St. Catherine (L.B.W. #500); Luther, Ein' Feste Burg (L.B.W. #229). Parts for trumpets 1-2 in Bb, F horn, trombone.

Dorn Horn Trio. Scores and parts for all three movements, including scores and parts for a new second movement.

Duet Set for Horn and Tuba. Two scores.

Bach, J. S. Fugue XI (Vol. I, WTC), arr. Teuber. Pencil score and parts (2 trumpets, F horn, trombone).

Bach, J. S. Fugue VII (Vol. II WTC), arr. Teuber. 2 pencil scores and parts (2 trumpets, F horn, trombone).

Fischer, D. Clare, arr. Dancing on the Cieling [sic] (Spring 1951). Scores and parts.

List of Hymns with Brass: Festive Settings by F. W. Teuber (a partial listing).

Crüger, J. Nun Danket Alle Gott (LSBH 443). Piano score in pencil.

Crüger, J. Nun Danket Alle Gott (LSBH 44 a 5). Piano score in pencil.

Fanfares for an Ordination, no. 1. Full score in pencil.

Fanfares for an Ordination, no. 3, Ein' Feste Berg. Pencil score.

Fanfares for an OrdinationEdsall (207), PicardyOld 100th. Parts for trumpets 1-2 in Bb, F horn, trombone, and timpani (3 keetles) (timpani for Fanfares only).

Darwell (see above); Ein' Feste Burg (Fanfare no. 3--see above);Richmond (see above); Picardy (see above); Old 100th (see above);Edsall (see above). Pencil sketches of scores.

Ein' Feste Burg (not the fanfare); Haydn's Austrian Hymn (L.B.W. #358). Score (Austrian Hymn on reverse of side 1).

Haydn's Austrian Hymn (different arr. than above). Parts for trumpets 1-2, F horn, trombone, tuba.

Ein' Feste Burg (150). Parts and score (2 Bb trumpets, F horn, trombone, tuba); on reverse, Wesley's Aurelia. Score and parts (2 Bb trumpets, F horn, trombone, tuba, organ).

Theme with three variations. Part for unspecified instrument, in treble clef.

It's All Right With Me. Score.

The Party's Over. Pencil score (includes voice).

Tillis, Frederick C. Brass Quintet (1962). Score and parts.

Coyner, L. Brass Octet in Two Antiphonal Groups. Score.

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Maggie by My SideGrand March (G. W. E. Friederich); Lilly Lee;Farewell My Lilly Dear (Quick Step). Score & parts (1st trumpet in Bb, F horn, trombone 2, and tuba). Photocopies of parts: Maggie by My Side/Lilly Lee (incomplete) (Tuba), Maggie By My Side/Lilly Lee/Farewell My Dear (Tuba); Lilly Lee/Farewell My Lilly Dear (Bass Tubas); Lilly Lee/Farewell My Lilly Dear (Solo [1st] Trumpet; Maggie By My Side (1st Cornet, 2 copies). Parts: Lilly Lee/Farewell My Lilly, Dear (Solo [1st] trumpet; 1st horn in F, 2nd and 3rd horns in F, Bass Tubas [with an additional photocopy]).

Here's That Rainy Day (Frick). Brass Band. Photocopy of score.

Now, Musicians, Come (Hassler-Fleming). Score and parts (trumpets 1-2 in Bb, horn, trombones 1-2, tuba).

Yellow Ribbon Patriotic Medley, arr. Stephen Kent Goodman. Score (Brass ensemble) with parts.

Introduction Piece for Woodwind Quintet. Score and parts (flute, oboe, Bb clarinet, bassoon, F horn).

Te Deum. Full scores, choral score, pencil score.

Let All the Earth Rejoice!. Keyboard reduction with S/A/T/B (three copies, full score in pencil, 2 copies of parts for flute, Bb clarinet, Bb trumpet (3 copies), horn in F (3 copies), bassoon (3 copies), bass clarinet (1 copy).

Quintet in Two Parts. Scores and parts (2 trumpets, horn trombone, tuba).

Diversion 3. Scores and parts (wind ensemble and percussion).

Etudes for Horn.

