Newsfilm Collections
Dr. Greg Wilsbacher, Curator. The initial core of the archive, these collections include: C. E. Feltner, Jr. Collection, Fox Movietone News Collection, Local Television: WBTW, Marvin Lipman Collection, Local Television: WIS, Local Television: WLTX
WIS Story 67-996: King Speaks in Charleston
WIS Story 72-753: Thurmond
WLTX Story 265: Tobacco Auctions Open
WLTX Story 486: Christmas Parade
Sylvias Kennelkade
War Bulletin 22: Prepare for Winter
WBTW Story 12027: Local Swordsman
Fox Movietone News Story 48-214: Christmas Eve at the
Fox Movietone News Story 48-710--48-711: Memorial Pageant to the Persecuted Jews
Fox News Story B8324-B8325: Magic Show for Crippled Children
Fox Movietone News Story 0-676: George Bernard Shaw
Fox Movietone News Story 1-507: Jenkins Orphanage Band
Fox Movietone News Story 4-425: 'Mr. Zero' Gives to the Needy
Fox Movietone News Story 4-582: Prohibition Raid
WBTW Story 979: Frazier Speaks to Solons
Now It Can Be Shown!: Pearl Harbor
Fox Movietone News Story 45-974: Newsettes--
Fox Movietone News Story 23-156: Textile Strike
Fox News Story D1160-1164: John D. Rockefellers 90th Birthday
Fox Movietone Story 21-169: Chinese Motion Picture Studio
Fox News Story C8059: Josephine Baker Visits Volendam
Fox Movietone News Story 2-975: Oscar De Priest
Fox Movietone News Story 1-491: Hampton Institute Glee Club
Fox News Story C896-C906: Buffalo Soldiers
Fox Movietone News Story 4-328 B: Masaryk at Palace
Fox Movietone News Story 4-669 C: Jack Johnson Fronts Jazz Band
Fox Movietone News Story 15-873: Gandhi Begins Death Fast
Fox Movietone News Story 52-278: Penicillin, Miracle Drug of War
Fox Movietone News Story 52-572: Film Flashes in the News: Social Security
Fox News Story 1592: Cho Cho The Clown, Health Teacher
Fox Movietone News Story C3167: William Fox Plays in Exhibition Match
Fox News Story B1998: Aviation: St. Louis to Chicago Airmail
Fox Movietone News Story 5-579: Formosan New Years Procession
Fox News Story C95-C99: Aftermath of Mississippi River Floods
Fox News Story C9664: Bear Attends Classes
Fox Movietone News Story 47-647: Richmond in Scrap Metal Drive
Fox Movietone News Story 49-893: Tobacco Harvesting
Fox Movietone News Story 52-003: Pontifical Field Catholic Mass
Fox Movietone News Story 1-390: Mountaineer Minstrels
Fox News Story B2510-B2512: Mussolini Visits Libya
Fox Movietone News Story 3-514: New Fire Proof Scaffolding
Hemingway's Spain I: Bull-running at Pamplona
Hemingway's Spain II: Scenes from the Spanish Civil War
WIS Story 66-179: Martin Luther King on Voting
Fox Movietone News Story 9-595: Fashion Show
Fox News Story 9427: Little Girls Dream at Easter Time
Fox News Story B7947: Slippery Gulch
Fox Movietone News Story 5-826: International Ice Patrol
Fox Movietone News Story 48-884: Hitler Birthday Celebrations
Fox Movietone News Story 22-881: Drought Disaster Hits Midwest
Fox Movietone News Story 49-15: Aviation: Doolittles Raid on Tokyo
Fox Movietone News Story 9-812: Commemoration of Easter Rebellion of 1916
Fox Movietone News Story 0-582 A: Kentucky Derby
MVTN 49-903: Canadian Pilots Receive Medals
Fox Movietone News Story 21-705: Hunt for Bonnie and Clyde
Fox Movietone News Story 21-367: Golden Gate Bridge North Tower Nears Completion
Images from Normandy, June 6, 1944
Fox Movietone News Story 14-933 C: Reception for Earhart
Fox Movietone News Story 9-161: Liberty Bell Rings Again


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Chinese Film Collection
105seconds, 1986
In this episode of the Shanghai Animation Film Studio TV series devoted to his adventures, Little Bunny Tao Tao overcomes his fear of the cold and makes new forest friends.
