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Claude Casey Collection

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Series Description


I Scores
A) Manuscripts
B) Printed Sheet Music by Claude Casey
C) Songbooks by Claude Casey
D) Printed Sheet Music by Other Artists
E) Songbooks by Other Artists
II Lyrics
A) Lyrics by Claude Casey
B) Lyrics by Other Artists
C) Lyrics by Unknown Authors
D) Lyrics by Unkown Authors without Titles
III Audio Recordings
A) 78s by Claude Casey
i) Unreleased Recordings
ii) Commercially Produced Recordings
B) 78s by Other Artists
i) Written by Claude Casey
ii) Written by Other Artists
C) Cassette tapes
i) Unreleased Recordings
ii) Commercially Produced
D) Reel-to-Reel
i) Unreleased Recordings
ii) Commercially Produced
IV Correspondence and Contracts
A) Correspondence
i) Themed Correspondence
ii) Letters Written by Claude Casey
iii) Other Correspondence
iv) Telegrams
B) Contracts
C) Royalty Receipts and Pay Stubs
V Writings
A) About Claude Casey
i) Monographs
ii) Dictionaries and Encyclopedias
iii) Periodicals
B) Not Concerning Claude Casey
i) Monographs
ii) Periodicals
VI Photographs and Videos
A) Photographs
i) Photographic Paper
ii) Photocopied Pictures
B) Negatives
C) Videos
i) VHS
ii) Reel
VII Miscellaneous
A) Promotional Material
B) Diaries, Calendars, and Planners
C) Movie and Radio Scripts
i) Movie Scripts
ii) Radio Scripts
D) Picture Stamps
E) Other


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