Battle Hymn of the Republic. Score (chorus and brass ensemble) and parts.

"Either a Quartet or a Symphony in G for Strings." Score and parts.

Handel, G. F., arr. Teuber. Overture (Part I)/La Réjouissance fromRoyal Fireworks Music. Pencil short score of arrangement, parts (trumpets 1-2, F horn, trombone, tuba, timpani), scores of Overtureand La Réjouissance from Handel Complete Edition.

Handel, G. F., arr. Teuber. Hornpipe (from The Water Music). Score & parts (organ, trumpets 1-2 in C, F horn, trombone, tuba, timpani).

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Three Piece Set. Brass ensemble and organ. Scores.

Lines for String Orchestra. Score and parts.

Variations on Scarborough Fair (Woodwind Quintet). Score and parts.

Prokofiev, arr. Teuber. Excerpts from Peter and the Wolf. Woodwind Quintet. Scores and parts.

The Exposé, a musical Spoof in two Acts. Scores and parts.

Duet Set for Horn and Tuba. Score.

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Canzone (1961). Scores and parts (F horns 1-2, tenor and bass trombones).

Sunny Side (of the Street). Score and parts (Bb trumpets 1-2, F horn, trombone, tuba).

Johann Crüger--Dressed Up and Happy. Score and parts (jazz band).

Ice Cream Sweet. Score and parts (flute, oboe, 2 Bb clarinets, bass clarinet, and bassoon).

The Shadow of Your Smile/The Girl from Ipanima/I'll Remember April. Parts for flute, horns 1-4, and tuba.

Frippery nos. 6, 11, and 16. Parts for tubas.

Burt, Al., arr. Teuber. As Children See Him. Scores (keyboard/voice).

Salad. Scores (keyboard, voice).

Songs from Kipling's Epitaphs of War (keyboard/voice). Scores and copies of texts.

  • The Coward
  • Common Form
  • Ex-Clerk
  • Salonikan Grave
  • A Dead Stateman
  • R.A.F.

Franck, arr. Teuber. Pavana VII/Galliarda XXV from Neue Pavanen und Galliarden/Three Dances from Deutsche Weltliche Gesäng und Tänze. Score.

Peuerl, arr. Teuber. Canzona. Franck, arr. Teuber. Pavana VII and Galliarda XXV. Franck, arr. Teuber. Dances from Deutsche Weltliche Gesäng und Tänze (1604). Posche, arr. Teuber. Paduana and Gagliarda from Musicalishe Tafelfreudt (1621). Parts.

Study in Strings with Timpani. Score and parts.

Alphadoodle Set for Young Strings. Scores and parts.

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Ja Da-5/2B. Score.

Two Southern Folk Tunes (Keemio, Kimio--The Frog Song & Cindy, Cindy).. When Jesus Wept (Billings). Parts (woodwind quintet).

Simple Gifts & Sheneandoah. Parts (Woodwind quintet).

Amazing Grace. Parts (woodwind quintet).

I've Got Rhythm--Fascinatin' Rhythm. Score.

A Short Service. Scores (S/A/T/B).

Tenderly, for Jazz Band. Short score and parts.

Movin' West. An unauthorized arrangement of familiar tunes for Concert Band. One page of score (flutes, Eb and Bb clarinets, Eb alto clarinet, bsss clarinet, bassoons, alto saxes, tenor & baritone sax, trumpets or cornet, F horn, tromones, baritone, tuba, string bass, percussion with timpani and bells).

Shostakovich, D., arr. Teuber. Polka from L'Age d'Or, Op. 22. Woodwind quintet. Score and parts.

Kodaly, arr. Teuber. Entrance of the Emperor and His Court from The Hary Janos Suite. Score (flutes, oboe, Eb and Bb clarinets, percussion and piano).

Divertimento-Like (Divertimento 1962). March 5/62. Score and parts (flute, trumpet, violin, trombone, bassoon).

Rondo. Score (violin, 'cello, piano).

Now Thank We All Our God. Introduction, Hymn, and Descant. First page of score (trumpets 1-3 in Bb, F horn, trombones I-II, and tuba).