82seconds, 1959
The opening of directors Cui Wei and Chen Huaikai's classic tale of romance and political awakening.
117seconds, 1984
Selection from a documentary describing the basic techniques of Chinese woodblock printing.
115seconds, 1983
In this classic parable, a snipe and a clam fight over a fish. After a long struggle, they both get caught by the fisherman, who has been waiting for his chance. This film won the Silver Berlin Bear for Best Short Film in 1984.
107seconds, 1988, China
A short excerpt of a documentary with English narration about Catholicism in China. This clip shows a cathedral and the headstones of Catholic Missionaries in Beijing, as well as the tomb of a Catholic scientist from the Ming Dynasty in Shanghai.
175seconds, 1974
In 1974, Deng Xiaoping led a delegation to the United Nations in New York. This clip shows the celebration in Tiananmen Square that preceded the journey. Major leaders, including Zhou Enlai and Jiang Qing, follow then First-Vice Premiere Deng.
123seconds, 1955
This Huangmei Opera film tells the bitter romance of the divine Seventh Princess and ordinary cowherd Yong Dong.
143seconds, 1980
This film shows the training routine of the Bayi Women Light Motorcycle Team as they perform complicated manouevres on their bikes. A film by Jie Shen for the Central Newsreel and Documentary Film Studio in Beijing.
117seconds, unknown date
A brief look at the snowy Xenjiang mountains. In this range of mountains are many glaciers, ice holes, rivers and waterfalls.
271seconds, 1981
This is an excerpt from a film about Sha,Ou, a member of the Chinese woman’s volleyball team, and how she won the world championship.
87seconds, 1979, Lhasa, Tibet
This excerpt is from a documentary about the Potala Palace, which is located in Lhasa, on the Dmar-Po-Ri mountain in the capital city of the Tibetan Autonomous Region. It was built in 7th century A.D., and is very important to the Tibetan people.
193seconds, 1965
An adaptation of the first 7 chapter of Wu Cheng-En’s classic novel Journey to the West and the adventures of the Monkey King.
Newsfilm Collections
(C. E. Feltner, Jr. Collection)
65seconds, 1954, Atlantic City, N. J.
12-year old Patricia Watkins puts 16 canines through their paces. With the help of a steadfast chihuahua, the world's youngest professional dog trainer later reminds us to "Be Kind To Animals . . . and newsreel editors."
(Fox Movietone News Collection)
266seconds, 05/24/1928, Louisville, Kentucky
Derby day at Churchill downs in 1928 was a rainy and muddy day from the looks of the track. This film clip shows the twin spires of Churchill Downs as the horses ride out ready for the race. Shots of the crowds under umbrellas in the grandstand, who ...
(Fox Movietone News Collection)
312seconds, 05/1928, England
Famed playwright George Bernard Shaw speaks to Movietone News for the first time. Feigning to be surprised by the crew and delighting in the opportunity to speak to a theater audience directly, Shaw performs, among other things, his famed impression...
(Fox Movietone News Collection)
328seconds, 10/07/1928, Asheville, North Carolina
Bascom Lamar Lunsford and others perform "Doggett Gap" on the porch of an old North Carolina homestead. 1928 was the year of the first Mountain Dance and Folk Festival in Asheville; the festival was founded by Lunsford.
(Fox Movietone News Collection)
124seconds, 11/19/1928, Hampton, Virginia
Hampton Normal and Agricultural Institute (now Hampton University) is one of the nation's oldest Historically Black Colleges and Universities and counts Booker T. Washington among its distinguished alumni. Founded during the Civil War, the institute...
(Fox Movietone News Collection)
92seconds, 11/22/1928, Charleston, South Carolina
The Jenkins Orphanage Band of Charleston has been recognized as one of the country's important Jazz "incubators." This Fox Movietone News film is the earliest extant sound recording of the band.
(Fox Movietone News Collection)
241seconds, 06/20/1932, New York, New York
on June 20th 1932 Amelia Earhart receives a reception from the City of New York and a Cross of Honor from the US Flag Association's Women's Council chairwoman, after returning from France from her solo transatlantic flight.
(Fox Movietone News Collection)
71seconds, 09/23/1932, Geneva, Switzerland
Describing himself as "a solider of peace," the Indian leader declares his desire for national independence.
