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Map Western Africa Southern Africa Eastern Africa Nothern Africa Central Africa Eastern Africa The USC Music Library has a large selection of items relating to the indigenous and popular music of Africa. While the majority of these items focus on a specific region, country, or people group, there are several monographs and sound recordings that present a broad overview of African music. Listed below are these general items. 

To learn more about the library’s African holdings and to listen to audio excerpts, please click on one of the five regions of Africa within the image to the right.


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African Music. Recorded by Laura C. Boulton on the Straus West African Expedition of Field Museum of Natural History. Folkways FW 8852. LP. 1957.
LP 3875

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Animals of Africa: Sounds of the Jungle, Plain and Bush. Nonesuch Explorer Series 79705-2, 1973 [released 2002].
Compact Disc 4905

Anthology of Music of Black Africa. Everest SDBR 3254/3. LP. 1969. 
LP 2764

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Education Resource Center ML544 .D54

Djembe: Percussions d'Afrique: Djembe, Kryin, Tolonyi, Wassakhoumba. 82976-2 Buda Musique. CD. 1999.
Compact Disc 4460

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Compact Disc 4168

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Warren, Fred. The Music of Africa: An Introduction. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall, 1970. 
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