Now Thank We All Our God. Based on Nun Danket by Johann Crüger. Scores and miniscores (S/A/T/B and Brass) and parts (two trumpets, two trombones). Pencil score of organ and brass parts for the version for the centennial celebration of the First Congregational Church of Elmhurst, Illinois, A.D. 1990. Includes two letters concerning the production and performance of the piece.

Lasst Uns Erfreuen & Vigiles et Sancti from Geistliche Kirchengesänge, Cologne, 1623). Score

Diversions for Horns in Eight Parts. Score and parts.

Scarborough Fair revisited. Scores with parts (4 horns in F).

Scheidt, Samuel, arr. Teuber. Cantus XXIX: Canzon super Cantionem Gallicam. Parts (trumpets 1-2, F horn, trombone, tuba).

Scheidt, Samuel. Cantus I: Paduan. Parts (Bb trumpet, F horn, trombone, tuba).

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Williams, John, arr. Teuber. Title Theme from Star Wars. Score and parts (flute, oboe, clarinets 1-2, alto sax 1-2, tenor sax, trumpet 1-2, horn, trombone 1-2, tuba, percusion 1-2).

One Perfect Rose (text: Dorothy Parker). Voice and piano. Scores.

On Persuasion/To Horders of Money (text: Wyatt). Scores and parts (oboe, horn, voice, piano).

Divertimento I. Score.

Stravinsky, arr. Teuber. Tango. Orchestra. Score, parts.

Strauss, Richard, arr. Teuber. Feierliche Enzug. Score and parts (4 trumpets, 3 horns, 3 trombones, bass trombone, tuba).

Music for Wind and Percussion Instruments. Scores and parts.

Metalmark I. Score.

Sound Sketches for Band. Scores and parts.

For Fathers' Day. Scores.

A Patriotic Medley (adapted from G. R. Goodwin, et al.)/FWT. Scores.

America the Beautiful, arr. Teuber. Scores and parts.

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O Magnum Mysterium. Chorus. Scores.

Song for Chamber Orchestra. Scores and parts.

Veni Emmanuel + God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (A Fantasy). Scores and parts (Bb trumpets 1-2, F horns 1-2, trombones 1-2, bass trombone, tuba).

O Come All Ye Faithful & Go Tell It On The Mountain. Score and parts.

Adeste Fideles & O Dulci Jubilo. Parts (brass sextet) and score (O Dulci Jubilo).

Lulajze Jezuniu; We Wish You a Merry Christmas; Deck the Halls: O Sanctissima. Parts (brass sextet); score (Lulajze Jezuniu & O Sanctissima).

Choral Fanfare for Christmas. Parts (brass sextet).

Christmas Carols. Parts (trumpets 1-2, trombones 1-2).

  • Angels We Have Heard On High
  • What Child Is This?
  • The First Noel
  • O Tannenbaum
  • Away in a Manger
  • We Three Kings
  • Hark the Herald Angels Sing
  • Oh, Little Town of Bethlehem
  • It Came Upon the Midnight Clear
  • Silent Night
  • Oh, Come, All Ye Faithful
  • Joy to the World

USC Alma Mater: We Hail Thee, Carolina. Parts (brass ensemble).

God Save the QueenThe Star Spangled Banner. Score and parts (brass ensemble).

Columbia, arr. Teuber. Scores (orchestra and chorus).

Schumann, Robert, arr. Teuber. Concert Piece, Op. 86. Score and parts.

A May-Calling for Natural Horns. Scores and parts.

Christe du Lamm Gottes. Score and parts (horn octet).

Heilig ist Gott. Score and parts (horn octets).

Bach, J. S., arr. Teuber. Prelude & Fugue (WTC vol. 1/20). Score and parts (horn sextet).

The Builder and the Stone by Krause. Score and parts.

Gräfe. Friedebald, arr. Teuber. Grand Concerto for Trombone with Band Accompaniment. Score.