(Fox Movietone News Collection)
100seconds, 06/12/1929, Washington, D.C.
In 1928, the 1st Congressional District of Illinois elected Oscar De Priest to the House of Representatives, making him the first African-American elected to Congress in 28 years. He served three terms. These sound Fox Movietone News outtakes give ...
(Fox Movietone News Collection)
72seconds, 02/27/1934, Lime Point, Marin County, California
This film shows the Golden Gate Bridge nearing completion. At the time it was the largest suspension bridge ever built, and opened in 1937, a few years after this film was made.
(Fox Movietone News Collection)
86seconds, 1934, Texas
This newsreel shows William Schieffer describing the scene he witnessed of the alleged killing of two motorcycle policemen by the wanted bandits Bonnie and Clyde.
(Fox Movietone News Collection)
251seconds, 08/07/1934, United States
This excerpt includes both the featured news story and the outtakes from this piece about the drought in the midwest in 1934. It was this drought that led to the dustbowl on the Great Plains and one of the worst ecological disasters to hit North Amer
(Fox Movietone News Collection)
250seconds, circa09/06/1926, Kannapolis, N.C.
Sequence showing tensions at textile factories in early September 1934. Troops arrive at Cannon Mill in Kannapolis, North Carolina via Allied Moving van.
(Fox Movietone News Collection)
270seconds, 08/1929, New York, New York
Ostensibly a story about new metal scaffolding, this film shows St. Paul’s Chapel in lower Manhattan undergoing renovations. From the top of the church spire, the camera looks west across the World Trade Center site. Unlike today, St. Paul’s lack...
(Fox Movietone News Collection)
107seconds, 11/12/1929, Prague
In these newsreel outtakes, Czechoslovakia's founding President, Dr. Thomas Garrigue Masaryk predicts that in the future we will be able "to see and hear in the distance without any wire." The newsreel story screened to audiences did not contain th...
(Fox Movietone News Collection)
329seconds, 11/25/1929, New York, New York
Urbain J. Ledoux, known to many as "Mr. Zero," championed the cause of the indigent and poor. Here he hands out clothing to impoverished New Yorkers.
(Fox Movietone News Collection)
97seconds, circa1929, Princeton, New Jersey
Although clearly a staged story to promote the efforts of law enforcement, this clip well demonstrates that bootleggers were known to hide contraband in curious places.
(Fox Movietone News Collection)
51seconds, 12/21/1929, New York City
Viewers of Ken Burns' documentary Unforgivable Blackness may recognize this footage of then former Heavyweight Champion of the World Jack Johnson fronting his jazz band.
(Fox Movietone News Collection)
55seconds, 03/05/1942, United States
Even the fashion industry pitches in to help out the war effort. Originally filmed as an Easter fashion story, this film was finally incorporated into a newsreel seven months after filming.
(Fox Movietone News Collection)
118seconds, 10/01/1942, Richmond, Virginia
The young women of Richmond are helping out the war effort by collecting metal scrap. When the crew stops by the Governor’s mansion, Virginia Governor Colgate W. Darden, Jr. and First Lady Constance Darden pitch in and do their bit.
(Fox Movietone News Collection)
67seconds, 12/24/1942, Los Angeles, California
American film stars supported service men and women by serving by providing free entertainment to any and all men and women in uniform. This clip features Bette Davis, Eddie Cantor and Linda Darnell.
(Fox Movietone News Collection)
103seconds, 03/09/1943, New York, New York
"We Will Never Die" Rally held at "Madison Square Garden." Dedicated to the two million Jewish dead of Europe and sponsored by a committee for a Jewish army of stateless and Palestinian Jews.
(Fox Movietone News Collection)
102seconds, 02/1943, Germany; Italy
Hitler Entertains. Delirious meeting of Axis blood-brothers. Reconstructed by Charles Ridley. A Movietone Newsical. Shots of Hitler & Mussolini meeting, goose stepping, dancing & finishing up with Hitler running to his car, as a bomb exploding just a...
(Fox Movietone News Collection)
231seconds, 04/1942, Tokyo, Japan; Chunking, China
This film clip shows bombers as they set out from an aircraft carrier in the Pacific to bomb Tokyo and other Japanese cities, in the first raid in response to Pearl Harbor four months before. Lieutenant Colonel James "Jimmy" Doolittle standing with...
