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Eastern Europe

The USC Music Library has a large collection of monographs and sound recordings relating to the music of Eastern Europe. The collection covers both indigenous and popular music. To learn more about Eastern Europe and its music, click on the Grove link under each country's bibliography.

Eastern Europe Map Belarus Bulgaria Czech Republic Hungary Moldova Poland Romania Slovakia Ukraine

1. Belarus
2. Bulgaria
3. Czech Republic
4. Hungary
5. Moldova
6. Poland
7. Romania
8. Slovakia
9. Ukraine

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(Yellow): 4 to 6 Items 
(Green): 7 or More Items



The Moiseyev Dance Ensemble. MCD 61451 Monitor. CD. 199-. 
Compact Disc 11317

Read about the music of Belarus at Grove Music Online.


Buchanan, Donna Anne. Performing Democracy: Bulgarian Music and Musicians in Transition.Chicago, IL.: University of Chicago Press, 2006.
ML 3918 .F65 B83 2006 and Compact Disc 8223

Carson, Caroline. A Study of the Choral Music Practices in Sofia, Varna, and Plovdiv, Bulgaria, 2006. Thesis, University of South Carolina, 2006.
LD 5031 .82 2006 .C3675

Kremenliev, Boris A. Bulgarian-Macedonian Folk Music. Berkeley, CA.: University of California Press, 1952.
ML 3602 .K7

Music of Bulgaria. ANG 65026 Angel. LP. 1955.
LP 8882

Music of Bulgaria. H 72011 Nonesuch. LP. 1966.
LP 17066

Passing with the Time: Popular Bulgarian Folk Songs. GEG259.2 Gega. CD. 2005.
Compact Disc 7697 

Rice, Timothy. May it fill Your Soul: Experiencing Bulgarian Music. Chicago, IL.: University of Chicago Press, 1994.
ML 3602 .R5 1994 and Compact Disc 5781

Read about the music of Bulgaria at Grove Music Online.

Czech Republic

Czech, Slovak, and Moravian Folk Songs. Monitor MF 389. LP. 1962.
LP 1658

Wolksmusikalische Wechselwirkungen Zwischen Deutschen und Tschechen: Bericht: 3. Sudetendeutsch-tschechisches Musiksumposium, 1./2. Dezember 1994 Regensburg.Regensburg, Germany: Sudetendeutsches Musikinstitut, 1994.
ML 3630 .S834 1994

Read about the music of the Czech Republic at Grove Music Online.


Folk Songs of Hungary. Arrangements by Bartok and Kodaly. BRS 904, BRS 914, BRS 004 Bartok. LP. 1952.
LP 6018

Hungarian Gypsies. RGNET1198CD World Music Network. CD. 2008.
Compact Disc 9455 

Hungarian Music. RGNET 1092 CD World Music Network. CD. 2002.
Compact Disc 9441

Kodaly, Zoltan. Folk Music of Hungary. London, England: Barrie and Jenkins, 1971.
ML 3593 .K4952 1972

Solti, Georg. The Last Recording. 289 458 929-2 London. CD. 1998.
Compact Disc 3321

Suderburg, Elizabeth. Elizabeth Suderburg sings Bela Bartok, Zoltan Kodaly. Turnabout TV 34781. LP. 1983.
LP 12235

The Gypsies are Playing: Authentic Gypsy Music performed by Hungarian Gypsies. XWN-19021 Westminster. LP. 1961.
LP 11512

This is Hungary. PLP-125 Parliament. LP. 1960.
LP 9504.

Varguas, Lajos. Hungarian Ballads and the European Ballad Tradition. Budapest, Hungary: Akademiai Kiado, 1983.
ML 3593 .V37313 1983 v.1 and v.2

Read about the music of Hungary at Grove Music Online.


The Moiseyev Dance Ensemble. MCD 61451 Monitor. CD. 199-. 
Compact Disc 11317

Moiseyev dances. Vol. 2. MFS 358 Smithsonian Folkways, M00358 Smithsonian Folkways, MFS 358 Monitor. CD. 2007 
Compact Disc 11318

Read about the music of Moldova at Grove Music Online.


