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Stephen Canada

 Stephen Canada is receiving his undergraduate degree in the study of Media Arts at the University of South Carolina. Stephen’s passion for film first began as an actor on the stage, where he has been a part of five productions while at the University. His adoration for editing and the timeless aspects of film have driven him to take part in an internship at MIRC. During his time here, he looks forward to the accumulation of knowledge from the department, becoming more proficient with handling film, and making a contribution to MIRC by focusing on the archives of the University’s Athletic Department Film Collection.

Tyler Peck

 Tyler Peck is a twenty-two year old senior at the University, graduating with degrees in both English and Media Arts. He enjoys spending most of his time reading and writing (and of course watching movies), but can also be seen embarrassing himself at most South Carolina athletic events. Tyler is currently interning at MIRC and is working on processing the Rubenstein Collection of films held at MIRC, including researching, viewing, cataloguing and investigating the many Castle films in the collection.

Matt Smith

Matt Smith is a graduate student in the Department of Film and Media Studies at Emory University in Atlanta, GA.  He is currently undertaking research for his thesis work, which deals with post-9/11 horror cinema, crime scenes and gore in popular media, and special effects fandom.  Aside from this, he also researches and writes about industrial films, animation, silent film, and German cinema. Matt is working on the Birch collection of films that were recently donated to MIRC and consist of the home movies from two prominent Fox Movietone cameramen.

Jennifer Taylor

 Jennifer Taylor is entering her second year in the history Ph.D. program at USC and has several research interests, including race relations, American South and women's history.   As part of an independent project, Jennifer became well acquainted with MIRC's Fox Movietone Collection and the way in which it depicted African-Americans from 1919-1934.  This interest combined with a secondary field of public history and strong affection for and interest in film, decided MIRC as a perfect match for a required internship in the summer of 2012, focusing on the processing of a documentary collection "A Different Dixie," which attempted to assess race relations in the South in the early 1980s.  

Shawn VanCour

 Shawn VanCour is a media historian who writes on the rise of radio and television in the United States and teaches courses in Film and Media Studies at USC. He has conducted research at MIRC as a postdoctoral research fellow and is currently assisting with processing of materials in the Covington Collection.

Henrik Westerkam

 Henrik Westerkam is a native of Columbia who is now an undergraduate at Northwestern University. Henrik is interested in the science and nature films at MIRC and is currently working on the unprocessed Roman Vishniac collection. Henrik is interested in the cultural impacts of film as well as the technical aspects and is enjoying the hands on experience that he is able to achieve here at MIRC. 

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