(Fox Movietone News Collection)
114seconds, 08/04/1943, South Boston, Virginia
This clip highlights the move of women into the commercial agriculture sector during the war. Virginia Governor Colgate W. Darden and First Lady Constance Darden roll up their sleeves and help harvest the state's important tobacco crop.
(Fox Movietone News Collection)
339seconds, 02/15/1930, Taiwan
Fox Movietone Crew #18 (Mayell and Heise) spent about one year documenting the people and places of China, Japan, and Formosa. The online clip features only a few of the over 14 minutes of footage taken on February 15, 1930 in Formosa. Although th...
(Fox Movietone News Collection)
100seconds, 04/1930, North Atlantic Ocean
Memorial service held on the stern of the United States Coast Guard Cutter USCGC "Mojave" (WPG-47) for the victims of the sinking of SS / RMS "Titanic".
(Fox Movietone News Collection)
171seconds, 06/04/1944, Norfolk Naval Operating Base, Norfolk, Virginia
Bishop Peter L. Ireton presides over a solemn Pontifical Mass held on the grounds of the Norfolk Navy Base. Among the dignitaries present that day is Virginia Governor Colgate W. Darden, Jr.
(Fox Movietone News Collection)
56seconds, , Montreal, Canada
Penicillin is mass produced for military use in this newsreel story released in vol. 26 issue no. 90 of the Fox Movietone news. In less than five years penicillin went from an experimental treatment to a mass produced "miracle drug." 300 billion un...
(Fox Movietone News Collection)
37seconds, 09/08/1944, Parma, Ohio
Mrs. Mary Rex Thompson, a widow with two children, receives the 1,000,000th monthly insurance benefit. Audiences in 1944 could have seen the edited story in volume 26 issue no. 99 of the Fox Movietone newsreel.
(Fox Movietone News Collection)
56seconds, 02/22/1931, Independence Hall, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Philadelphia mayor Harry A. Mackey "taps" the Liberty Bell once for each of the original thirteen colonies to honor George Washington's 199th birthday. NBC radio broadcast this event to the nation.
(Fox Movietone News Collection)
94seconds, 03/03/1931, Vienna, Austria
Austrian models show the latest fashions in spring clothes in Vienna in 1931. Various scenes are shown of women modeling gloves and gowns to the strains of a waltz. Spring gloves are presented in a musical production number with chorus girls.
(Fox Movietone News Collection)
261seconds, 04/05/1931, Dublin, Ireland
This film shows a procession on the streets of Dublin, in 1931, to commemorate the events of 1916 when Irish nationalists launched the Easter Uprising against British occupation.
(Fox Movietone News Collection)
180seconds, 03/14/1928, Augusta, Georgia
William Fox joins Maureen Orcutt, Louis Martucci, and H. "Bully" Fortson in an exhibition match years before the creation of the Augusta National course and Masters Tournament.
(Fox Movietone News Collection)
180seconds, 01/23/1934, Shanghai, China
Possibly shot at Shanghai's Tianyi Studio, these Movietone outtakes appear to record a silent film production. Paper records identify the actress as Grace Nee, "the Chinese Coleen Moore."
(Fox Movietone News Collection)
86seconds, 09/30/1919, Philadelphia
In this example from the the first year of Fox News, filmmakers team up with Cho Cho the Clown to provide public health education for children. Cho Cho demonstrates taking a bath with an imaginary tub.
(Fox Movietone News Collection)
245seconds, 04/13/1924, United States
A little girl reading a story book falls asleep and dreams that the Easter nest she has just built has come to life. To little Alice came the true story of Humpty Dumpty and his great fall. All the King of England's Horse Guards could not put Humpty ...
(Fox Movietone News Collection)
110seconds, 04/10/1926, Saint Louis, Missouri
In Fox paperwork from 1926, the star of this clip is cameraman Anderson's son (four), who delivers a box of film to the then unidentified pilot. In retrospect, it seems noteworthy that the pilot is Charles Lindbergh. Many more such discoveries await ...
(Fox Movietone News Collection)
89seconds, 03/31/1926, Tripoli, Libya
Italian Dictator Benito Mussolini arrives in Tripoli to review the state of Italy's Libyan colony. In the city he is given a Caesar’s welcome, while in the desert he is honored by Bedouins with the gift a horse.