Czekanowska-Kuklinska, Anna. Polish Folk Music: Slavonic Heritage, Polish Tradition, Contemporary Trends. Cambridge, NY: Cambridge University Press, 1990.
ML 3677 .C9 1990

Górecki, Henryk Mikolaj. Miserere. 79348-2, 9 79348-2 Elektra Nonesuch. CD. 1994.
Compact Disc 2371

Halski, Czeslaw. Folk Music in Poland: Songs, Dances, Instruments: A Study of Their Origins and Their Development. London, England: Polish Cultural Foundation, 1992.
ML 3677 .H35 1992

Muzyka z Jasnej Góry = Music from Jasna Góra. SXV-757--SXV-758 Veriton. LP. 1972.
LP 18228

Pope John Paul II sings at the Festival of Sacrosong. INF 9899 Infinity Records. LP. 1979.
LP 17107

Telemann, Georg Philipp. Polnisch-hanakische Volksmusik in Werken von Georg Philipp Telemann. Philsh and Hanakian Folk Music. Archiv Produktion SAPM 198 467. LP. 1969.
LP 2381

Read about the music of Poland at Grove Music Online.


Bartok, Bela. Piano Music. VSD 71249 Vanguard. LP. 1981.
LP 15178

Bartok, Bela. Solo Piano Works. SX4K 68275, SK 68268-9 Sony Classical. CD. 1995.
Compact Disc 4197, Discs 1-4

Bartok, Bela. Solo Piano Works; Piano Concerto no. 3. HCD 31036 Hungaroton Classic. CD. 1994.
Compact Disc 1641.

Bartok, Bela. Zoltan Kocsis plays Bartok. 475 6720 Philips. CD. 2005.
Compact Disc 7711, Discs 1-8

Ciocirlia: The Famous Romanian Folklore Ensemble. 0377, EPE 0377 Electrecord. LP. 190--.
LP 10436

Fanfare Ciocarlia. Iag Bari. CD-PIR1577 Piranha. CD. 2001.
Compact Disc 6693 

Goldmark, Carl. Rustic Wedding Symphony: Romanian Rhapsodies/ Georges Enesco. SVC-10 Vanguard Classics. CD. 1996.
Compact Disc 4127

Roumanian Romance. PHI-447 Philips. LP. 197-.
LP 17208

This is Rumania. PLP-119 Parliament. LP. 195-.
LP 9505

Zamfir, Gheorghe. Gheorghe Zamfir. MHS 4846, MHS 4846F Musical Heritage Society. LP. 1983.
LP 9876

Read about the music of Romania at Grove Music Online.


Fricsay, Ferenc. Ferenc Fricsay. 7243 5 75109 2 9, 7243 5 75110 2 5, 7243 5 7511 2 4 IMG Artists. CD. 2002.
Compact Disc 5038

Garmoniia Kamernyi Ansambl. Harmonia: Music of Eastern Europe. CD4313 Traditional Crossroads. CD. 2003.
Compact Disc 5772

Read about the music of Slovakia at Grove Music Online.


The Moiseyev Dance Ensemble. MCD 61451 Monitor. CD. 199-. 
Compact Disc 11317

Moiseyev dances. Vol. 2. MFS 358 Smithsonian Folkways, M00358 Smithsonian Folkways, MFS 358 Monitor. CD. 2007 
Compact Disc 11318

Music of the World's Peoples, Vol. 2. FE 4505, F-4505 Folkways Records. CD. 199-.
Compact Disc 4728

The International Trumpet Guild presents Trumpet Players & Trumpet Music of Ukraine. ITG CD 113, CD 113, ITG 113 International Trumpet Guild. CD. 2004.
Compact Disc 5689

Russian Folk Dances of the Moiseyev Dance Company. MCD 71310 Monitor, MF 310 Monitor, MF 358 Monitor. CD. 2007. 
Compact Disc 11315

Slobin, Mark, ed. Old Jewish Folk Music: The Collections and Writings of Moshe Beregovski.Philadelphia, PA: University of Pennsylvania Press, 1982.
ML 3776 .B37

Read about the music of Ukraine at Grove Music Online.

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