Dubbing Policies

The Music Library performs dubbing services for teaching faculty and course reserves.

Faculty Course-Reserve Services

Materials do not circulate outside the Music Library to anyone other than the instructor of the course, the graduate assistant for the course, or for a class presentation. 

The Music Library will not make copies of reserve tapes or other recordings for individual students. Any instructor wishing to provide a personal copy of reserve recordings for a student will need to make arrangements outside of the Music Library.

Information for Faculty Members:

1 . Allow two weeks for the preparation of a reserve tape or CD. Although preparation often takes less time, the Music Library cannot guarantee immediate service. 

2 . An ordered list of selections to be recorded must be provided via email to Joe Henderson: henderrj@mailbox.sc.edu.

3 . At the end of the semester, reserve tapes or CDs must be retained by the instructor or the Music Library. 

Teaching Assistants 

Music Library staff will not prepare reserve tapes for TAs. TAs must prepare their own reserve tapes outside of the library.

School of Music Recitals

The Music Library is unable to make copies of the following School of Music performances: graduate, student, faculty, ensemble, and guest artist recitals.  Students should request extra copies of their recital when submitting their recording request to the recording engineer, Jeff Francis.

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