(Fox Movietone News Collection)
113seconds, 04/21/1927, New York, New York
Charity Event – Mrs James Walker, wife of the Mayor of New York City, Comedian Charlie Chaplin and Manhattan Borough President Julius Miller, all ride in a stagecoach from City Hall to the 69th Armory to promote ‘Slippery Gulch’ for the Madonna...
(Fox Movietone News Collection)
87seconds, 05/1927, Albany, New York
Thurston the magician entertains crippled children in Bellevue Hospital. This silent newsreel footage was not incorporated into a national newsreel release.
(Fox Movietone News Collection)
221seconds, 08/24/1928, Volendam, Netherlands
A native of St. Louis, MO, Josephine Baker took Europe by storm in 1925 and remained one of its most celebrated artists until the outbreak of war. These newsreel outtakes were shot by famed illustrator Mac-Djorski on her visit to Volendam, North Hol...
(Fox Movietone News Collection)
275seconds, circa11/1925, Fort Huachuca, Arizona
The 10th Calvary (also known as the "Buffalo Soldiers") based in Fort Huachuca, Arizona played an important role defending the United State's southern border during a series of military actions in the early 20th century. The Fox Film Corporation pro...
(Fox Movietone News Collection)
182seconds, 1927, Melville, Louisiana
Melville Louisiana rests along the Atchafalaya River just west of the Morganza spillway. During the Great Flood of 1927, Melville was underwater for months. This edited Fox News footage was probably shot in July or August of 1927 and shows the main...
(Fox Movietone News Collection)
243seconds, 02/23/1929, Atlanta, Georgia
When Georgia Tech defeated California in the 1929 Rose Bowl, football player "Stumpy" Thompson received bear Bruin as a gift. Cameraman Frank Lamb recorded their life on campus but was not allowed to film interiors.
(Fox Movietone News Collection)
288seconds, 07/08/1929, Pocantico Hills, New York
An extraordinary tinted print of the birthday celebration filmed exclusively by Fox cameramen Englebrecht and Montemurro.
(Fox Movietone News Collection)
335seconds, 06/06/1944, Normandy, France
This curated sequence of moving images draws upon FTNR S2, MVTN 52-200 and MVTN 52-201. It collects together images shot in Normandy on June 6, 1944 by U. S. Army Signal Corps, British Army Film and Photographic Units and Canadian Film Photographic ...
(Fox Movietone News Collection)
41seconds, 08/04/1943, London, England
This short piece of footage from WWII shows the Canadian airmen from Squadron 617, who contributed to Operation Chastise, also known as the 'Dam Busters' Raid, and led by Wing Commander Guy Gibson, being honored at Buckingham Palace with Distinguishe...
(Fox Movietone News Collection)
106seconds, 12/07/1941, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii; Inglewood, California
Fox Movietone News cameraman Al Brick was in the harbor the morning of the attack and captured Fox's first scoop of the war. Censorship prevented these images from being shown to the public until December 1942.
(Fox Movietone News Collection)
153seconds, 1944, United States
Released by the government in 1944, this film was incorporated into Volume 26 Issue 92 of the Movietone Newsreel. Note that the newsreel editors dubbed the Movietone musical score over this government film.
286seconds, 2001
A compilation of footage from the Fox Movietone News Collection assembled under the direction of Professors Matthew Bruccoli and Patrick Scott.
364seconds, 2001
A compilation of footage from the Fox Movietone News Collection assembled under the direction of Professors Matthew Bruccoli and Patrick Scott.
(Local Television: WBTW)
73seconds, 01/23/1976, South Carolina [?]
This South Carolinian proves there is more than one way to cut a carrot. If anyone can identify the swordsman, please let us know.
(Local Television: WBTW)
117seconds, 04/07/1971, Columbia, South Carolina
Boxing legend and Beaufort native Joe Frazier speaks about change in South Carolina. Frazier had appeared before the South Carolina State Legislature after the Senate passed a resolution creating Joe Frazier Day. Only three African Americans served i...
(Local Television: WIS)
395seconds, 05/09/1966, Kingstree, South Carolina
On a rainy day the residents of Kingstree come to hear Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. speak on voting rights. The clip begins with silent film of the crowd.