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Quintet (unidentified). Score

Mimeographs of short vocal church pieces (all folded into a piece of music paper with an Amen written on it::

  • Introit '58
  • Introit Let Us Sing
  • Introit Let All Who
  • Prayer Response
  • Prayer Response #2
  • Amen a 5
  • Amen a 4
  • Response Hear Our Prayer
  • Halleluia
  • Thanksgiving
  • Thanks #2
  • Thanks #3
  • Alleluia
  • Agnus Dei #1
  • Agnus Dei #2, Response Now Thank Your God #1
  • Thanx 2

The Blue Carbuncle. Score.

Waltzing Matilde. Scores (SATB vocal ensemble).

J'ai perdu le do. Score (wind ensemble with percussion).

Jolly Jingles. Score (trumpets, trombones).

Flourish for Friday. Score (alto sax and horn).

Interlude. Scores (string quartet).

La donna è mobile. Score (voice and brass sextet)

A Celebration Overture for the SCPO opening at the Koger Center. Short scores, 1st violin part.

Knowles & Osbourne. Columbia (song with chord symbols).

Columbia, The Anthem. Scores, Narration I, and Finale.

Columbia's 200th BrithdayA Pagent. Scores.

Smallwood, arr. Tebuer. Psalm 8. Score.

A Toast to Y2K. Score and parts.

Obrecht, Eldon. Sonata for Horn and Pianoforte (1957).

The Star Spangled Banner, arr. Teuber. Orchestral score.

Fugue for Winds (1951, rev. 1952). Scores (oboe, Bb trumpet, Eb alto sax, bassoon), parts.

Study in Strings--with Timpani. Score.

Divertimento no. 2. Score and parts (Bb clarinet, C trumpet, F horn, trombone with F attachment, bassoon).

Etude for Orchestra. Scores and parts, with performance notes.

3 Scoops. Orchestral score and parts.

A Wondrous Organist. Score.

Easter Hymn (Lyra Davidica). Parts (F horn, trombones, trumpet).

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Three Early German Chorale Preludes. Parts (Bb trumpet, F horn, trombone, baritone, tuba).

  • Allein zu dir, Her Jesu Christe (Pachelbel)
  • Es wolle Gott uns gnädig sein (Scheidt)
  • Gott sei gelobt (Scheidemann)

Lennon/McCartney,, arr. Archie Jordan. Eleanor Rigby.

Chamber Sonata for Three. Score and parts (clarinet, horn, piano).

Sonata for Three. Score and parts (oboe, clarinet, piano).

All Through the Night. Score and parts (brass, woodwinds, strings).

Linstead Market. Score and parts (strings, winds, percussion).

It's All Right With Me. Parts.

The Party's Over. Parts.

Jolly Jingle. Score and parts (brass sextet).

Sunny side. Score (brass ensemble).

Gershwin, arr. Teuber. Strike Up the Band. Parts.

Simple Gifts. Parts.

Teuber, Fred. Progressive Studies in Flexibility and Range Development for French Horn. Multiple copies.

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Scarborough Fair in Variation for 2 Guitars. Score.

Conversants for flute, guitar, and 'cello. Scores and parts.

Laudate; Improperium; Exaltabo Te. Scores and parts.

Three pieces for guitar solo. Scores.

Fanfares for Dinner. Parts.

Demotrio. Scores and parts (Bb trumpet, F horn, trombone)

Trio 2 (C trumpet, F horn, trombone). Score and parts.

A Jig. Score.

Bach, J. S., arr. Teuber. Sinfonia from Wir Danken Dir, Gott (Cantata no. 29). Score and parts (trumpet, trombone, timpani, organ).

Canon in homage to Wm. H. T. Score and parts (4 F horns, 4 trombones, percussion).

Brahms, Johannes, arr. Teuber. Op. 109. Score and parts (3 Bb trumpets, 2 F horns, 2 trombones and bass trombone).

Packets of choral scores in 4 photocopies each.

  • Arise O My Soul
  • The People of the Lord have feasted
  • Listen
  • Glorify the Lord
  • Let Light Shine
  • Having Seen the Light
  • Praise the Lord
  • Live as One
  • come--Feed your Soul
  • The Word Became Flesh
  • Let the Hearts of those who seek
  • The Hand of the Lord
  • How Good it is
  • Blest Be the Tie that Binds

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