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The Felix Bauer Collection

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Container List

Series I: Biographical Information

Box/Folder Contents
1/1 Biography and Genealogy
1/2 Press and Correspondence

Series II: Art Materials

Box/Folder Contents
1/3 Exhibition Programs
1/4 Exhibition Publicity and Paraphernalia
1/5 Art Work
1/6 Building Sketches: Erskine
1/7 Building Sketches: Churches
1/8 Text
1/9 Other Bauer Designs

Series III: Music Materials

Box/Folder Contents
1/10 Bauer's Teachers
1/11 Catalogs
1/11 Performances
1/13 List of recordings
1/14-2/17 Lecture Materials
2/18 Utna Pishtim
2/19 Miscellaneous Texts
2/20 - 10/60 Compositions: 

Series IV: Recordings

Box/Folder Contents
Multimedia Box VHS and audio cassettes
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