(Local Television: WIS)
140seconds, 06/30/1967, Charleston, South Carolina
"I decided to stick with love..." Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. articulates his opposition to black militancy as well as white supremacy. The clip begins with film (silent) of Dr. King's arrival at the Charleston airport.
(Local Television: WIS)
76seconds, 07/04/1972, Gilbert, South Carolina
Senator Thurmond takes a break from the Lexington County Peach Festival and talks politics with reporters, expressing his hope that George McGovern win the Democratic Party's nomination for President.
(Local Television: WLTX)
79seconds, 1967, South Carolina
Miss South Carolina 1967, Peggy White, and others inspect the tobacco crop for auction. The location of the auction remains unidentified.
(Local Television: WLTX)
90seconds, 11/29/1968, Columbia, South Carolina
Captain Kirk on Main Street. Filmed by WNOK in Columbia, the annual Christmas Parade featured many area school bands, the Shriners, and William Shatner
Regional Film Collections
(Anna and Archer Huntington Home Movies)
80seconds, 1937, South Carolina
Grounds of Brookgreen Garden prior to construction of the sculpture information center.
(Anna and Archer Huntington Home Movies)
67seconds, unknown date, Sandy Island, South Carolina
Local residents involved in rice production.
(Claudia Lea Phelps Home Movies)
359seconds, 1924, Unknown
Various footage from 1924. Girl Scouts at Camp Kiwanis. Various exercises and dancing, jumping in the lake, swimming. Girl scouts playing on swing sets. Caged birds at Rose Hill. Reynolds Pond. White terriers at Rose Hill. West Highland Terriers doin...
(Claudia Lea Phelps Home Movies)
110seconds, 1923
Claudia Lea Phelps and her sister Eleanor chronicle the 1923 voyage of the Laconia, the first round-the-world by steamship package tour organized by American Express. Examine Eleanor's diary of the trip here....
(Claudia Lea Phelps Home Movies)
123seconds, 1922, Sussex, England and Aiken, South Carolina
Girl Guide Training Camp, Sheffield Park, Sussex, England. Aiken Girl Scouts playing games in front of stables of Rose Hill and in Hitchcock Woods.
(Claudia Lea Phelps Home Movies)
84seconds, 1924, Aiken, South Carolina
Amateur filmmaker and pioneering breeder Claudia Lea Phelps celebrates West Highland Terriers Robert Irvine, Ch. R. Reel, and Madge, who takes a bath.
(Fredrick C. Adams Film Collection)
103seconds, circa1956, United States
The wedding and its aftermath.
(Fredrick C. Adams Film Collection)
114seconds, circa1930, Boston, Massachusetts; Halifax and Grand-Pre, Nova Scotia, Canada
With their friends the Hunts, the Adams family journeys from Boston to Nova Scotia in their Prohibition Era home movie.
396seconds, 12/14/1926, Columbia, SC
An amateur filmmaker, possibly Boy Scout Troop leader Bill Czarnitsky, records celebrations for the fiftieth anniversary of Wade Hampton's inauguration as South Carolina Governor. MIRC welcomes information about the filmmaker, persons, or events depi...
90seconds, 08/18/1980, Columbia, South Carolina
Dr. Grace Jordan McFadden interviews Judge Matthew J. Perry in this excerpt from the series Quest for Human / Civil Rights--Oral Recollections of Black South Carolinians, produced by the University of South Carolina.
185seconds, 1946, San Francisco, California
Approaching Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, circa 1946 This film shows a troop ship entering the bay under the Golden Gate bridge at sunrise, shot by Dr. Daniel Kavadas returning from overseas. Various shots of the city of San Francisco from a va...
364seconds, circa1938, Los Angeles, California
This film shows the Wisemans in Hollywood. Most of the footage consists of shots of the backlot for the film "Shine on, Harvest Moon," which featured the Wisemans alongside Roy Rogers.
(Heyward Gibbes Home Movies)
167seconds, circa1936, Pawleys Island, South Carolina
This footage follows the Gibbes family from Greene Street in Columbia to Pawley’s Island on the South Carolina coast. Shots of people wearing bathing suits. Family playing in the ocean. Shots of seagulls, the waves, and a woman walking along the ...
(Heyward Gibbes Home Movies)
80seconds, circa1930, Columbia, South Carolina
Young Eugenia Gibbes dances in the family garden. Various shots of her spinning, dancing, and some close-up shots of her smiling. (Gibbes 13)
(Heyward Gibbes Home Movies)
250seconds, circa1937, Columbia, South Carolina
Kodachrome footage of puppies. (Gibbes 22)
(Heyward Gibbes Home Movies)
202seconds, circa1928, Columbia, South Carolina
Boats race on Forest Lake as seen from the club house there. (Gibbes 7)
(Heyward Gibbes Home Movies)
226seconds, circa1936, South Carolina
Various shots of a day spent hunting doves. Features a large house, hunting dogs (spaniels), and the swamp. Plantation house surrounded by oak trees filled with Spanish moss. A lake. The swamp. Shot of a woman with a cane walking slowly down the stai...
(Heyward Gibbes Home Movies)
98seconds, circa1928, Columbia, South Carolina
Young Eugenia Gibbes spars with James Heyward Gibbes in this excerpt from a longer reel. (Gibbes 4)
(Heyward Gibbes Home Movies)
224seconds, circa1936, South Carolina
Fishing for mullet on a commercial boat. African-American men pulling fish nets out of the ocean. Shows a man pulling sharks out of the large collection of fish. Footage estimated to be between 1936 and 1939. (Gibbes 19)
(Heyward Gibbes Home Movies)
199seconds, 1929, Columbia, South Carolina
The Congaree River spills over its banks into the Olympia Mills neighborhood. Residents effect rescue operations. (Gibbes 9)
(Heyward Gibbes Home Movies)
345seconds, circa1929, Columbia, South Carolina
Various footage of football, picnic on a farm, and hunting trip. Football game possibly University of South Carolina at Melton Field. Picnic at unknown farm. Shot of a small dog and of birds in the sky. Shots of dogs, birds flying and piles of dead b...
(Heyward Gibbes Home Movies)
315seconds, circa1930, Brookgreen Garden, Murrells Inlet, South Carolina
A colorful spring at Brookgreen Gardens. The vertical lines on the video indicate that this film is an early form of color film difficult to reproduce with modern equipment. (Gibbes 20)
(Heyward Gibbes Home Movies)
189seconds, circa1926, Beaufort and Hunting Island, South Carolina
Irvin Belser and Beverly Herbert enjoy Hunting Island. Views of the tombstone of W. P. Gibbes in Beaufort. Footage of the beach and men hunting on the coast, lots of palmetto trees. Coastal neighborhood. Shots of a graveyard and church exterior. (Gi...
(Heyward Gibbes Home Movies)
240seconds, circa1930, Columbia, South Carolina
Footage of pointers (dogs) in a field pointing, playing, and catching game. Footage of snow on trees, bushes, and around a neighborhood. (Gibbes 11)
(Heyward Gibbes Home Movies)
123seconds, circa1935, Columbia, South Carolina
According to family legend, this houseguest fell off the table while dancing. To aid her recovery, her bed was rolled out into the sunshine. Estimated to be from 1935 based on year from edge code. Footage features a woman lying in bed outside on a su...
(Heyward Gibbes Home Movies)
224seconds, circa1928, Columbia, South Carolina
Home movie footage of a Maypole parade, assumed to be taken in the year 1928 according to film’s edge code. Children in costumes marching, dancing, and playing. Children dancing around the Maypole. Footage taken on Melton field. (Gibbes 6)
(Heyward Gibbes Home Movies)
225seconds, circa1939
Images of birds nesting on dead trees. Unidentified body of water. (Gibbes 23)
(Heyward Gibbes Home Movies)
217seconds, circa1930, Niagara Falls, New York
Young Eugenia Gibbes confronts the mighty torrent with Eugenia F. Salley Gibbes. Home movie footage of Niagara Falls. Many shots of the waterfall and some shots of two women chatting in front of the falls. (Gibbes 12)
(Heyward Gibbes Home Movies)
111seconds, 04/24/1930, Columbia, South Carolina
Footage taken at Opening Day on 04/24/1930 at Owens Field in Columbia, South Carolina. Medium and long shots of airplanes taking off. Shot of the Gibbes family. Shots taken from passenger seat in an airplane, aerial views of Columbia, including the C...
(Heyward Gibbes Home Movies)
223seconds, circa1926, Pawleys Island, South Carolina
Family vacation to Pawley’s Island, estimated to be from 1926. (Gibbes 1)
(Heyward Gibbes Home Movies)
91seconds, circa1926, Pawleys Island, South Carolina
Selections from home movies of a family trip to the beach featuring a prodigious crab harvest. South Carolina Lowcountry. Gibbes family going crabbing during their vacation to the beach on Pawley’s Island. Shots of the family on boats and in the ma...
(Heyward Gibbes Home Movies)
52seconds, circa1936, Pawleys Island, South Carolina
A row boat surmounts the breakers. (Gibbes 19)
(Heyward Gibbes Home Movies)
203seconds, circa1928, Pawleys Island, South Carolina
The young men seem to be having a particularly good time during this visit to the beach. (Gibbes 8)
(Heyward Gibbes Home Movies)
137seconds, circa1928, Pawleys Island, South Carolina
The girls seem to be have a particularly good time during this visit to the beach. (Gibbes 5)
(Heyward Gibbes Home Movies)
135seconds, circa1926
Playing golf at an unknown coastal course. African American boys spectate (Gibbes 24)
(Heyward Gibbes Home Movies)
146seconds, circa1936, Columbia, South Carolina
Eugenia Gibbes and her mother play with a puppy. (Gibbes 21)
(Heyward Gibbes Home Movies)
237seconds, 04/18/1928, Columbia, South Carolina
Bobby Jones and Watts Gunn face Hugh Fitzpatrick and Fred Hyatt in an exhibition match at the Ridgewood Club. (Gibbes 26)
(Heyward Gibbes Home Movies)
286seconds, unknown date, United States
Commercially produced film purchased by the Gibbes family analyzing Bobby Jone's golf stroke. (Gibbes 27)
(Heyward Gibbes Home Movies)
220seconds, circa1926
Wade Hampton Gibbes playing golf; pro golfers (Sarazen?) (Gibbes 25)
(Lever-Karst Home Movies)
70seconds, circa1957, Indianapolis, Indiana
Family trip to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway with scenes of the museum and the track. (catalog reference # SCAR-1003).
(Lever-Karst Home Movies)
65seconds, unknown date, unknown
Young revelers in spectacular colors celebrate spring. (Catalog reference #SCAR 1037.)
(Scott Nixon Home Movies)
190seconds, circa1958, Augusta, Georgia
The festival associated with the tournament as seen by Augusta's own Scott Nixon. (Cat. Ref. MCLS 3166)
(Scott Nixon Home Movies)
141seconds, circa1958, Augusta, Georgia
Amateur filmmaker and proud Augusta resident Scott Nixon films the event. Robert Tyre "Bobby" Jones greets fans from his seat. (Cat. Ref. MCLS 3167)
(Scott Nixon Home Movies)
227seconds, 1956, Hunting Island State Park, South Carolina
A family trip to Hunting Island State Park with the Nixon's in the summer of 1956 and a day on the beach with a picnic.
(Scott Nixon Home Movies)
106seconds, 1955, Las Vegas, Nevada
Downtown and numerous local attractions documented by amateur filmmaker Scott Nixon (cat. ref. MCLS 3290).
(Scott Nixon Home Movies)
102seconds, unknown date, various
In this clip, Augusta, GA amatuer filmmaker Scott Nixon displays a variety of locomotives (cat. ref. MCLS 3300).
(South Carolina Arts Commission Collection)
62seconds, 1973, 62
A clip from Blaine Dunlap's 22 min. documentary about Dallas street-cleaner Stanley Maupin. Dunlap runs the Southeast Video Preservation Center and helped bring the the South Carolina Arts Commission Collection to MIRC. Click here for the entire film...
Science and Nature Films
(Roman Vishniac Collection)
88seconds, unknown date, New York, New York
Outtakes of pioneering microcinematographer Roman Vishniac at work in his apartment laboratory.
(Roman Vishniac Collection)
142seconds, circa1971
Vishniac describes the importance of studying nature in this excerpt from ABC's newsmagazine program "Directions," which includes examples of his films and photographs of the microscopic world.
(South Carolina Wildlife Department Films)
92seconds, unknown date, South Carolina
This clip introduces the Department of Wildlife's paean to Carolina's swamps.
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